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Real Estate / Real estate products Booking Form.
« on: June 03, 2012, 04:14:35 AM »
* Marks field are mandatory.
*Full Name(In block letter)   :   

Applicant Picture   :   

*Father's/Husband's Name   :   

Mother's Name   :   

Profession   :   

Date of Birth   :   

Age   :   

*Permanent Address   :   

*Mailing Address   :   

*Telephone Number (Residence)   :   

Telephone Number (office)       

*Mobile Number   :   

Fax   :   

*Email   :   

*Plot No   :   

*Block   :   

*Area of Land   :   

*Price Per Khatha   :   

*Total Price   :   

Mode of Payment   :     One Time/   Monthly/ Installment
Do you like to available bank loan?   :     Yes /  No
Description of booking money
*Taka (in amount)   :   

Taka (in word)   :   

CHQ/Pay order/DD No.   :   

Date   :   

Bank Name   :   

Branch   :   

Real Estate / Organogram of a Real Estate company .
« on: June 03, 2012, 04:03:07 AM »

In a general real estate company this is the organogram :

Real Estate / :: Interior Building Materials
« on: June 03, 2012, 03:37:33 AM »

Bath Rooms

} Essentially correct Uniform Floor Slope towards Water Outlet.

} Foreign made Sanitary Wares in all Bathroom except servant’s toilet (Cotto or RAK or equivalent).

} Full height wall Glazed tiles in all bathrooms (RAK / C B C or Equivalent) except servant’s toilet.

} Matching floor tiles in Bathrooms (RAK / C B C or Equivalent)

} All Mirrors in Bathrooms with overhead Lamps.

} Good Quality Chrome plated Fittings (Nazma/Gloria/ Equivalent).

} All Chrome plated Fittings carry Manufacture’s Warranty.

} Porcelain soap cases and Towel Rails.

} Cabinet Basin with marble top in Master Bath.

} One Bathtub in Master Bathroom (Ariston or Equivalent).

} Titles on Floor and Wall up to 7 feet in Maid’s bath with Long pan, shower and Lowdown.

} Provision for exhaust fan in all bathrooms.

} Concealed Hot and Cold water lines in Master Bath, 2nd Bath & 3rd bath.

Floors & Verandah

} Mirror polish Homogeneous Tiles in Floors (RAK or C B C or Equivalent, Size 16”x16”).

} Tiles in Stair, Lobby & Verandah (C B C / RAK or Equivalent, size 16”x16”).


} Outside walls are plastered 00'-10''’ standard brickwork (1st class).

} All interior walls are also plastered 5' brickwork (1st class).

} Walls separating apartments are 00'-10'' brickwork (1st class)

} Smooth Finish Walls.

} Walls below ground are water proof RCC.

Painting & Polishing

} Plastic paint in all internal walls and ceilings in soft colors (Berger or Equivalent).
} French polished Doorframes & shutters.

} Exterior wall will be Weather coat paint (Berger or Equivalent).


} MK (Singapore) or Equivalent electrical Switches, plug points and other Fittings.

} Fancy Light Fixtures in all Rooms.

} Three emergency lights and three Fans in each Apartment.

} Independent electric meter in each apartment.

} Electrical distribution box with main switch circuit breakers.

} Concealed electrical wring (BRB/PARADISE or Equivalent).

} All power outlets with ear-thing connection.

} Provision for air conditioner in master bed, 2nd bed and living area.

} Emergency power in lifts, lobby, inter COM service, common spaces like car parking, reception area, security room and main gate.

} concealed fan hook.


Main Door:

} Solid teak (Chittagong) decorative Main Entrance Door with lucrative chains, spy holes, calling bell switch, solid brass doorknocker, apartments no. In brass plate, doors handle with security Lock)

Door frame:

} Main door frames (00'-10'') are made of Chittagong Teak.

Internal Door:

} Internal doors are made of strong and durable Flush door with polish & good quality Mortis Lock

} All internal doorframes are of Chapalish/ Tick Shamble/ Shilkarai. (Covered

Bathroom Doors:

} Waterproof laminated door.



} Sliding Windows as per Architectural Design of the Building

} 5 mm thickness glass with mohair lining

} Rain water barrier in 4” Aluminum sections

} Safety grills in all windows

} Fly proof net in all windows



} Impressively designed platform with Marble / Granite top.

} Provision for double burner gas out let.

} Space provision for gas oven, washing machine & refrigerator.

} Partly tiles in the kitchen wall (Matching Glazed tiles)

} Suitably placed exhaust fan.

} One stainless steel sinks with mixture for washing purpose.

} Concealed water line for hot and cold water.

} Gas burners are surrounded by wall tiles up to 5 feet.

} Floor covered with homogeneous tiles (RAK/CBC or Equivalent).




} Deformed Bar

} Manufactured by:

i.    Bangladesh Steel & Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. (BSRM)

ii.   Rahim Steel mills Ltd.

iii.  Bashudhara Steel Ltd.

iv.  Other Equivalent High Standard Steel Mills Ltd.



} Manufactured by

i.    M/S. Cemex (Bangladesh) Ltd.     : Cemex Cement

ii.   M/S. Meghna Cement Mills Ltd.     : King Brand

iii.    Other Equivalent High Standard Manufacturer



} Stone Chips for all columns, beams, foundations & other will be Bricks chips.

} High strength Bricks Chips from automatic Gas Fired picked Bricks from Gazipur.



} First Class Bricks



} 2.5 FM Coarse Sand

} 1.5 FM Medium

:: General Amenities of Apartment


} Reserved Car parking in covered & protected Ground floor for residents with comfortable Driveways.

} Electricity supply approx. 220V/440V from DESA source with separate main cable and LT panel/distribution board.

} Water supply connection from WASA sufficient as per total calculated consumption.

} Underground water reservoir with one main lifting pump and standby pump.

} Sewerage system planned for long-term requirement.

} Gas pipeline connection from TITAS distribution system as per total calculated consumption, adequate safety measures incorporated.

} Termite protection treatment of ground.

} A fire extinguisher on each floor.

« on: June 03, 2012, 03:34:04 AM »

} A reputed team of professionals supervises total foundation and structural Work.
} Experts specializing in earthquake design will design structure and foundation.
} Structural Design Parameters based on American Concrete Institute (ACI) code and American Standards of Testing (ASTM) codes.
} Heavy reinforced Cement Concrete Foundation.
} Systematic Structural combination of steel Reinforced Concrete frame and Shear wall core.
} Floor slabs all Reinforced Cement Concrete
} Sub-Soil Investigation and Soil Composition comprehensively analyzed.
} Comprehensive checking and Testing of all steel reinforcement by professional Design and
Supervising Engineers.
} All Structural Materials including steel cement bricks, sylhet sand and other aggregates etc. of
highest available standard and screened for quality.
} Direct supervision at every stage of construction by a team of experienced and qualified Civil
Engineers to ensure highest quality of workmanship.
} Construction site equipment employed includes Vibro-hammers, Mechanical rollers, Steel cutting &
Bending equipment, welding equipment, concrete mixers, concrete vibratos, water pumps, Material
handing equipment, leveling instruments, theodolite etc.
} Systematic testing of concrete and other completed work samples at every stage from quality
control Laboratories.
} Protection from Cyclone winds up to prevalent speeds incorporated in structure design.
} Structure is capable of consuming Earthquakes up to 7 on Richter scale and protection from Cyclonic storms (200km) per hour.

:: Building Entrance Features

} Secured Decorative MS Gate with Lamp posts as per the elevation & perspective of the Building.
} Logos on polished marble or granite.
} Comfortable internal driveway.
} Personal mailbox.

:: Reception Lobby

} Reception desk with Marble/Granite Top.
} Visitor’s waiting room & Separate toilet for visitors.
} Tiles floor in the reception area.
} Light Fittings.
} Community space for flat owners.

:: Lift

} International standard 08 Passengers capacity Lift (LG-Otis or Equivalent).

} Adequate lighting.

} Fast & reliable service to residents on all floors.
} Lift Lobbies & Staircases.
} Spacious lift lobby in each floor.
} Homogeneous floor tiles in all lift lobbies and staircase with proper lighting (RAK or Equivalent).
} Stair tiles in all staircases (RAK or Equivalent)

:: Apartment Layouts

} Will maximize advantages especially in relation to the daylight and outside view.
} Privacy will be emphasized in designing the layout so that the master and second bedrooms are located away from the guest bedroom and main entertainment areas.

:: Cable TV and Internet Provision

} Provision for connection of satellite dish antenna with multi channel capacity from the
} cable TV operation in Master Bed, Family living/Main living.
} Provision for telephone connection of Master Bed, Family living/Main living.
} Provision for internet cable connection in each flat.

:: Generator

} International Standard Generator (SDMO, France / FG. Wilson, Uk / Parkins or Equivalent)
} KVA capacity to cover Lift, Pumps, Common Lights and 3 (Three) Lights, 3 (Three) Fans per

:: Water Pumps

} Two Units (One standby)
} European Origin pedrollo or Saer or Equivalent.

:: Roof Top

} Protective parapet Wall
} Protected children’s area
} Cloth drying area
} Roof top garden

:: Intercom

} Good Quality and standard (Panasonic or Equivalent)
} To connect each Apartment to the concierge Desk

« on: June 03, 2012, 02:27:25 AM »

This Deed of Agreement is made at …..on the ------- day of --------------, 20------ (----------------
------------) of the Christian era;
…………………………………... a company incorporated under the Companies Act. 1994,
having  its  business office at …………………………………………………………………..,
represented by its Chairman / Managing Director / Director, Mr/Mr.
…………………………………………………. hereinafter called the DEVELOPER/FIRST
  (which expression where the context so admits will include its successor in office,
administration, legal representatives and assigns) is the First Party of the FIRST PART. 

........................................i, son/wife of  ........................................, of present address at
........................................ ........................................Dhaka and permanent address at
........................................ ........................................Bangladesh, by profession  .....................
respectively, by religion Islam, by nationality Bangladeshi (by birth), hereinafter referred to as
the Purchaser/Purchasers (which expression, unless repugnant to the subject or context, shall
include their successors, executors, administrators, legal representatives and assigns) is/are the
Purchaser(s)/Second Party/Parties of the SECOND PART.
WHEREAS the First Party is engaged in Real-Estate and Construction business  and has
proposed the Landowner(s) for construction of   a…storied building on the schedule land of
AND WHEREAS subsequently the Landowner(s), i.e. …………………… entered into an
Agreement with ................................ on ………………….. for the construction of a
…………… storied Apartment building Project, on the Schedule Land, consisting of
…………… Apartments from …….. to ………. Floors  and required Car-parking on the ….
Floor together with common facilities of gate way, electricity, water, sewerage, path way, lift
service, boundary wall, sanitation. roof-access,  fire-protection, walk-up-stairs and security
services, for every Apartment owner of the Project as per Standard Specifications.
AND WHEREAS the Landowner executed a registered Irrevocable General Power of
Attorney in favour of the Developer bearing No. ………... dated …………. registered with the
Sub-Registrar Office, …………………… empowering Developer/First Party for the
construction of a …storied building on the Schedule land including powers to sell or otherwise
dispose of the specified Apartments to different Purchasers and receiving all payments from
such Purchasers.
AND WHEREAS  Developer undertook the construction of  the said Apartment Building
Project including the Car-ports and common facilities as per Design Plan duly approved by the
Rajdhani Unnayan Katripakkha (RAJUK) /  Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) /
Khulna Development Authority (KDA) / Rajshahi Development Authority (RDA), City
Corporation, Pourashava, Cantonment Board.
AND WHEREAS the said power of Attorney has been accepted by the Rajdhani Unnayan
Katripakkha (RAJUK) / Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) / Khulna Development
Authority (KDA) / Rajshahi Development Authority (RDA), City Corporation, Pourashava,
Cantonment Board.
AND WHEREAS, having examined the title deeds of the Land-owner and his Agreement
with Developer and the Prospectus, Plan, Designs and Specifications of the Project and being
satisfied thereabout, the Purchaser(s) above named formally applied for allotment of  an
apartment and  Developer, accordingly, allotted  Apartment No. ........, 
measuring approximately……Square Feet  on the. …. Floor together with the proportionate
land(............... ...............)  Ajutansha  of the Project Land and a  Car-parking in the Semi
Basement/Ground Floor  subject to the terms & conditions hereinafter recounted;
01. That the name of the Project shall be “……………………………” in consonance with
the name and ……………… style of Developer.
02. That Developer shall transfer and the Purchaser/Purchasers shall purchase Apartment
No. ........,measuring ......square feet
on the… Floor together with  ...............       
 proportionate land( ............... ...............) Ajutansha of the Project-land as described
in Schedule- hereto and a  Car-port in the Basement  or Ground Floor at a price
hereinafter mentioned.
02.1 That the cost of construction of the demised Apartment & Car-parking shall include, in
addition to the cost of structural construction thereof, the proportionate cost of
development of the project-site, construction  of internal roads, passages, pavements,
stairs, drains, under ground and over ground water reservoirs and installation of water
supply line, lift, standby generator, sewerage line, gas supply pipeline and water lifting
pumps with electric motors as per Plan and standard Specifications.
02.2  That Developer shall use the materials in the construction of the Project, particularly
the Apartment of the Purchaser/Purchasers, with modern features and amenities as
mentioned in the Prospectus and shall complete the construction with good
02.3 That the Purchaser/Purchasers shall, without prejudice to any other provision of this
instrument and without reference to the actual market value of the land and cost of
construction including car ports to be incurred, pay Developer a sum of Tk. ..........
(..............................) only for the properties described in Schedule-.. & …below as the
price of their allotted share of Project  Land and as the cost of construction of
Apartments, one Car-port and common facilities as well as the service charges of
03. That since, out of the payable sum of Tk. .......... ........../- (Tk .......... .......... ..........)
only, the Purchaser/Purchasers has/have already paid Tk. ..........( .......... ..........) only
as booking money and Tk ..........( .......... ..........) only as down payment the receipt of
which Developer hereby acknowledges, the remaining amount of Tk. ..........( ..........
..........) only shall be paid by the Purchaser/Purchasers to Developer in the manner
provided in the schedule of  payment attached herewith  as Annexure “A”. The said
Annexure “A” is a part of this Agreement.
04.  Developer can cancel the allotment of the said apartment of the purchaser by 60(sixty)
days notice by registered post for his/her/their failure of payment of installment money
of the apartment. Upon cancellation of  the allotment, Developer will refund the
deposited money of the purchaser through  account payee cheque within 03 (three)
months from the date of the cancellation.
04.1 The Purchaser can avoid such cancellation  by payment of the installment dues with
10% interest for the period of delay. But Developer can cancel the allotment of
apartment/shop/commercial space of the purchaser by giving 60 (sixty) days notice. 
04.2 Developer can cancel the allotment of apartment/shop/commercial space if the
purchaser fails to pay the installment dues in (03) three times as specified in clause
05.  Developer will deliver the allotted apartment to the purchaser as per the schedule date
of handover (inclusive of grace period). In case of delay in the handover of the allotted
apartment the purchaser will be entitled to rental compensation of Tk. per square miter
to be paid on a monthly basis compensation only provided that the purchaser has paid
all installments payable to Developer within the due date. Provided further that the
purchaser will not be entitled to compensation for such delay in handover of the
apartment due to circumstances beyond the control of Developer such as natural
disasters, political turmoil / disturbance,  unusual / abnormal rise in the prices of
building materials, delay in getting utility connection from the concerned authority or
other force majeure.   
06.  In case of abnormal increase in the prices of the construction materials in the market
(more than 10% (Ten percent) Developer may change the purchaser a price escalation
for the apartment. However, Developer must mention in a separate sheet the current
prices of the various major construction materials which to be signed by both parties at
the time of signing this Deed of Agreement and Developer shall also justify the price
escalation imposed on the purchaser by producing invoices of the major construction of
the apartment allotted to the purchaser.
07.  Developer shall use the construction materials as specified in the brochure or this deed
of agreement subject to the availability of such materials in the market. In case of non-
availability of the specified material,  Developer shall use equivalent standard
construction materials.
08.  If the apartment purchaser wishes to supply his own finishing materials to Developer
during construction of the apartment, then Developer may accept this request of the
customer if the construction schedule of Developer so permit and provided the
purchaser will have to supply the finishing materials as per the schedule date given by
Developer. If the purchaser fails to deliver  the finishing materials as per the schedule
date then Developer may complete the work  as per its standard specifications. In the
even that the purchaser does supply his own finishing materials, he/she shall be entitled
to a refund of the construction materials that he/she has substituted. Developer will
have to refund upto 80% (eighty percent) of the price of  the substituted construction
materials to the purchaser. For all works done on the request of  the purchaser beyond
the standard specifications, Developer may  charge 25% (Twenty five percent) as
service charge on the actual cost.
 09.  In case Developer fails to complete the project and handover the allotted apartment to
the purchaser within the schedule time of completion excepting the circumstances
beyond the control of Developer such as  natural disasters, political turmoil /
disturbances abnormal rise in the prices of the building materials, delay in getting
utility (viz. gas, electricity, water) connection from the concerned government authority
or other force majeure, then the purchaser will be entitled to a fully refund of the
amount paid by him/her to Developer. Developer will make this refund to the purchaser
within 06 (six) months of the demand being made by the purchaser in writing. The
interest amount will only be payable to the purchaser(s) who  has/have paid will
installment as per schedule.
10.  Developer may mortgage the apartment along with proportionate  land allotted to the
purchaser to the government approved bank or financial institution. In such
circumstances Developer must handover and  register the apartment in favour of the
purchaser absolutely on unencumbered basis clearing all loans and vacating all charges
on the said property. 
11.  Developer will not be held responsible for  the failure of Government Agencies to
provide the necessity utility services viz. electricity, gas, water & sewerage etc. In such
circumstances if Developer applies to the concerned government agency for the
necessary utility connection on time.
12.  Developer may change or substitute the apartment allotted to the apartment purchaser
with written consent of the apartment purchaser.
13.  After handing over the apartment to the apartment purchaser, Developer shall give the
apartment purchaser maintenance services for a maximum period of one year and
repairing services for two years for defect liability of construction work. A list of items
for which Developer will provide such repairing services to the apartment purchaser.
14.  The approximate gross area of the apartment as mentioned is this Deed of Agreement
shall mean the area of the apartment measured from the outside perimeter of the
apartment plus the proportionate share of  the common area, that is, stair (normal &
emergency), reception area, community room, prayer space, water reservoir and tank
area, electrical sub-station area etc.
15.      If the cancellation of allotment of apartment is made upon the written application of the
purchaser then Developer will refund the purchaser’s paid amount within 03 (three)
months by deduction 10% of the same.
16.     Developer will take the effective step toward utility connections e.g., Electricity, Gas,
Water and sewerage etc. in the apartment-building and handover the apartment to the
Purchaser only after settlement of all utility connections e.g., Electricity, Gas, Water
and sewerage and also Fire safety etc. system in the apartment-building. 
17. Developer can take the excess money from the Purchase for inclusion of the upgraded
material if the both the parties are agreed to do so by executing a supplementary
18. Developer cannot diminish the facilities or alter the common space of the apartment-
building deviating the approved plan.

 19.     That Developer, if available, will arrange to install separate Metres for water, gas and
electricity in the demised Apartment for and in the name of the Purchaser/Purchasers.
The cost of installation, including the connection fees, security deposits and incidental
charges relating thereto, will be initially paid by  Developer to the concerned
authorities. The Purchaser/Purchasers shall reimburse the same to  Developer in
proportion to their share immediately after the incurring of  such expenses as per the
demand of Developer.
20.      That Developer, being the lawful attorney of the Landowner, shall execute and register
 a Deed of Transfer and execute or endorse instruments ancillary thereto in favour of the
 Purchaser/Purchasers in respect of the indivisible notional share of the Project Land
 allotted to the latter (vide Schedule-B). The costs and expenses at actual on account of
 preparation and processing of the documents, non-judicial stamps and cartridge papers,
 registration, Taxes payable by the Purchaser and all other  incidental charges shall be
 payable exclusively by the Purchaser at least 15 (fifteen) days before execution
 and/or registration of such documents of transfer.   
21. Developer will exceute and register the  deed for selling apartment/shop/commercial
 space in favour of the puchaser/purchasers within 03 (three) month from the date of full
 payment including registation cost made by the purchaser/purchasers.
22. That Developer shall formally deliver physical possession of the Apartment and Car-
port of Purchaser's entitlement in their favor only after completion of the construction
of the Project in all respects and receipt of all payments under this deal or Agreement
between the parties hereto in full whichever is later. Possession shall be delivered under
an instrument of delivery to be signed by Developer and the Purchaser/Purchasers.
23.1 That  Developer shall give a Notice in writing to  the Purchaser/Purchasers to take
vacant possession of the demised Apartment and Car-port within 30 (thirty) days of the
dispatch of such notice.
23.2 That the allotment of the Car-parking shall  be made in accordance with the date of
application of the Purchase for apartment  after selecting the reservation of the Car-
parking for the Land-Owner.
23.3 That on Purchaser/Purchasers' failing to take possession within the time specified in the
Notice, they shall be entitled to have formal possession of the demised Apartment and
Car-port from Developer within 60 (sixty) days from the date of the Notice on payment
of Care taking Charge @ Tk. 100.00 (taka one hundred) only per day of delay after the
said period of 30 days for protecting,  guarding and care taking of the demised
Apartment and Car-port on Purchaser/Purchasers' behalf. After the expiry of the said
period of 60 (sixty) days Developer shall be absolved of every responsibility for giving
possession and care taking of demised Apartment and Car-port.
23.4 That  Developer shall cease to have any connection  with or responsibility for the
Project or for any Apartment and Car-parking thereof after completion of construction
and handing over possession, whichever is later, of all the Apartments and Car-ports to
their respective owners who  shall be, thenceforth, jointly responsible for the use,
occupation and maintenance of the Project  as a whole and their respective premises
including the operation, maintenance, repairs and replacement of the water lifting
motors, pumps, water reservoirs, sewerage mains, electric mains, electric lines and
installations, drains culverts, internal road and passages and other  facilities, services
and amenities.
 24. That the Purchaser/Purchasers agree to possess, occupy, maintain, use and enjoy their
respective Apartments, Car-ports and common facilities in association with the owners
of other Apartments and Carports of the Project.
25. That, there shall be a registered Association, named  "…………………………"
Apartment/Shop Owners Association (………………………..), of all the Apartment
Owners of the Project under a Committee of Management thereof for purposes of the
proper administration and management of the affairs of the Project including
maintenance, security, payment of rents, taxes & charges and enjoyment of common
facilities by all owners on an equal and/or equitable footing. The common facilities for
the Apartment Owners shall be, amongst other, the common corridors, lobbies, stairs
and landings, common adjunct,  fixtures, fittings, open space, the internal roads for
entry & exit, passage, driveways, yards, drains, sewerage mains, sewer, water lifting
motors and pumps, water reservoirs, electricity and gas connection etc of the Project.
25. Dispute & Arbitration:
 That in the event of any dispute or difference arising between the parties hereto, the
same will first be solved by both the parties by mutual settlement. If mutual settlement
does not bring desired solution, then the matter will be referred to the arbitrators
appointed in a manner hereinafter provided. The party raising the dispute shall serve a
notice upon the other party advising that a dispute or difference has arisen and
nominate in that notice its own arbitrator. The party receiving the notice shall, within
30 (thirty) days after receiving such notice, nominates its arbitrator by advising the
party raising the dispute and the name of the arbitrator appointed by the other party.
The arbitrators so appointed shall appoint an umpire if necessary, in terms of the rules
and meaning of Arbitration Act (Act X of 2001). The award of the arbitrators or umpire
as the case may be, shall be binding on both the parties. The venue of arbitration shall
be decided by the arbitrators having regard to costs and convenience of the parties. 

All that piece and parcel of land measuring more or less more or less ……………. Ajutansha
/………decimals but actual physical possession ………………………. Ajutansha/
….decimals o ……………… of land under District - ………, Sub-Registry Office -
……………., Police Station: ………………., Mouza - …………….., erstwhile J. L. No.
………., subsequent J. L. No. ……….., present  J. L. No. …………, appertaining to C. S.
Khatian No. …….., S. A. Khatian No. ………, Hall Khatian No. ……….., Current Survey
Khatian No. D. P. ……………, C. S. Plot No. ……….., S. A. Plot No. ……………. Hal Plot
No. …………., Current Survey Plot No. D. P. …………….., City Corporation Holding No.
……………………………., which is butted and bounded by as follows: 
On the North :………………………………………………………..
On the South : ………………………………………………………..
On the East : ………………………………………………………..
On the West : ………………………………………………………..
All that piece and parcel  0.000 (...............................................) Ajutansha   of indivisible
notional share out of …………………Ajutansha/……decimals of land under District -
……………, Sub-Registry Office - …………,  Police Station: …………., Mouza -
……………………, erstwhile J. L. No. …….., subsequent J. L. No. …………., present J. L.
No. ………., appertaining to C. S. Khatian No. …………., S. A. Khatian No. ………….., Hal
Khatian No. ………, Current Survey Khatian No. D. P. …………., C. S. Plot No. ………….,
S. A. Plot No. ………, Hal Plot No. ……………., Current Survey Plot No. D. P. ……………,
City Corporation Holding No. …………………………………., (which is the Project land
appertaining to the lands described in Schedule-A above) with indefeasible rights to get
constructed, under this indenture, with one Apartment of the  "………………………….."
Project under construction of the Project Land and all other rights title, interests, hereditament
and easements thereof & therewith.

Apartment No ..............,  ............ side of the …………. Floor of being ..........sft. gross having
in total ….bedrooms, ….bathrooms, …, ….dining, ……utility  space, ….verandahs,
…servant toilet, ….car parking space with the apartment and other amenities as per plan
approved by Rajdhani Unnayan Katripakkha  (RAJUK) / Chittagong Development Authority
(CDA) / Khulna Development Authority (KDA) / Rajshahi Development Authority (RDA) of
IN THE WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto, having  read and understood the impart
and significance of this deed in letter and spirit, do hereby set their respective hands hereunder
in execution of this deed on the day, month and year first written above.   
Witnesses:  Signature of the Party of the First Part
1.        (.......................................................)
2.  Signature of the Parties of the Second Part


Real Estate / Needs Document for a Spacial Project
« on: June 02, 2012, 07:03:47 PM »
For a spacial project approved   needs the document of the Authority .

1. Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority. Dhaka WASA, WASA Bhaban, Kazi Najrul Islam Avenue,   
                                                   Kawran Bazar, Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh.  PABX - Telephone No: 8117829-31 / 8120223 - 27


5. traffic police ).






whats  the spacial  project ?
if the building flat  41 more   and  project size 5200 square meter that is called spacial project .

any one want to know more things about project related information . i try my level best to provide information ..

Real Estate / United Nation Human Sattlements
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Real Estate / Real Estate Business Plan: Calculating Startup Costs
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you have a good sense of the cost of starting up your real estate business is absolutely essential to your success in raising funds and launching. Showing funders that you’ve done your research lets them know you are a serious and determined individual, who knows what the business requires. If you’ve miscalculated, you’ll find out down the road by realizing you are sitting on extra cash for which you have to pay interest or dividends or when you realize you are short and must seek additional funding.

The following are some of the primary areas to research to calculate your real estate business startup costs.

Facility Costs

Assuming you will have at least one employee, you will need an office. Look at the cost of designing the space, contractors, the cost of the lease over the time you will need the space for renovation before you can start business, and the equipment and furniture you’ll require.

Initial Marketing

While this space is being built out, you should be laying the groundwork for revenues by communicating the coming of your business to the local community and, particularly, to potential clients. Advertising, sending press releases, spending time cold calling, joining networking groups and local associations, and even hiring someone to hand out flyers can all get the word out and you should know how much this will cost up until the official launch date.

Licenses and Insurance

Before you launch, you will have to secure all of the licenses, permits, and insurance coverage to legally and safely run your business. Speak to a knowledgeable lawyer about the local requirements, even if you start with your own research online.

Cash Reserves

Include in your startup funding requirements reasonable cash reserves to keep you operating until cash starts to cover all of your monthly costs. You’ll need a cash flow worksheet to work this out, including revenue and operating cost projections for the first year.

Real Estate / Understanding The Real Estate Market
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A lot of people have taken to the investments on real estate these days. Opting for real estate business is one of those successful business ideas that you can come up with. It takes some bit of business acumen to be able to sell property. But primarily we may deal with mere investment on land disregarding the gestation period after which we make profit. But you can also make a prediction on when things will go fine and work the price of your property up above.

The real estate business is always one that can keep its value intact. People never believe that real estate is a traditional business though this business has been there for some time. Real estate and the name that it has got make it feel very young. But one thing is for sure that the business never feels older and it is an evergreen business that earns you copious amount of money. This business renews itself constantly and never gets outdated at any time.

Even if you land in a loss, you do not lose huge amount of money. That is one of the very special features of the Real Estate business. All these statements do not mean to say that anyone can get involved in the Real Estate business and make as much money as possible. Real Estate business involves a lot of prerequisites for one to become a successful real estate owner. Some of us might fulfill them whereas others may not be able to.

Real Estate business is an affable business for the ones who have a lot of money as savings and if they can invest the same amount of money into their businesses. You also need to have a certain business acumen with which you can sell your property to a buyer. Buyers do not immediately buy a property. They take a lot of research and analysis before buying a property. You must be equipped towards answering their questions and clearing their doubts beforehand.

However, a real estate guide can help you start your own business with the least investment possible. The real estate market is evergreen and produces better results in profit making and investments may have to run huge at times. But a real estate guide can let you start a real estate business with less investment. Possess some business, sales and marketing acumen and if you have the right aptitude, real estate is your quick, money making business.

Real Estate / Selling Your Home
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Home sellers should be very smart in such a way they can sell their home in the very first deal. The other half is figuring out if you have too much furniture, the wrong type or a bad arrangement, and whether it is worth making repairs or staging your home to transform that house. Here are some top reasons for selling your home:

Some first time homes buyer often tend to sell their homes due to their family size. That is, they feel their home is either too small or their family size is becoming large.

Without analyzing many important factors like Educational facilities, Hospital facilities and other mandatory environments, sometimes it also happens that home owners very rapidly decide to sell their home within two to five years.

One of the frequent happenings nowadays is Job Transfers. So our valuable buyers are sometimes forced to change their vicinity. So they may feel the need to sell their homes rather than to rent it out.

Another fashion in today’s world is breaking up in personal relationships. So our buyers feel that the home may not be affordable to sustain on one person's income or the home holds bad memories, making a fresh start desirable.

There are some reasons behind selling a home. Retired persons who are residing in cities want to go back to their home towns and also want to be with their close relatives for the rest of their ages.
Health problem also leads one to sell a home. Some physical ailments like knee pain, bone disorder, etc. where our customers find it difficult to climb the stairs. So they may search for different homes to relax for their difficulties.
Sometimes great mistakes may occur while we start processing of selling our home. Even weeks go by without any intimation, calls from buyers or there will be no response from buyer’s agent. So to get rid of those mistakes, it is better to be aware of knowing some basic mistakes happening in market:
Sellers can price their homes not very high neither very low. Because if they price their homes very high, buyers may ignore. Most of the buyers are very intelligent that they will research about the current market rates and then only they decide for purchasing a home. If sellers price their home very low also, they think that the property has some issues.
Keeping home in bad condition while buyers’ agents or buyers come to see.
Selling a home goes in vain most times, when the seller does not have experience or at least knowledgeable agent to deal their property.

Real Estate / Real Estate Marketing
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What is marketing? It is a method where a product or service that is offered and used by customers via sales, communication or using business development strategies. It is also identifying customer need and to satisfy them. Real Estate Marketing is to bridge the gap between the process of buying and selling the properties. There are some procedures that involves in the process of Real Estate Marketing

Sometimes it is better to create opportunity for customers to share their necessity to companies/developer and at that point a marketing executive can give many ideas and options to users that are beneficial by giving confidence to them. To do this so a real estate developer can organize an about the real estate market scenario so that the consumer can feel free to clear their doubts.

How to do effective Real Estate Marketing?

Here are some tips and suggestions to do effective Real Estate Marketing:

We can advertise about the services given by us through different media like newspapers, online listing, in blogs, Television etc.

Business cards or visiting cards are one of the oldest methods to spread information about our services and give a personal touch to consumers.

E-business is one of the easiest ways to do communication where we have to create website and make customer to navigate the website.

Marketing research is essential before starting to market like identifying clients and finding the real estate market value in our locality.
Finding competitors in our area and planning to give better services than the competitor and deriving marketing strategies accordingly.
Doing rate analysis of real estate market and having clear database on that would be very useful for future references.
How to analyze the real estate market?

Analyzing the real estate market is done to know the present trends in the market and it is essential before setting up a marketing atmosphere.

It is mandatory to have entire database of historical happenings of market related to real estate.
The future and demand helps to predict the need of the consumer.
It is also important to know whether the demand is increasing, decreasing or remaining constant.
One should know profits, losses, and threats in real estate marketing so that they can analyze the market accordingly.
Real Estate Marketing is just like any other marketing but it has its nuances which are to be learned while doing real estate marketing.

Real Estate / Tips to buy your Dream Home
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Before buying a house, most of you will start a search on the internet. You might browse through thousands of online listings, collecting lots of photographs and perspective shots of few homes. You could have planned earlier about your dreams and will have specific ideas on the type of home you want. You must have framed ideas before reaching a real estate agent's office.

Select a Good Real Estate Agent to help with buying your Dream Home

You can think upon searching on the Internet but market rates might vary which is difficult to identify by yourself but a perfect agent can fulfill your needs. So, selecting a perfect agent matters a lot. Real estate agents are necessary to mark out the defects and you should be guided to feel more confident that the home selected meets your requirements.

Check out 3 or 5 homes a day to select your Dream Home

Your memory will register a few of the advantages but might not remember the disadvantages. Ensure not to see maximum number of homes in one day. More number of homes than 3 to 5 will result in an information overload.

Don't try to see 10 or 15; anyway it's possible to do so, but you won’t be able to take a decision and will definitely lose out on the specific details that you desire.

Find a Good Environment

Possibly buy in the best location you can afford. Don't go for more expensive homes on the flats or blocks. This would really help you realize the market value when you go for selling.

The term Environment, here, refers to the surroundings such as the buildings, roads, wind directions, water facility, landscapes, greenery etc.

In the internal environment, physical look of the home such as the outlook, shape, layout, orientation of the main door, the interior decor, the location of the bedrooms, kitchen and toilets matter enough to make a good environment.

Make a Negotiation and Fix a determined price

Buying a home is just not like buying a bike or a car, where there are no possibilities to bargain for getting a good price. Sellers might accept your offerings for other reasons. Don't spend more amount of time waiting for the market to drop to some price level you have in mind. It may not!

Obviously, there are a lot more issues when you go purchasing a home. If you can follow these general guidelines, no matter what, you should do fine.


Real Estate / Building Homes – Part 2
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Now that you gain knowledge on building your home, you attract a lot of information on what are the potential problems that can arise while building a new home. Home building also commands good decision making to be able to build good homes. Decision making must reflect on where you suggest your engineer or builder to keep all the necessary amenities in your home. Supply of basic amenities must happen without disruption.

You cannot let these be affected by being very ignorant. You cannot remain ignorant over the placement of the pipes that supply these to your house. Here are some of the supplies that are regular necessities for the smooth living in your home.

Place the Fireplace

A fireplace turns out to be very important in a home which is located in the cold regions where the frequency of snowing is high. Normally, you would need a fireplace to keep yourself warm. If you are building your home in a warm city, then you do not need a fireplace. But if you are going to the suburban areas, or if the city in which you are building your house is colder, then you may have to build a fireplace.

Place the fireplace at the right place and at least when the blueprint arrives, you should have a say on where the fireplace should be or ask for the right location of the fireplace.
Air Conditioner Systems

Fitting Air Conditioners have become so much of an easy job these days and all you have to decide on is, if you are going to buy a Split Air Conditioner or Window Air Conditioner. Comfortably, you have only two choices to make or two decisions to make. Then the next decision is to know where to place them and how. How you are going to arrange the whole air conditioning system is one more choice you have to make.

Kitchen Necessities

In your kitchen, you will have to have gas supplied to light up your stove. That is one of the very basic necessities. You need to eat and live your life with that. Your kitchen is very important, if you are building a home for your family. Even otherwise, a good kitchen will save you a lot of money than if you eat outside. The pipelines that carry gas or power must pass through separate channels that are carved out for the purpose.


Real Estate / Building your brand new Home
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Building your dream home is a step-by-step process that starts with buying a piece of land for your home. Be it home or commercial space, you may have to buy a piece of land in order to build a house. If that is the first step of the process, then building a house is the next. Some of you might prefer buying a condominium, apartment or flat, while some others might want to buy a piece of land and then build a house to their liking.

There are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind when you are about to build a home. Let us see what kind of problems can arise during the home building process. We will also note a few of the ways through which you can avoid these potential problems.

Have a perfect plan

You have to plan in advance before building your new home. You do not have much experience in building a home obviously, if you are building your brand new home for the first time. You must foresee the potential problems that can arise during the home building process. Then you can formulate ways to avoid them.

You can also draft or sketch your plans so that you can get a sense of the kind of problems that will arise during the home building process. This will help you rid yourself from committing the mistakes which would have been committed by other first time home builders.

Research and Knowledge

You have to make thorough research on the kinds of homes that are built contemporarily. You can also approach those who are experienced in building homes or those who have already built too many homes and gain their advice on building homes. Their experience will surely help you stay out of potential problems that can arise while building a new home.

You can also read a lot of materials that are available online as well as on print which you can read and gain knowledge. These materials give tips on building a new home. These materials give you knowledge even on the types of flooring that can be done on homes. Marble flooring, cement flooring and wooden flooring are all covered on these materials.

Other information like draining wastes, sewage, water supplies, drainage, power and electricity and water supplies are all important knowledge to be gained. You should know what are the ways of disposing or draining wastes, how to bring about electricity inside your home etc.

All these knowledge will help you build good homes!


Real Estate / Buying a Home
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There are many factors to be considered to buy our dream home. Many buyers may have confusions on how to begin the search to buy a home though some of the first-time buyers may have some idea about price, market scenario etc. Before meeting with a lender or real estate agent the buyer can comprehend the need, so that he can avoid some norms and conditions and save a lot of time.

Key elements for a First-Time Home Buyer

Nowadays, a home buyer has good knowledge about the real estate market. With the help of online listings, classifieds as well as upcoming advertisement on magazines, newspapers, Television etc. you can learn about the real estate. Buyers get enough ideas of the type of home they want to buy which could well be their dream home.

An interested buyer will find a home within two weeks depending upon his knowledge in real estate market. A good real estate agent will pay attention to his customer’s needs and wants, so that he attempts to show the home that fits buyer’s requirement. Considering the structure of mortgage and exactly the type of financial product you are seeking to finance your property purchase with good loan processes that help purchase a home. Consider fixed loans, variable loans or a combination of the two - as well as the term of the mortgage you are looking for.
No. of Homes will a Home Buyer See

Normally, a real estate agent will show seven homes per day. So generally, buyers can accept to see 20 or 30 homes not more than that, they probably will not keep in mind the specifications about number of homes they see.

Points to be considered before buying a new home

New home buyers can carry a camera and take much number of snaps of each and every view of home.
It is better to note down remarkable features and other abnormal appearances of the particular home.
It is advisable to note down the surrounding of the home like shops, malls, recreations, hospital facilities, Schools, Colleges, transportation facilities etc.
It is good to rate your dream on approximate scale, say 1 to 10 keeping 10 as the highest rate.
Familiarize yourself with how to set a value on a house. This can save you a great deal of time and helps to avoid disappointment.
It is good to know about the legal aspects of the Home that you are going to buy.

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