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Title: 8 Best Practices to Improve Construction Site Safety
Post by: momin.ce on February 25, 2020, 01:31:57 PM

Construction site safety is one of the most overlooked things during a construction project. In most workplaces, accidents are a nuisance for the worker and a headache for HR. However, at construction sites, accidents have the potential to be life-threatening. With every new story about environmental disasters, earth-shattering explosions, and trapped laborers, construction sites become less and less appealing — even as the population grows and demands new, updated structures increases.


Construction work is one of the most dangerous professions. And work on the job site is where most accidents occur. Employers do need to mitigate safety hazards to construction workers, but workers need to keep in mind a lot of precautions themselves when working in such hazardous conditions. Thus, construction industry leaders must strive to safeguard their employees — if not for ethical reasons, then for the economic ones. Here are eight ways construction businesses can reduce workplace accidents and promote construction site safety.


1. Awareness
Before any worker — no matter his or her role or experience level — can set foot on a construction site, he or she must be fully aware of the possible hazards. Ignorant workers are perhaps the biggest dangers in any industry, as their unknowing mistakes put everyone else at risk. Understanding of perils at hand and sustaining a perpetual state of alertness is perhaps the number-one best way to prevent accidents. To become aware of such risks and how to avoid them, see OSHA Safety Check Lists. Every single person that steps foot onto a construction site should be aware of the risks associated with the job and how to prevent them with their knowledge of construction site safety.
It is the construction manager's job to make sure that every worker is aware of the dangers that come with working on a construction site and they must protect workers from these dangers. Any manager that fails to tell their crew and staff about how to avoid getting hurt and how to ensure safety is failing as a manager. Ensuring the safety of the construction workers and everyone on the site should be the number one priority of any construction manager. If the workers have no concept of construction site safety, they shouldn’t be allowed on the construction site.
2. Training
Though most of a construction worker’s skills can be gained on the job, safety is one skill set that is best learned before works enter the construction site. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other organizations publish some resources to help businesses train their new laborers on standard safety and security practices, including pamphlets, worksheets, training videos, and even on-site training opportunities. Experienced workers should be expected to refresh their knowledge of standard safety by attending regular training sessions throughout the year. These training sessions can go over simple things such as fall protection and proper use of ladders, but the goal is to make sure everyone is adequately trained. Leaving these training sessions, workers should know what safety measure to do in the case of an incident.


Although workers are expected to attend regular safety training sessions about construction safety throughout the year, being able to practice safety training skills on-site would help construction workers enforce the safety rules. Practicing construction site safety training skills on-site will force workers to practice these skills in an environment where safety is essential and will make sure they are trained. Without the proper training, construction workers can be easily injured or even killed. In such an environment where injuries and fatalities are highly likely, training is necessary and will prevent things like workplace injuries that will hurt you ethically and economically.

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