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Title: How to Project Management on real estate sector?
Post by: BRE SALAM SONY on February 28, 2010, 06:54:46 PM
Dear My Friend I have a case study on this topics
if any one can solve or help me please
or give me any information?

link here

http://bre-student.blogspot.com/2010/02/project-management-on-real-estate.html (http://[b)


Congratulations! You have been promoted as one of the Project Managers of XYZ Developments & Holdings Ltd. You work for a real estate firm called XYZ Developments & Holdings Ltd. You hold an undergraduate degree in bachelor of Real Estate and have demonstrated leadership quality and you also posses the ability to learn new skills at a shortest possible time span. Looking at your potential and the track record management of the company has promoted you as a PM and has asked you to

*Develop a feasibility study of a land 8.22 decimal ( 5 Katha ) in Uttara sector 11, which is currently owned by Mr. Homer Simpson. He is asking Tk 0.5 million BDT as initial signing money.

* Develop a feasibility study of a land 8.22 decimal ( 5 Katha ) in Gulshan 2, which is currently owned by Mr. Burn. He is asking 2 million BDT as signing money.

*Compare the two projects and recommend the management which project to undertake in the prescribed business case format used internally by XYZ.

*Provide a complete project plan starting from acquiring the land to handing over to the customers. Usually XYZ offers 50-50 deal with the land owners with no initial signing money but recently there are few exceptions depending on the project’s business case.

*Project plan should also provide an estimated cash flow during the project life cycle

Company background :

XYZ Developments & Holdings Ltd has a professional and hard working team that is capable of adding highest possible value to its client’s property applying innovation and using state of the art technology. This enables to find beneficial deals for company’s clients and partners.

For your information, company has recently realized the benefits of using a structured project management methodology called PRINCE2 and has adopted the methodology. For all its projects PRINCE2 is widely followed in the company.