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Title: Employee (Administration) Orientation
Post by: hasibur rahaman on October 13, 2011, 05:33:21 PM
After 7 months, from joining at DIU as an Assistant Officer, i attended employee orientation yesterday (12.10.2011).
It's a good initiative from the top management. There was 14 officers attended the program. Most of them were freshers.
Honorable Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, Director (F&A), Deputy Registrar, Sr. Assistant Director (IT), Sr. Assistant Director (Software), Assistant Registrar were present. They all tried to give us ideas about many different things. They briefly discussed--What should be our attitudes towards students and the faculty members, rules and regulations, maintenance of DIU assets, tools and techniques required for tasks related with IT and software, etc. It will help us to do our assigned tasks without doing any major mistakes.

Personally, I'll be benefited from yesterday's program. After joining here, I have to learn many things from my own interests. May be this type of initiative help the new comers to cope up with the organization in a very short time.