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Title: New Scam in Singapore, it won't be long to be here!
Post by: md on November 10, 2011, 02:24:27 PM
Please read and note ! Bad guys are everywhere !!!
> come bearing gifts. You may like to circulate this to your
> friends. Just happen last week in Singapore.

> Hi everyone,

> I want to let you all know that Frank and I have been the
> victims of credit card fraud this week and felt I should
> warn you all about the clever scam. It works like this:

> Last Wednesday I had a phone call late morning from Express
> Couriers to ask if I was going to be home as he had a
> delivery for me. He said he would there in
>  roughly an hour. He turned up wi th a beautiful basket of
> flowers and wine. I expressed my surprise as I wasn't
> expecting anything like this and said I was intrigued to
> know who was sending me such a lovely gift. He said he was
> only delivering the gift and the card was being sent
> separately (the card has never arrived).There was a
> consignment note with the gift.

> He went on to explain that because the gift contained
> alcohol he has to charge the recipient $3.50 as proof that
> he has actually delivered to an adult, and not left it on
> a door step if the recipient is out, to be stolen or taken
> by children. This seemed logical and I offered to get the
> cash.
> He then said that the company required the payment to be by
> EFTPOS so he's not handling cash and everything is
> properly accounted for.

> Frank was there and got his credit card and 'John'
> swiped the card on this small mobile machine that also had a
> small screen upon which Frank entered in
>  his pin number. A  receipt was printed out and given
> to us.

> Between last Thursday and Monday $4,000 was withdrawn from
> our credit account at ATM machines in the north shore area.
> It appears a dummy credit card was made using the details in
> the machine and of ! course, they had Frank's pin
> number. The Bank has stopped our cards and I've been to
> the Police this morning, where they confirmed that it is a
> definite scam and many households were hit during the first
> 3 days of October.

> So PLEASE be wary of accepting a gift you're not
> expecting especially if the card is not with it. We've
> all received gifts like this and would never dream that it
> could be such a despicable act. Please also let other female
> friends and relatives know. Hopefully, these fraudsters have
> ceased this activity by now but you never know.

Joshua Chin date 10.11.11
Title: Re: New Scam in Singapore, it won't be long to be here!
Post by: ayasha.hamid12 on December 04, 2014, 01:15:55 PM
Horrifying act!!!! 
Title: Re: New Scam in Singapore, it won't be long to be here!
Post by: Dr. Md. Rausan Zamir on July 05, 2015, 09:28:49 AM
how could someone do  this?