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Survey / Convocation discussion going through various Facebook Group
« on: December 05, 2021, 02:08:48 AM »
Looks like some concern coming through various Facebook group about the coming convocation. Does DIU have any Social media Monitoring cell ? In this modern age, we won't be able to avoid or deny the voice from social Media. I believe we have both Good and Bad take out from there. General people reading it and making some conception from there.
I will request the proper concern desk to check it and bring it to the authority.


Generally Search Engine Optimization divided by two important parts, on-page optimization and off page optimization. Here I have discussed the essential and recommended techniques of off-Page optimization.

There are many words below I have made bold, these are the Basic and fundamental of SEO. Just learn about it, hope you are going to learn something very useful today!

Creating Off-Page Optimization Strategy
Before start off page optimization you must make a muster plan and have to be very quick, relevant and updated strategy. You have to organize your work, when you move to Social media, when to Directory, article writing and submission. Remember, “Content is king”.

Directory Submission

Directory is the total collections of web site and categories in many areas. It’s a good idea to submit your site name and a short but informative summary about your site. There are General web directories, academic web directories, subject web directories and more. Directory submission has demand in the market. There are many Bangladeshi SEO training Institute, Bangladeshi SEO expert, Bangladeshi SEO specialist who can help you.

Link building

There are two types of Link Building 1.Active Link Building and 2. Passive Link building
Link building is a good technique in the terms of SEO, in Bangladesh, Bangladeshi SEO expert and Bangladeshi SEO freelancers do very quality Link building.

Articles & PR marketing

Content is king, Good Quality article, informative, and error free article might bring your page top at the search engine and have strong possibility to improve your page rank – PR. The highest PR is 10 and lowest PR is -1. In the SEO terms, PR is a factor and according to SEO Expert if you can link your site with good PR site, you can also improve your PR.

Participation in Social Media

Social media is vast area, now maximum or a large number of internet users using Social Media. You must have active and powerful participation in each and every Social media like, Facebook, Google +, Twitter. This will help you to be more interacted with the interested people.

Q and A Services

A FAQ- Frequent Ask Question can help your visitor of course. You may even introduce custom FAQ and collect Questions from the visitor, so visitor will be very interested because they have priority in your site.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to keep touch with your targeted client. You can use Email template, you can add signature with anchor text, even you can track who is responding your email by visiting your business page, and you can check it by Google Analytics. There are many Bangladeshi SEO training Institute who have collections of email, if you are working single, you can contact them and collect email.
Be careful about spamming, before send email verify/filter your email by spam filter.

Monitoring implementation and measuring success

There are many free tools and application you can measure your work. But Google web master, analytics is best to measure your SEO.

If you have Google all the word I have bold  I must say, you have enjoyed to learn. Happy SEO!
Please feel free to discuss and communicate.

Generally Search Engine Optimization divided by two important parts, on-page optimization and off page optimization. Here I have discussed the essential and recommended techniques of on-Page optimization.

There are many words below I have made bold, these are the Basic and fundamental of SEO. Just learn about it, hope you are going to learn something very useful today!

Keyword research and Analysis
Keyword is a very important part of SEO. The information we looked for in the search engine is the keyword. There are many keyword mechanisms for keyword such as Keyword density, frequency, prominence. Keyword affects on search engine.

Meta Tag Optimization
Meta Tag is an essential way to take your site top of the search result. Meta tag has many attribute and properties. There is descriptions Meta tag, Author Meta tag, robots Meta tag and many more.

Linking Optimization

Link optimization is about the linking of your site. There are reciprocal linking, one-way linking, outbound links, anchor text.

Image and Anchor text optimization

you might know image has a very important role in SEO. You can even submit Image site map, use image alt HTML attribute, Caption, description.

URL Optimization

URL, which should be user friendly and search engine friendly. Avoid long and undefined URL. Bad URL often not to indexed or create problem to crawl.

Content Optimization:

Always remember Content is the king, good and error free English always a benefit. Use H1 tags for highlight your main keyword.

Dead link/Custom 404 pages

Often you see that 404 that means the page or URL you are requisition to the server is not valid or not exit or removed. Handle this 404 error. Often a smart user can just cut a bit URL and try to back another URL, you need to handle this also.

There are two types of site maps. One is site map with .html and another is .xml extension. .html especially for the visitor so that the visitor can visit easily your site. There is a root of the site map and it goes to the navigation one by one or multiple. .xml site maps need to submit to the search engine to index your site.

Monitoring implementation and measuring success:

There are many free tools and application you can measure your work. But Google web master, analytics is best to measure your SEO.

For any kind of help, discussion and sharing I'm here.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / Basic Search Engine Optimization
« on: August 05, 2012, 12:17:55 AM »
Search Engine is computer program which collect the data from web sites. After that they provide this data with matching the search keyword. This program is called robot program and collecting data is known as Indexing.
There two types of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), one is organic SEO and another is paid SEO.
We search for information in the search result with a keyword and search engine show the relevant information regarding the keyword. Generally we don’t turn the next page of the search result but looking after the first page at the top 10 result shown by search engine. So, naturally every web site wants to come in this first page of search result. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to bring the web sites at the top of the search result, so that, more visitor visits the web sites. For example, you are looking for information about “Pizza”. Here the keyword is pizza. Search engine will shows million of result about pizza but we only see the top 10 result or the first page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is continues process to develop a web site performance. The individual optimization may no able to do a better but when this individual become total, it has a robots power in the terms of searching result. Gradually this optimization takes the web site in the top of the search engine result.

There are many techniques of SEO. At first it is need to select some keyword for the web site you want to optimize. The keyword might need to relevant with your service, product or business so that, when people search for this kind of information related your business, search engines can shows your page and people visit your site. It is mandatory to research on the keyword and on it’s synonyms. It should also keep in mind that, how people can search a information by using different keyword. You need to know that, there are similar web sites like you, there might have same keyword also. So, how you take those web site behind of your site? Here Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you.

On Page optimization is another part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). After selecting keywords for web site, it needs to keep those keywords in several points at the web site. If the main keyword can be the domain name, it is best. Keyword should have in the Title Tag and in the Description Meta Tag. This will help the robot program to collect information about your site for the search engine. Proper Head tag, image caption and GsKi effects in the search result.

The URL should be easy to read and remember and relevant. A good URL means, visitor can find a meaning from the title. The URL and Title should be related with the page content.

Easy navigation makes the visitor comfortable during the time of visits the web site. It helps the visitor to find the information he/she is looking for. It is good to add breadcrumb list in each page of web page. It looks like; Home --> menu--> Services.

Sitemap is two types. The first one is a normal HTML site map, (s-smal and site and map is separated) where every page link is given so that, user find every page very easily or they can back or go in any page they want. Search engine also get the total link and information from this sitemap. Another Sitemap(S-capital and site and map is together) is a XML formatted which is needed to submit in the Google.

Page Rank (PR) is a link analysis algorithm to determine, how a web site is important and informative. Page Rank (PR) has an important effective in search result. The maximum Page Rank (PR) and minimum Page Rank (PR) is 0.

Backlink is the main key to improve the Page Rank (PR). There are some techniques to develop Backlink. Forum posting, blog, link share, social media marketing is some of those techniques.

Finally, please remember that “Content is king”. Your web site is for the people not for the Search engine. So, the content should be very dynamic, informative and learn-able.

It’s very basic and general information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes 2-3 months for Organic SEO. ecommerce web site do the paid SEO.

N.B: If there are any oDesk freelancer here and doing SEO in oDesk, you may download the oDesk SEO test answer from here

Common Forum / Microsoft Student Partner
« on: April 20, 2012, 02:44:12 AM »
Its long day today I’m writing in forum. Special thanks to our Chairman Sir for his great motivation.

Last day I have read about “Microsoft Student Partner” and communicate with Microsoft.
It’s really great experience to communicate with them. Again I personally realize why they are best.
They replied me immediately and asked some basic information and it was okay.
Today they finally informed me that they are sorry because they don’t have agreement with our university. Here is the last email :
 â€œI’m very sorry, we do not have DreamSpark agreement with your university at this moment, so we cannot enrol you on the MSP program.
I’ll let you know when we sign DreamSpark with your campus.
 Daffodil International University is one the countries best IT based university. We have several aggregation and agreement. Please take step in the above regard.

Departments / Seminar & Workshop update URL
« on: January 20, 2012, 02:33:56 AM »
I must say that our university web site is very standard, user friendly and bearing a vast, clear information. You can take and get one stop information from here. Thanks to our web team.
We are very proud that we have ERP.

The below link bearing information about "Seminer and Workshop". I think there are some information needed to update.

Please visit the link and see the latest post with date & time.


Common Forum / We may turn into windows 7
« on: November 25, 2011, 11:15:49 PM »
Today, country’s one of the leading university is Daffodil International university.  Every day we are in national dailies. We are recognized as an IT based university. Congratulations DIU authority and the students!  I feel lucky and proud to be a student of this university.

We have Computer Lab and digital class room. I think, now it is time to turn into Windows 7. I think maximum students are using windows 7 in their personal Computer. They are using office 2007.  Often, a problem occur when student do their assignment or presentation using office 2007 but our varsity PC support  office 2003 or office XP
Regular checking of computer LAB should be more effectively. If any PC have problem, it should be solved within next working day.  Unfortunately, often it takes muck time.

Our, student should be more careful and responsible to use the Lab and computers. We should keep in mind that, it’s our resource and if any problem occurs, we’ll suffer for it.

Thank you for your time.

Various Resource for Career Development / Open your eye! 101 Professions!
« on: September 27, 2011, 09:40:36 AM »
Open your eye! 101 Professions!

It is true we can change over our life anytime. If we get passion for our objective, we can achieve it of course. Unfortunately, we come to know about the real story in a much matured life. When we start to understand our ability and interest, it is too late. Frustration comes around of us.

Another reason of frustration is over expectation. It is very much true that our job market is not specified. When we see the career circular from a bank, the educational requirements are “Graduate from any discipline”. Graduate from English department is working for bank, BBA graduate working in the IT sector. Individually it’s not a problem but, collectively we are not choosing the right person for the right job. There are lots of reasons for this fact, and the principal problem is corruption. But we dream for Golden Bangladesh!

At the very beginning of our life, we don’t know anything but become doctor, engineer or banker. Our parents cite this. But it should keep in mind that everybody not will be this. There are lots of professions today. Why we don’t open our consciousness. Why our parents don’t show us the options. But eventually we realize that we are not walking in the right way. We become frustrated. As a result, many unexpected things happen in our life. Sometimes we don’t want our life.

Time is changing. The students and the parents are now very aware about their future. But the percentage is small. There are a lot of profession, job and career. We just need to be prepared.

Your opinion is highly appreciated.


                                      A profitable online business- “fiverr”

Internet is the place of self study and earning too. Besides developed country developing country’s also doing excellent. There is 2 world in this century. One is the real world where we live, and second is the virtual world. Today’s real world depends on virtual world. There is everything in the virtual world. I love the available information system in Internet. You can learn anything you want from the Internet.

Today students are doing outsourcing and much other online business. They are genuinely doing well. You can create a joyous small business in Internet. Fiverr is one easiest business students can learn.

What is fiverr :

The main objective of fiverr is ordering or offering gigs (a small job) for each $5. In other word, fiverr is a job to do for $5. Fiverr is a social media micro enterprise. You and your social media friends together can do it.

Some Common questions: You may think that, what kind of job? What to do in this job? What should I know for this job? How I can earn money from this job? How much time it will take? Who can do this job?

Please don’t worry, anyone can do this job. It is an easy way to buy or sell your any kind of products or service. Definitely people will require the services or products under fiverr terms. Buyers and seller works together here, for their own business and value.

Just set up a free fiverr account and create your fiverr business. Launch your career and promote your ideas and knowledge. I’m doing fiverr in this site.

Thank you

Use of email / Our Email address (
« on: June 19, 2011, 12:41:23 AM »
Congratulations to every students of DIU. Congratulations to their parents. I think we have got the right decision for choosing Daffodil International University. We are lucky enough. I know we have some limitation but that is not our lacking. We are developing very fast and our permanent campus building started. Beside our existence facilities many other facilities become adding every day. We are proud for our university. We have Career Development Center (CDC) which is working hard for our development. Every- day many program, seminar, workshop and other activities happening through our campus.

Many of our students do not know about our activities. Daily much news is publishing in different daily Newspaper. When we watch this, we feel proud for our university. I must give thanks to our Public Relation Officer (PRO).

A question is arising to me that how many students know about this. University all news is forwarding to every single student’s email address. It is very important to ensure, those students are checking their university given email address. (

We have university domain email address. This email address also determines us uniquely. Please note that it is not a public email address. It is our own email address. We got news, notice, activities and other from this email address. But I have confusion that is our every student checks this email address regularly. Students should do this. I think authority should take care about this think. Students must need to understand the importance of this email address.
Kazi Shahin

Common Forum / What actually we are following, Term or Semester?
« on: March 22, 2011, 07:20:12 PM »

Semester system is new to us.   Sometimes we also use “Term” as for Semester. There are some basic differences between these two words. May be there are 4 months & 6 months conditions.

In our country often we use both with together!!! We are saying Mid-term again we are saying semester final but if we say mid-term then we should use term-final. But we are saying semester final. Let me allowto give an example –

A student informing his/her parents, “My Mid-term exam is going on”. Same student after few days saying his/her parents, “My Semester final will be in March”.
Two words are Mid-Term & semester Final. What actually we are following, Term or Semester?

IT Forum / HTTP Error status codes
« on: March 22, 2011, 12:54:01 AM »
400(Bad request)
401(Authorization required)
402(Payment required)
404(Not found)
405(Method not allowed)
406(Not acceptable)
407(Proxy authentication required)
408(Request timeout)
411(Length required)
412(Precondition failed)
413(Request entity too large)
414(Request URI too large)
415(Unsupported media type)
416(Request range not satisfiable)
417(Expectation failed)
422(Unprocessable entity)
424(Failed dependency)
500(Internal server error)
501(Not Implemented)
502(Bad gateway)
503(Service unavailable)
504(Gateway timeout)
505(HTTP version not supported)
506(Variant also negotiates)
507(Insufficient storage)
510(Not extended)

Daffodil International University is one of the best universities in Bangladesh. Our student is doing well after their graduation in different sectors. We are proud for them. There are several social activities & responsibilities are going on by DIU. Countries every corner is now known about us. International student is doing study from Daffodil International University. We have several International achievements & award also. We are also internationally known.

As a Bangladeshi I feel very proud that “World Cup Cricket 2011” venue is Bangladesh. We are the host country. It is the best time to show our norms to the world. Each and every people of Bangladesh should take this benefit. I do wish good luck for our Bangladesh cricket team. I hope Team Bangladesh will show their best performance.

Our university may do some activities on the occasion of World Cup. 

Kazi Shahin

Common Forum / Why not they refer a web page for your course?
« on: January 26, 2011, 01:18:53 AM »
We are living in the Technology world. Internet creates another world called Virtual world. Now the real world is dependent on the virtual world. In the virtual world, the search engine Google is playing a vital role. Every inter user knows about Google. Often you say Google knows everything. You may ask any information to Google & within seconds Google make it visible. There are many web pages in web 2.0. Different web page has its own specialty & information. There are brief information, expert opinion, sample, example and much other useful, necessary & important information. 

Developed & developing country using internet in different prospectors. Internet welcomes everyone. In the world of learning everybody should have equal opportunity & the world leaders should ensure this.

I think the other name of internet is Information. In our daily life we browse internet for different information. Every institution has their own web page, containing their information.

In the world of learning, especially for the student internet brings a revelation. The Students now get all information together. They can discuss their problem with other students or expert through internet. Day by day internet becomes the main resource of information.
In the academic institution we read many books & note. Our course teacher refers many books for us. Why not they refer a web page for your course?

Kazi Shahin

Career 2 day / DIU-JMC on Air at RTV. We are going to one step ahead.
« on: January 21, 2011, 11:58:52 PM »
Daffodil International University, Journalism & Mass Communication (DIU-JMC) department is going to on air at country’s popular TV channel R-TV.  It’s a very good step from the JMC. It’s an own production Of JMC. As it is going on air, it must a standard program. A very strong experienced & energetic team is working to possible this program. I’m working with this team & I’m very proud. Let me share about this program.

“Career Today” is an own production of DIU-JMC. The student of DIU-JMC worked with their teacher.  I’m very pleased to share that, JMC have the capability to create such kind of program. DIU-JMC ensures all kind of modern facilities. They have a Lab with all modern instrument & equipment. The studio is really vast & capable to create large program. And “Career Today” is the out put of their Department. The student is doing their academic study & getting real life experience. This combination of learning is very important for a student. The students are becoming experienced & knowledgeable.  

The name of the program is “Career Today”. The goal of this program is, doing help to build a better career. Really, JMC worked hard & their goal is highly appreciate-able.
You will get a complete guidance from this program.

For example, there is a program named “Journalism”. You will get complete guide, how you will prepare your career for journalism.  There will be professional opinion, university teacher opinion, student opinion, future, present, job, strategy, and many important & necessary segments. I think young generation must love this program. You will come to know what other student is thinking about this subject, why they are studying on this subject, what is the opportunities of this subject, how they meet better career with this subject. There are expert opinions. And of course the conversation with the presenter would open your eye for better career.  Keep your eye on R-TV every Friday at 10:20 am. If this program can help you (we hope) then, our work will be successful. You may also ask information & can give suggestion for career “Today program”.

The topic of the “Career Today” program of February”11 is

Career: Pharmacy

Mr.  Ifte Khairul Alam- Head of International Business, Health Care Pharmaceuticals  
Prof. Dr. Shamsul Haque, Head, Dept of Pharmacy

Career: Journalism

Prof. Dr. Golam Rahman, Part Time Faculty, Dept.of JMC,  DIU
Ms. Samia Rahman- News Presenter & Associate Professor, Dhaka University
Mr. Kamrul Hassan Manju, Executive Editor, Mass Line Media Center

Career : Software Engineer
Mr. Munir Hassan, IT Adviser to Hon’ble Prime Minister
Prof. Dr. Syed Akter Hossain, Head, Dept. of CSE, DIU

Career: Real Estate

Prof. Dr. M. Firoj Ahmed, Department of Civil Engineering, BUET
Mr. Masud Ibne Rahman, Head, Dept. of Real Estate

Let’s discover a better career.  

Kazi Shahin

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