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Job market for DIU student / Job Opportunity :: Entry Level, Full Time
« on: December 29, 2012, 11:37:30 PM »
New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Master Franchisee of the World Leader in Professional IT Training is looking for Account Executives for their Sales Department. Hope it will help DIU students.

Job Title: Account (Sales) Executive

No. of Vacancies: 5

•   Provide Effective Counseling
•   Reach the set sales target
•   Daily report to the Manager
•   Follow-up clients and ensure after-sales service

Must Required Skills
•   Communication Skill
•   Presentation Skill
•   Interest on IT Sector

Educational Requirements
•   Graduate or equivalent in any subject.
•   Educational qualification may be relaxed for telemarketing experienced candidate.

Additional Job Requirements
•   Age 18 to 32 year(s)
•   Experienced in telemarketing would be preferable
•   Results-oriented
•   Looking for an opportunity with an industry leader that has no cap on earnings
•   Energetic and enthusiastic
•   Highly organized
•   Competitive
•   Effective counseling capabilities (Educational counseling preferred)
•   Demonstrated ability to build and maintain a strong sales pipeline
•   Excellent influence and negotiation skills
•   Strong desire to succeed
•   Excellent inter-personal communication skill in English and Bengali.

Salary Range
•   8,000 to 10,000
•   Other Benefits: Lucrative commission is as per company rules.

Application Deadline: 3rd January 2013 (11:00 AM)

Please send Your CV to

IT Forum / Basic: MS PowerPoint 2007
« on: January 18, 2011, 12:01:44 AM »
In this topic I will try to share with you basic about Microsoft Power Point 2007. It’s not a full tutorial. I am sharing basic about PowerPoint which will help people those who are new user of this software. After reading and practicing all topics you can able to create, design and animate any presentation beautifully INSHALLAH. Simple read, see the photos and practice. It’s the process of learning by doing.

_ _ _
Let’s Start:

After opening MS Power Point 07 this screen will arrive…(Photo 1)

Photo: 1

Click on “Click to add title” and give a title. By same process give a subtitle of the presentation.
Under slider window you can see the list of your slides.

Give the Title: “My Presentation” and Subtitle: “My presentation’s subtitle”
_ _ _

Change Layout of the slide:

If you want to change the layout of any slide, right click on the slide, click layout, and change as your need (See Photo 2).

Photo: 2

Practice: Right click on your slide select “Layout” and select “Section Header” layout.
_ _ _

Add and Delete Slides:

To insert new slide, click on “New Slide” under HOME and select your layout (Photo-3).
You can also able to add new slide by clicking ENTER. Select the point under “Slides” window and click ENTER.
Or, Right click under “Slides” window and click “New Slide”.

To remove any slide, select the slide by mouse and click "Delete".

Practice: Insert a new slide with “Title and Content” layout.

Photo: 3
_ _ _

Use of Outline:

Under this option we can organize the point(s) and sub-points.  You can easily promote, demote, move up or move down the points by using outline mode. Practice will clear your concept.

Under new slide give a title and write some points under the title (Photo: 4). Now go to the “Outline” view.

Photo: 4

Suppose, under “title one” there are two subtitles, “Subtitle 1” and “Subtitle 2”
Mark these two subtitle using mouse, right click, and then select “Demote”. So these two points will show as a sub-point of “Title one.” (Photo: 5)

Photo : 5

By same way you can also promote, move up or move down. Just select the point(s) and select any of these options (promote, demote, move up or move down).
_ _ _

YaAh!!! I find out the way to STOP receiving "promotional SMS" from AIRTEL....

call 786(customer care), said: Is there any way to stop gating sms from airtel?
786: yes.
u: Please active this option.
786: sir! we have done it. from NEXT SCHEDULE* you will not get any promotional massage.
* next schedule mean, which SMSs already scheduled to send, those you will get next few days, from new schedule you will not listed and will not get any "Promotional SMS" from AIRTEL.
customer like me is a big THREAT for airtel ;) bdw.. personally i like airtel  ;D

Thank you! everyone :)

IT Forum / Internet Download Manager
« on: December 05, 2010, 11:48:49 PM »
Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a very user friendly software for download anything from Internet. You can download youtube videos using IDM.
Downloading and installing IDM is a simple task. But maximum times we face problem to install patch. If we don’t patch this product it will ask for license key and after one month it will stop working.

By the way, lest see how to download, install, patch and use IDM.

Download IDM software and Patch File (Software | Patch )

Extract patch file (password 1337)
Install IDM software in your PC.
After installing IDM, it will automatically start running.
Before install patch we need to close IDM.

Go to Tasks > Exit, not from close icon. Otherwise IDM continue its work at background. And our patch install will be failed.

*Go to Patch file’s properties (by right clicking)
*Select Compatibility tab
*TICK “Run this program in compatibility mode for”
*Select “Windows Vista (Service Pack 1)
*TICK “Run this program as an administrator”
*Apply > Ok
* These steps only require for windows 7 and Vista user, if you using XP just skip.

Run patch file.
Click “Patch”
You will get a massage “--- PATCH DONE----” then close patch file.

Now let’s check your patch successfully done or not.
Go to Registration. You can see registration button is no more available. That mean it’s done. IDM will never ask for license key.

Be careful! Sometime IDM ask for update product. Simple cancel it. When you will click update it connects with IDM server and your patch may not work anymore.

IT Forum / Yahoo! Messenger 11 BETA
« on: November 29, 2010, 09:19:06 PM »
I am using Yahoo! Messenger 11 BETA.
It's allow to connect your facebook account. You can able to stay online fb & yahoo at a time.
u may try it :)
Download from here

IT Forum / Advanced Privacy Settings : Effective use of Facebook
« on: November 14, 2010, 07:10:42 AM »
At first I want to say “This post is not for people those who have already completed their graduation on facebook. :P”

Today I will try to show you how to maintain privacy more effectively and common mistakes which can be threat for our privacy. People those who have very limited time but want to be connected with everyone using facebook, this post may able to help them. Some of my friends have less interest on IT(specially girls) so they failed to find out that facebook providing these facilities. But these things are more necessary to them. Requesting just read it out with cool head, all terms are very easy. First read full post ones then try.


“Keep me logged in” Option

If you tick/mark “Keep me logged in” and login, next time it will not ask any Email or password. Browser will automatically load facebook home.
So never mark “keep me logged in” in public pc like LAB or CAFÉ and logout before exit.
At home you may use this option and no need to logout also.

Brower’s Password Remember Option

 All browsers have this option. If you click “remember” option. Next time browser will automatically load your password. So at friend’s pc or lab or any other public place click “not now” or “Never for This Site”

Create Friend’s Group
By creating friend group your facebook privacy will more advanced. I will show you details use of friend’s group below. Before that let’s see how to create friend list.

Click on Account> Edit Friends
Click on “Friends” (Top-Left)
Select “+ Create a List”

For example, you want to create a list of university friends, give the name and click on “Create List”. You can select your friends at the time of creating list or you may also modify list later.

Let’s create more friend list! For example: Family, Other, School & Collage, Teacher.

You can able to see the lists left side of the page.
Now let’s see how we can use these lists effectively.
Suppose you want to post something which you are not interested share with your teachers.
Click on the privacy (lock icon)

Click on “Customize”

Custom Privacy will arrive, suppose you want to share with all friend except “~Teacher~” and “~Other~” group. Under “Make this visible to..” chose “Friends Only” and Under “Hide This from” type the list name and select.

Then click save settings.
Then share your status.
If you mark “Make this my default settings” all post’s privacy will be set as this setting as a default. You can able to change it from privacy settings.

Multiple List
You may also add one friend more than one list.
Suppose you want to create list in two dimensions, one is friend’s position(versity friend/school/family) and another(good friends/best friends) by relation.

Green lists are based on relation and red lists are friend’s position.
Now let’s see the use of multi-dimension list.
Go to Account > Privacy Settings
Click on “Customize Settings”

This page will arrive

Suppose you want to share your “Relation Status” with some limited friends.

Select “Customize”. Custom Privacy will arrive.
Suppose you want to share your relation status only with your good and best friends but not with family members and teachers. So under “Make this visible to” select “Specific People” any type specific lists name (best friends and good friends). And hide family and teacher.

That’s it! :D
Anytime you can able to change friend’s list or edit or deleted. If you delete friend list only list will delete, under the list friends will now remove from your friend list.

Another advantage of creating list is that you can able to keep offline specific group of friend at the time of chat.
Same way you can maintain other things privacy as well as photo album’s privacy.

But be careful! If you join any network like “Daffodil International University” all DIU people able to view your profile and privacy settings changed automatically after joining any network. So set your privacy settings again after joining any network.

Another important thing is that, Photo album’s privacy may break down if anyone tagged.
For example you upload an album and set privacy “Only friend”. If your Friend tagged on your photo your friend’s all friends can able to see your album.

NOTE: I share everything from my previous experience. I'm confident that information i given is correct. If anyone face any unexpected situation for privacy setting, FAHAM will not responsible for that. All Photos and information updated 14th Nov’10. Facebook may change terms and condition or may change process anytime so steps may not match in future.

IT Forum / Stop Receiving Mail from FACEBOOK
« on: November 14, 2010, 03:22:11 AM »
Log in to your facebook account.
Click on Account (Top-Right)

Then select Account Settings
Under my account select Notifications

Remove all tick mark (unmark all)

Click on SAVE CHANGE (Bottom of the page)

From now you will get notification in your facebook account but no more notification via email.  8)

Sports Zone / "Bangladesh Cyber Gaming Championship 2010" @Daffodil
« on: November 08, 2010, 11:30:51 AM »
It is our great pleasure that a national gaming championship happening in our campus.
Requisitioning all of my friend to attend this event.


Bangladesh Cyber Gaming Championship 2010

Time Friday, November 12 at 10:00am - November 13 at 8:00pm

Location Daffodil International University,Sobhanbag/Sukrabad,Dhanmondi Dhaka


• FIFA 10
• Need for Speed Most Wanted
• Counter Strike Source
• Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
• Defence of The Ancients 6.69b (At least 8 team will be needed for the event)

Registration Fee per person Tk 300/- per team TK 1500/-

BCGC Prizes for Champions

Prizes are sponsored by Kaspersky Lab, BDCOM Online and Logicbreakers.

1.Fifa 10
1st Prize: Kaspersky Gift hampers (Genuine Kaspersky Internet security DVD+Original Kaspersky T-Shirt total worth of 1300 taka+* )+4000 taka
2nd Prize: 1 Smile internet connection (1 month free internet) + free IP phone number with 100 minutes free talk time.
3rd Prize: 1000 taka

2.NFS Most Wanted
1st Prize: Kaspersky Gift hampers (Genuine Kaspersky Internet security DVD+Original Kaspersky T-Shirt total worth of 1300 taka+* ) + 3000 taka
2nd Prize: 1 Smile internet connection (1 month free internet) + free IP phone number with 100 min free talk time.
3rd Prize: 1000 taka

3.Counter Strike Source
1st Prize: Kaspersky Gift hampers (Genuine Kaspersky Internet security DVD + Original Kaspersky T-Shirt total worth of 1300 taka+* ) (Each player from Champion team)
2nd Prize: 1 Smile internet connection(1 month free internet)+free IP phone number With 100 min free talk time.(Each player from 2nd team)
3rd Prize: 2000 taka

4.Call Of Duty 4
1st Prize: Kaspersky Gift hampers (Genuine Kaspersky Internet security DVD + Original Kaspersky T-Shirt total worth of 1300 taka+* )(Each player from Champion team)
2nd Prize: 1 Smile internet connection (1 month free internet) + free IP phone number With 100 min free talk time(Each player from 2nd team)
3rd Prize: 2000 taka

5.Defense of The Ancients (DoTA)
1st Prize: Kaspersky Gift hamper (Genuine Kaspersky Internet security
DVD + Original Kaspersky T-Shirt total worth of 1300 taka+* )(Each player from Champion team)
2nd Prize: 1 Smile internet connection ( 1 month free internet ) + free IPphone number with 100 minutes free talk time(Each player from 2nd team)
3rd Prize : 2000 taka

If there are 400 gamers registered, we will add Tk 5000/- with each title (Fifa 10, NFS, COD4, CSS, DOTA) for 1st prize.
Even if there are not 400 gamers registered, we will add Tk 1500/- with each team game titles for the 1st prize (COD4, CSS, DOTA), just to honor our COD, CSS & DOTA Community.

Registration Date 29 October-9 November 2010

NOTE: 2 passport size photos are required.Must be brought during Registration.

Registration Booths

• Friday Fast Food Ltd, Sasa Bari,House no: 56,Road 3/A,Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi,Dhaka
• Warzone 360: 16/a Jaganathpur,Bashundhara Road,Badda,Dhaka

For more information/rules please Visit our website

Contact number 01937613296,01915630661,01911587138

Location Map of Daffodil International University

IT Forum / "Sweet Home 3D"
« on: November 07, 2010, 10:26:26 PM »
It's not necessary to be an architecture or a professional 3D designer to do this type of non-professional art  :D

few days ago i tried to make one 3D apartment (building plan is not designed by me. I just make it's 3D)

2 more photos...

I was spend only 3~4 hours on it that's why it's not looking complete house. But if you have interest on it you may try.
I have interest but it's not my job :P so i am not wasting time any more on it.
I have done all of these things using software named "Sweet Home 3D"
By this software u can able walk room to room in 3D view. As well as you can able to capture video of your 3D movement.
Also you can able to capture Photos from different angle.
IT's COOL...  8) have lots of fun.  ;D

DOWNLOAD "Sweet Home 3D"

Today i will share an idea which can mobile operators apply in real life.
My idea is very simple. Replace Caller Tone(music) by advertisement(Audio Ad).

Real Situation: We set Caller Tone(different types of music) and when anyone call us they can hear that music. At at the end of the month we pay to the mobile operator for this service.

My thinking: We will set different organization's Audio Ad place of Caller Tone. When anyone will call us they will bound to hear that organization's Audio Ad. At the end of the month organization will pay for advertising, one portion of that amount will go to mobile operator's pocket remain will go to customer's pocket.

There are three party we have to consider: MOBILE OPERATOR, COMPANY(who will ad there products & services) and CUSTOMER(mobile user).

_ _ _ _ _ _
Company will pay only if they found it is chipper then other source(like. Radio) to promote there product and services. Also they will consider how many people hearing there massage.

Mobile Operator
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
If "Caller tone's income < Audio Ad's Income" Mobile Operator will satisfy.  ;D

_ _ _ _ _ _
And the customer! they will able to earn money without doing anything!  8) So surely customer will show interest.


* Mobile operator have all the information, that how many call customer receiving.
* In Bangladesh there are 65.142* Million active mobile user (it's big portion young)
* For different reason(like, meeting, class or namaz) people failed to answer the call.
* When customer will answer the phone Audio Ad will stop so that there is a low chance of hearing full add.

What do you thing about it?

*Source: BTRC

Use of PC / Backup Bookmarks .:|:. Free Software
« on: October 30, 2010, 12:15:52 AM »
For reinstalling pc or any other reason we lost all of our important bookmarked link. This software allow to backup and restore your Bookmarks.

For do this job i use a free software named "FavBackup"

Download link:

IT Forum / English to Bangla Dictionary .:|:. For MOBILE
« on: October 28, 2010, 12:25:36 AM »
E2B Dictionary
It is an English to Bangla dictionary for mobile phone.
Any JAVA supported mobile phone support this application.


Namaj/Salat / Salat Time .:|:. Mobile Software
« on: October 24, 2010, 11:09:46 PM »
This software provides Praying time.
Any JAVA supported mobile phone support this application. (also support Symbian, UIQ, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Blackberry)

If you turn on azan option it will play azan also.

You can select all cities in the world.
Even you can customize your location if you know your satellite position. 8) ( I set my building as a location  ;D )

You can download it from your pc and move it via data cable or memory card reader.
Or you can directly download from your GPRS enabled mobile phone.

Very effective software for the people who continue namaz in a tight schedule.

From PC >
go to
Search your mobile phone and Select.
click "download this application to your computer"
Download will start ....  :)

From Mobile >
1) Go to on your phone
2) Select Quick Download code on the bottom of the page.
3) Enter Code: 12058 to begin download.

Use of email / 10 Minute Mail (temporary email ID)
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:42:38 PM »
Lots of time we need to mention valued email address to active trial software or registering any website. If we use our personal email address it has a high risk of receiving spam mail.
Free anti-virus software (avast) needs email address to active there product for 1 year. 2nd time same email address not supported by avast server.

We can use 10 MINUTE MAIL which will give us a active e-mail address for 10minutes and after that it will automatically deactivate. There is a option for increase time. So also you can use it more then 10min if required.


Use of PC / Resize/Remove/Add Partition without missing data
« on: October 24, 2010, 08:35:33 PM »
Generally if we partition our hard-disk from boot option we lost all data from hard-disk.
Today I reorganize my HardDisk partition without deleting any data  :)

EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition
It is a free software.

I used this software to do all of this.
It looks very useful software to me that's why i'm sharing with everyone about it.

Download Link:

I can able to do successfully ALHAMDULILLAH! I don't no what what will happen if your pc turned off in the middle of progress for load-shading. So backup very impotent documents before use this software. As well it's very time consuming process.

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