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Title: Imported goods rotting at Sona Mosjid land port due to blockade
Post by: imam.hasan on January 13, 2015, 04:06:55 PM
The perishable products in the trucks include onions, ginger and different kinds of fruits imported from India , some of which have started to rot.

This is happening because the goods could not be unloaded due to unavailability of Bangladesh trucks, said Sona Mosjid Land Port Customs Assistant Commissioner Nurul Bashir.

He said no trucks from India have entered the port in the last two days due to the current congestion. The government was losing Tk 20 million every day in revenue, he added.

One of the importers, Monirul Islam said the traders would be facing a huge loss because of that.

Chapainawabganj Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Abdul Wahed echoed his concern. “At least Tk 8 million worth goods are stuck at the port. These will rot here if they are not unloaded fast and sent to their destinations.”

India’s Malda district’s trader Ashraful Sheikh had come to the port from Kolkata with fruits five days ago while Andhra Pradesh’s Sabbir Ahmed came four days ago.

Both of them are stuck here since then after they failed to unload their goods due to lack of Bangladeshi trucks.

Ahmed expressed frustration saying no one were able to tell them when they would be able to unload the goods and leave for home.

Many Indian importers have also gotten entrapped at Sona Mosjid Land Port for a week.