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Had the opportunity of attending a Seminar at the Main Campus, chaired by our Chairman Sir and VC Sir. It was aimed at making clear that no issues of Eve Teasing or any such harassment issues will be tolerated in and around our University Campuses. Let us all be aware, be it a female or a male student/employee/faculty/administrative official, never feel hesitant to raise your complaint.
For Uttara Campus, you guys can directly contact with any of us Faculties, with Diljeb Kabir Bhai or even our Academic Coordinator Prof. Dr. Abul Hossain Sir. You can also contact with our Assistant Registrar Kamrun Nahar Ma'm or even communicate with Chairman Sir as well.
We will keep your identity secret and take initiatives to punish the harasser with accordance.
Let us all be respectful of others, as well as uphold ourselves in such a way that no one can have the chance of becoming an oppressor.

Thanks a tonne guys, Love you all. :)

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