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Title: top ten skills that employers want
Post by: Shamim Ansary on July 19, 2010, 02:09:36 PM
1. VERBAL COMMUNICATION: Able to express your ideas clearly and confidently in speech

2. TEAMWORK: Work confidently within a group

3. COMMERCIAL AWARENESS: Understand the commercial realities affecting the organisation.

4. ANALYSING & INVESTIGATING: Gather information systematically to establish facts & principles. Problem solving.

5. INITIATIVE/SELF MOTIVATION: Able to act on initiative, identify opportunities & proactive in putting forward ideas & solutions

6. DRIVE: Determination to get things done. Make things happen & constantly looking for better ways of doing things.

7. WRITTEN COMMUNICATION: Able to express yourself clearly in writing

8. PLANNING & ORGANISING: Able to plan activities & carry them through effectively

9. FLEXIBILITY: Adapt successfully to changing situations & environments

10. TIME MANAGEMENT: Manage time effectively, prioritising tasks and able to work to deadlines.