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The rise of COVID-19 limits library facilities to users. As a result Libraries rethink the websites as the primary path of patron’s interaction. The landscape of academic libraries are changed in terms of collections, services, spaces and operations.
As a part of embedded librarianship. Librarians discourse the value of print collections, encourage access versus archives, enhance e-everything, promote distinctive digitized collections, and include self-service models and virtual alternatives.
Now libraries are perfectly positioned to assist development of online courses. The inauguration of virtual lab environments, built on current voice recognition and data visualization initiatives are helping researchers who are unable to conduct physical experiments. Researchers are being facilitated with data deposition and plagiarism tools to support and distribute their research.  Thus a library website works as a virtual front door to evolve to be more user friendly, responsive, customizable, continuous learning and development, as well as doing more with less.

Library of DIU / DIU Library Café
« on: June 22, 2021, 11:01:51 AM »
As a growing organism, the collaboration of library services is increasing day by day. Cafe library or Library Cafe is one of those glorious extensions called in library building for the past few decades. In Spite of the digital revolution people are returning to libraries to access resources that are not available online or just to enjoy the atmosphere of these tranquil spots. Sometimes users have to engage in painstaking research in libraries.

In this regard a café in a library or Library Café may restart users' stamina in their scholastics works. May save library staff time for uninterrupted service provision. Hence a Library Café creates a serene environment for studying and exploring the world in a more interactive way. Thus a library may be a full force center of creativity, community, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Keeping this in mind, for the first time in Bangladesh, Daffodil International university is providing a Café in its library building. This café library includes food and drinking facilities, floor seating facilities. short time rest and sleeping facilities and so on to restart your brain for further study.

Library of DIU / Library Orientation, Spring 2020 at PCDIU
« on: March 14, 2020, 03:53:06 PM »
A week long Library Orientation & Information Literacy Program has been completed successfully at DIU Permanent Campus from 20 to 26 February 2020. Students enjoy the session most. They get comprehensive instructions about the library systems and services. They also realize that libraries are the integral part of a university. We the library personnel try to make them understood that library is a center of excellence through inspiration, happiness and education. Despite the digital revolution people are returning to libraries to access resources are not available online or just to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the library.

     Honorable librarian of DIU Dr. Md. Milan Khan says that, " library is a place where you can read, learn and share. He also adds "Knowledge is power but sharing knowledge is more power". He emphasizes on text book and reference book instead of Facebook.
     The system librarian of DIU Mr. Nur Ahammad conducts most of the session with an active cooperation of Mr. Rashed Nizami, Asst. Librarian. Mr. Md. Rezaul Karim, Library Officer, Md. Monnaf Sarkar, Library Officer and Mr. Muhammad Helal Uddin Khan, Library Officer. Mr. Nur. Discusses the basic need of human life and the purpose of our education. In this regard he mentions that, "Education is the harmonious development of body mind and soul". He also adds that you the students should be the pioneer to follow the rules and regulations of our contry. Then you will be followed by others.
     Mr. Rashed Nizami explains DIU library system and service accordingly. He also assures students about the award by DIU for for the Best Library Users along with terms and conditions.

Mr. Md. Rezaul Karim actively helps the students sign in the session properly. He also negotiates with the Departments for consent of the session. Mr. Karim assures students for any kind of help in library.

     Mr. Muhammad Helal Uddin Khan contributes with an introduction and conclusion of the session. He emphasizes on how to be a good library user and its effects on our life and society. Mr. Khan mentions that " library is the best institution ever been created by humankind. It transfers knowledge from on generation to the next one. He also adds "Library treats everyone with same dignity and respect weither you are a millionaire weither you are that boy who is homeless. Here you can create and collaborate. Thus a library supports happiness, creativity, community innovation and entrepreneurship.

Library of DIU / The Best Library User Award Program at DIU
« on: October 22, 2018, 05:25:27 PM »
The Best Library User Award Program at DIU
Dear all,
I would like to draw your attention that Daffodil International University Library is one of the most modern private university library and has been providing quality services to the users since 2002. Every year a large number of books is adding in the library which makes a qualitative collection. Besides DIU library subscribes and renews sufficient number online journals and e-books which help the faculty members as well as student’s community of DIU for their academic and research. Moreover, there is a number of unique services offered by DIU library such as.
•   Circulation Facilities
•   Article Request Service
•   Plagiarism Checking Service
•   Industrial Repository (IR) service
•   Newspaper Reading service facility
•   Wi-Fi and internet browsing service
•   Individual study facilities
•   Reference Service
•   Locker facilities
•   Recreation facilities etc.
In this connection DIU library wishes to introduce Best Library User Award  in every semester for the students to create a completion and to grow interest to use library and motivation the students to be library oriented.

Objective of the Program
•   To create a book loving Atmosphere in the university
•   To encourage students to take initiative to learn and to  pursue for new knowledge
•   To establish a library using culture to the students
•   To exchange and share their reading attainments in the campus
Selection of Criteria: Library will monitor and select the students who:
•   Use library regularly (through patron counter device)
•   Borrow reading materials regularly.
•   Follow the library code in the library (behave politely with fellow readers and library officials).
•   Improve the academic result.
The top three students will be awarded with gifts and a certificate.

Following books uploaded in e-library recently.
 1. Managerial Leadership
2. Leadership Craft, Leadership Art
3. Quantum Leadership: A Textbook of New Leadership   
4. Leadership Models : Leadership Skills
5. Leadership Solutions : The Pathway to Bridge the Leadership Gap
Please be connected if needed through e-library of Daffodil International University.

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