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CLTs for CLT in Bangladesh is something all English teachers at all levels must think about to find solutions jointly. Otherwise, the business of ELT will only end up in frustration, disappointment and failure. I'd love all of our colleagues join in to think jointly in this forum for all of us to be enriched with every one's academic thoughts and ideas. Anyway, thanks a lot for your first comment on my first post. Good luck to us.

CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) is the most recent approach of teaching English in Bangladesh. We have been trying to implement the new English curricula for the last decade or so in Bangladesh. Quite a few studies show we have miserably failed to implement the programs of CLT at the primary and secondary levels. Practitioners are baffled by the impractical and culturally inappropriate  demands of the "new thing." I wonder if colleagues, practitioners and relevant people could help find some solutions to the problems posed in the area of ELT (English Language Teaching). Thanks. Shams Hoque

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