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BBA Discussion Forum / Re: USE OF LAB
« on: June 01, 2011, 08:02:35 AM »
Thanks Mr. Aunoo

It's really a great step by the authority. Gradually all of our lab will be secured by antivirus software. We should use our lab as our mine because it is actually ours. If any problem occurs then it hampers our sound study in the lab. Please note that it is Kaspersky not Caspersky

First of all thank you very much. It's hurt me a lot. I don't know that you know about my parent. My loving father is late & I love my mother very much.

BBA Discussion Forum / Re: USE OF LAB
« on: April 22, 2011, 03:35:20 AM »
Dear Ifan & Tanvir

Welcome to Daffodil International University forum. You both are very new in forum. I would like to congratulate you both for joining in the forum. I hope you have already read about the basic information about forum.  

Write your natural writing. At the very beginning you may face some problem i.e. - writing, topics, language & others. But don't hesitate to continue, hope you will do good here. We appreciate your participation.


Common Forum / What actually we are following, Term or Semester?
« on: March 22, 2011, 07:20:12 PM »

Semester system is new to us.   Sometimes we also use “Term” as for Semester. There are some basic differences between these two words. May be there are 4 months & 6 months conditions.

In our country often we use both with together!!! We are saying Mid-term again we are saying semester final but if we say mid-term then we should use term-final. But we are saying semester final. Let me allowto give an example –

A student informing his/her parents, “My Mid-term exam is going on”. Same student after few days saying his/her parents, “My Semester final will be in March”.
Two words are Mid-Term & semester Final. What actually we are following, Term or Semester?

IT Forum / HTTP Error status codes
« on: March 22, 2011, 12:54:01 AM »
400(Bad request)
401(Authorization required)
402(Payment required)
404(Not found)
405(Method not allowed)
406(Not acceptable)
407(Proxy authentication required)
408(Request timeout)
411(Length required)
412(Precondition failed)
413(Request entity too large)
414(Request URI too large)
415(Unsupported media type)
416(Request range not satisfiable)
417(Expectation failed)
422(Unprocessable entity)
424(Failed dependency)
500(Internal server error)
501(Not Implemented)
502(Bad gateway)
503(Service unavailable)
504(Gateway timeout)
505(HTTP version not supported)
506(Variant also negotiates)
507(Insufficient storage)
510(Not extended)

Daffodil International University is one of the best universities in Bangladesh. Our student is doing well after their graduation in different sectors. We are proud for them. There are several social activities & responsibilities are going on by DIU. Countries every corner is now known about us. International student is doing study from Daffodil International University. We have several International achievements & award also. We are also internationally known.

As a Bangladeshi I feel very proud that “World Cup Cricket 2011” venue is Bangladesh. We are the host country. It is the best time to show our norms to the world. Each and every people of Bangladesh should take this benefit. I do wish good luck for our Bangladesh cricket team. I hope Team Bangladesh will show their best performance.

Our university may do some activities on the occasion of World Cup. 

Kazi Shahin

Common Forum / Why not they refer a web page for your course?
« on: January 26, 2011, 01:18:53 AM »
We are living in the Technology world. Internet creates another world called Virtual world. Now the real world is dependent on the virtual world. In the virtual world, the search engine Google is playing a vital role. Every inter user knows about Google. Often you say Google knows everything. You may ask any information to Google & within seconds Google make it visible. There are many web pages in web 2.0. Different web page has its own specialty & information. There are brief information, expert opinion, sample, example and much other useful, necessary & important information. 

Developed & developing country using internet in different prospectors. Internet welcomes everyone. In the world of learning everybody should have equal opportunity & the world leaders should ensure this.

I think the other name of internet is Information. In our daily life we browse internet for different information. Every institution has their own web page, containing their information.

In the world of learning, especially for the student internet brings a revelation. The Students now get all information together. They can discuss their problem with other students or expert through internet. Day by day internet becomes the main resource of information.
In the academic institution we read many books & note. Our course teacher refers many books for us. Why not they refer a web page for your course?

Kazi Shahin

Career 2 day / DIU-JMC on Air at RTV. We are going to one step ahead.
« on: January 21, 2011, 11:58:52 PM »
Daffodil International University, Journalism & Mass Communication (DIU-JMC) department is going to on air at country’s popular TV channel R-TV.  It’s a very good step from the JMC. It’s an own production Of JMC. As it is going on air, it must a standard program. A very strong experienced & energetic team is working to possible this program. I’m working with this team & I’m very proud. Let me share about this program.

“Career Today” is an own production of DIU-JMC. The student of DIU-JMC worked with their teacher.  I’m very pleased to share that, JMC have the capability to create such kind of program. DIU-JMC ensures all kind of modern facilities. They have a Lab with all modern instrument & equipment. The studio is really vast & capable to create large program. And “Career Today” is the out put of their Department. The student is doing their academic study & getting real life experience. This combination of learning is very important for a student. The students are becoming experienced & knowledgeable.  

The name of the program is “Career Today”. The goal of this program is, doing help to build a better career. Really, JMC worked hard & their goal is highly appreciate-able.
You will get a complete guidance from this program.

For example, there is a program named “Journalism”. You will get complete guide, how you will prepare your career for journalism.  There will be professional opinion, university teacher opinion, student opinion, future, present, job, strategy, and many important & necessary segments. I think young generation must love this program. You will come to know what other student is thinking about this subject, why they are studying on this subject, what is the opportunities of this subject, how they meet better career with this subject. There are expert opinions. And of course the conversation with the presenter would open your eye for better career.  Keep your eye on R-TV every Friday at 10:20 am. If this program can help you (we hope) then, our work will be successful. You may also ask information & can give suggestion for career “Today program”.

The topic of the “Career Today” program of February”11 is

Career: Pharmacy

Mr.  Ifte Khairul Alam- Head of International Business, Health Care Pharmaceuticals  
Prof. Dr. Shamsul Haque, Head, Dept of Pharmacy

Career: Journalism

Prof. Dr. Golam Rahman, Part Time Faculty, Dept.of JMC,  DIU
Ms. Samia Rahman- News Presenter & Associate Professor, Dhaka University
Mr. Kamrul Hassan Manju, Executive Editor, Mass Line Media Center

Career : Software Engineer
Mr. Munir Hassan, IT Adviser to Hon’ble Prime Minister
Prof. Dr. Syed Akter Hossain, Head, Dept. of CSE, DIU

Career: Real Estate

Prof. Dr. M. Firoj Ahmed, Department of Civil Engineering, BUET
Mr. Masud Ibne Rahman, Head, Dept. of Real Estate

Let’s discover a better career.  

Kazi Shahin

IT Forum / Re: I want Some Help For Develop My Web Site !!!!!!!!!!!
« on: January 18, 2011, 12:22:12 AM »
Dear sazirul

It's a very good step you have taken. I really appreciated you. In this global world, It very important to keep a web identity. You may use word press. I'm ready to help you. You may also visit our official web site which is run by some DIU student. We will be pleased to help you.

Please visit

Call : 01678 11 48 08
        01718 69 95 90

Best of luck for your web page.

Ask yourself - What you know and what you can do?

What does it mean to know? Let me consider giving an explanation about the above question. In generally, introduced with anything we can define it that we are known. If we have knowledge & information in a particular thing/s, we can say we are known about this.

If I consider this question academically, we can say that this subject or topic is known to me. For example, if your little brother asks you about a topic and if you read this previously you will tell him that you know this.

Now, come to the main point, today I want discuss you. Earlier I have got an example. Consider that, your little brother asks you about, how water is made? You know how water is made. Now ask your self, do you can make the water by your information or by the information you know or by your knowledge. If you don’t make water then what is the value of your knowledge? I think in this case your knowledge is useless.

Student does their course in every semester/term. They learn many lessons. They read many topics. Is they implement their knowledge, is they practice their lesson? If not then, why not they do? What they are looking for?

Please don’t misinterpret me. I know that the primary step is to gather information & practice (Read this article). After get the course completely, take an exam on your knowledge to judge your level of knowledge, to judge yourself.

There is some basic & fundamental topic which might not forget ever. There are also some very important techniques which is very important. For example, presentation skill, impression & expression. You need to practice it continuously. There are some courses which are related with other course. To do your present course, you need to understand your previous course. To do good your next course your need to understand your present course.

It’s true that every course has a unique lesson & application. For your development it is very important. You might need to practice the practical application of the particular course. You must use the potentiality of the course. When you will able to do an application after get the lesson of your course, when you will able to implement your knowledge then we can say that what you know, you really can do it. If you can do it, after a long time, after the end of our graduation! ………… just think. The corporate world will run behind of you. The job market will be egger to get you.  

Dear, reader what do you think? I really appreciate your valuable comments & advise. Let’s discuss & bring a new revelation to the world of learning.

Kazi Shahin

HRDI / Re: Self Development Workshops
« on: December 25, 2010, 10:22:01 PM »
We need to know whether we are in the right way or there are problem. Often we misjudge about ourselves, even we are not ready to get advice from others.

So, what would be the solution to judge ourselves? Self evaluation is very important to judge ourselves.

Thank you, CDC to give this opportunity to do our evaluation.

Cheers  CDC  !!!

Positive Bangladesh / Re: Take care about this fact
« on: December 25, 2010, 01:44:29 PM »
My work is my result. We should not forget our responsibility about our university. We are here for developing ourselves. Only a single word even would be the topic of the town. Nobody wants it. We are going to be graduated from DIU. Remember, when you were in the college & if you done any wrong or mistakes or do any other fault then the teacher of the college asked you that where are you from. That means, they asked about our school. If I do any wrong in the society, people must ask about my family.

Actually we don’t have our own identity yet. Our address & identity is related & depended with others. We don’t have any right to destroy their image. We can not do it.

BBA Discussion Forum / Re: Development adda
« on: December 24, 2010, 04:43:32 PM »
Any kind suggestion is highly appreciated here.I will request to all to share their idea & problem, so that together we can find a solution. 

Endgadget reports that Invetech has developed a full-blown 3D printer for Organovo, the leader in the field of regenerative and organ replication technology. This technology can literally “print” tissues, building human organs cell-by-cell which can be used to replace organs in the human body in the near future.

More .....................

Positive Bangladesh / Take care about this fact
« on: December 24, 2010, 04:22:12 PM »
Every single student is the representative of our University. The image of our university depends on our norms. The student should take care about it.

Our university stands on the heart of the Dhaka city. Many student visit Dhanmondi Lake for recreation everyday. Other people also visit there. We know about it. I think we should be careful about this.  If we do any kind of wrong behavior, especially with hanging our ID card, it will be shame for the student. People do not know you but your university. We don’t want to listen that people will get a misunderstood about us. Please take care about this.

Kazi Shahin

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