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Title: Importance of Education and training to enhance your professional life
Post by: Jannatul Ferdous on May 15, 2016, 10:35:35 AM
Education and training can enhance your professional life in a number of significant ways:

•   Completing increasingly advanced levels of education shows your employer that you have a drive and commitment to learn and apply information, ideas, theories, and formulas to achieve a variety of tasks and goals.
•   If you need to acquire subject matter knowledge, education and training is often the most direct way to obtain it in a short amount of time.
•   Obtaining a particular degree or certification may be a requirement for applying for some jobs. Educational requirements are a quick and easy way to narrow down a field of applicants, so if you find yourself competing against others with more education than you, it could be in your interest to obtain the degree, certification, or training to be a competitive candidate.
Education and training can consist of any of the following:
•   Advanced Degrees
•   Professional Certifications
•   Computer Skills Training
•   e-Learning
•   Independent Reading
•   Seminars and webinars through Professional Associations
•   Workshops, Trainings, and Educational Coursework on Campus