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Title: Part -2: "Amake dea hobe na.. ami eto brilliant na"
Post by: farabi.diu on March 28, 2011, 03:18:27 PM
Hello every one..
after a long time I am with the forum.. It is because my Internet connection was cut down. I really missed the FORUM during this time. Today I am going to write something about another attitude of students

"Amake dea hobe na.. ami eto brilliant na.. ami eto talent na...".. these words became one of my most hearing words. When i speak about GUYS LETS DO SOMETHING.. LETS MAKE SOMETHING INNOVATIVE.. LETS THINK ABOUT Creative Things.. I hear those words in response of them. As a result in every science exibition I attend I feel alone because no Textile student takes participation there. When other department invents new genious things.. We do nothing..when other department wins the science project certificate.. we only see them receiving their achievement. But the largest department of DIU is the textile engineering.. near about 2500 students study here .... among them tehre are also most creative and talented students ... but they cant flourish because there is no initiative taken. If it is taken there is hardly anything that can stop them..
For example 'TEXBARTA' megazine.. It was a very small initiative.only a few creative students gathered together and made a determination "Lets do it".. and it is done.. It is not stoped yet .. they aslo organized the 'Daffodil Textile Genious-2011  compitetion'  to encourage other student to come forward.. even the registration system was fully digitallized...and now more creative student are gettng chance to prove themselve.

So lets come forward my TEXTILE FRIENDS.. DO something ... lets innovate.. lets develop ourselve ..Lets compete the world with our knowledge.. It is not we are what we think ourselve ..what matters is  thinking different.. lets make IMPOSSIBLE to 'I AM POSSIBLE'..
You will be successfull I guarentee.. Let me give me one proof..

In 'Textile Talent Hunt -2010' the students from every textile institute participated all over Bangladesh. From DIU we were only 23 students registered, and only 15 of them were present in the Exam hall.. but We took 5 merit places of them all in top 50 talented students all over Bangladesh in the written test. those who attended there had almost no preparation coz our Mid term was just passed. but they did their best with their knowledge.. Even I was a participant and I thought I will not attend ..but at last I changed my decission .. and you know what happend !!! I got the merit place -16 of them all where I was studying in 2nd year 3rd semester and all of my participants around either 4th year or near to 4th year.. later I got 10th merit position on the RESEARCH paper rating and at last in Viva I owned the 6th merit position .. I was the youngest participant at last.. I got my certificate...I will show you another day.. It is not only my  achievement .. It is the achievement of my University too.. so we should try to be confident and take our steps.. I hope there will be more students come frward to take initiatives to prove their talent.
Thank you
Title: Re: Part -2: "Amake dea hobe na.. ami eto brilliant na"
Post by: Rashed khan on April 11, 2011, 11:18:35 AM
Title: Re: Part -2: "Amake dea hobe na.. ami eto brilliant na"
Post by: lincon-bre-02 on April 11, 2011, 04:53:06 PM
Well come back dear madam & thanks for the post.....but our university always connected high speedy internet network....!!!
Title: Re: Part -2: "Amake dea hobe na.. ami eto brilliant na"
Post by: Ruisulislam on April 19, 2011, 03:00:03 PM
hi bro. its grt to see u back in this forum :)
thanks for a grt topic. its not really hard to do something new,something creative. But we (the new students) can't get a chance or don't do that types of things coz we don't get proper help from our seniours. it will be nice to work with u.
with ur inspiretion & help we can do anything we want to do. We just need urs help and support.
Title: Re: Part -2: "Amake dea hobe na.. ami eto brilliant na"
Post by: Rony_TE on May 27, 2011, 03:10:24 AM
well supports r available on demand actually,.........but about the chances........HMMM i guess chances r not given ,
chances should b taken..........
@ Raisul........