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CSR / CSR in Bangladesh Garments
« on: February 25, 2020, 12:22:09 PM »
CSR practices in Bangladesh in its modern global terms, are relatively new, but not so for the concept itself. Because, being a part of the global market, it is difficult to ignore CSR standard specifically in the export sector. Ingeneral, it is true that in Bangladesh, the status of labor rights practices, environmental management and transparency in corporate governance are not satisfactory, largely due to poor enforcement of existing laws and inadequate pressure from civil society and interest groups like Consumer Forums. Globally, as CSR practices are gradually being integrated into international business practices and hence is becoming one of the determining factors for market accesses, it is becoming equally instrumental for local acceptability. A focus on CSR in Bangladesh would be useful, not only for improving corporate governance, labor rights, work place safety,fair treatment of workers, community development and environment management, but also for industrialization and ensuring global market access.

 Since, CSR entails working with stakeholders it is important to work from within and diagnose the stakeholders; concerns so that CSR is truly embedded in the companies. By now, many CSR dimensions are practiced in Bangladesh. The SMEs largely depend upon export. The US and EU buyers set guidelines to Ready made Garment (RMG) industry to ensure the standards.

The 1992 Harkin’s Bill and subsequent consumer and industry boycott of RMG products by USA and the consequent remedial moves by local RMG sector is one example. Moreover, some buyers from EU visited the sites of recently collapsed garments factories. A temporary ban was also imposed on shrimp export to the EU on health and hygienic standard and appropriate remedial action followed in that instance too. But, some of the exporters found difficulty in convincing the US/EU buyers to have positive attitude towards Bangladesh due to inadequate CSR practices.[/size][/size]

Departments / Re: Short Poems by Shamsi
« on: February 25, 2020, 12:14:59 PM »
Nice to read.

আমাদের ছাত্রদের কে এই নেশা থেকে সরে আসতে হবে।

এতদিন শুধু উবার আর পাঠাও ব্যবহার করতাম। ইন শা আল্লাহ এটাও ভাল হবে।

We should encourage our students regarding this issue. Internship is a vital period for learning practical knowledge.

Its true

Thanks a lot...

Faculty Forum / Change Toghether
« on: March 08, 2017, 02:42:08 PM »
Whatever you want to change in your life, first understand that it is simply a PATTERN that you’re running.  It’s not you, it’s just something that you run on auto-pilot and have conditioned yourself to do.  When you know this, you can change these patterns fairly easily.

Once you’re at the peak of that pattern, emotion or behaviour, the next step is to do something unique or unexpected to interrupt the limiting pattern.  This is a way to shock your nervous system and jump out of that negative state, into something more resourceful.  I use a simple metaphor in the video explaining a CD and how there’s a specific pattern that’s burned on it.  If you take a needle and interrupt the pattern enough times, you can never go back to it.  Human beings work the same way.

We should be more aware regarding this issue.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing.

to increase this capability proper sleeping  is very essential.

Very essential post.thanks for sharing.

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