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Title: Tech Tent: Facebook's data privacy crisis
Post by: Nusrat Jahan Momo on March 25, 2018, 08:27:24 AM
What have we learned this week about the dangers of sharing our lives on Facebook - and can we now take back control?

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This week's Tech Tent explores how the biggest crisis in the social media company's history has unfolded - and asks what might happen next. Will Facebook really change its ways, or will regulators have to step in and make it be more transparent about how it uses our data?

After all, according to one of our guests Emma Mulqueeny, it and other platforms "utilised the easiest business model they could and closed their eyes and crossed their fingers that it would be too annoying, too complicated or too late by the time people started wanting to take control of their own data".

Some people have now decided to take to the courts to assert their rights over their own data. Among them is a US citizen, Prof David Carroll. He is taking Cambridge Analytica to court in the UK to get access to data he says it holds on him.

The company, which acquired the Facebook profiles of 50 million people from an academic researcher, boasted in the past that it had 4,000-5,000 data points on just about every American citizen.

Prof Carroll tells Tech Tent that this boast inspired him to demand his file but what he received from the company was "alarming but not complete", a model of the political beliefs he probably held and his likelihood to vote.

Convinced that there must be far more data, he went to court to seek it - not in the United States but in the UK where the law is more friendly to this kind of case. With Europe's major new data protection law GDPR arriving in May we can expect more cases to cross the Atlantic.

Source:bbc news
Title: Re: Tech Tent: Facebook's data privacy crisis
Post by: AFTAB_JMC on May 09, 2018, 11:59:05 AM
Due to data privacy crisis, people from the west are leaving Facebook permanently. FB has made their account deactivation process difficult these days.
Title: Re: Tech Tent: Facebook's data privacy crisis
Post by: Ratul.JMC on August 05, 2021, 09:01:28 PM
Thank you very much for your post. :)