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Faculty Sections / Proper use of Forum
« on: April 20, 2017, 05:15:00 PM »
In our country, we are not that active or familiar with the term forum. But it actually helps us a lot. For example, we face some problem and search that in google. I saw that maximum time, I got my answer or solution from forums out there in internet. For example, I do some web design and development work and sometimes I face some problems and I search that on google. I found some forums very useful for example People already faced that kind of problem I am searching for solution. They already solved there. Now what I have to do, I will search and I will get the solution. And if the problem is new, I can post there and get the solution within a very short time. It is like a big community that contains beginner, intermediate and expert people on an area. So, when a newbie faces a problem then experts give the solution. For a problem, people will give different kind of solutions, but you will get the exact one you need, when there is lots of activity and lots of expert people in the forum. Then, if a newbie doesn't understand some point, he/she can comment for better understanding. In this way, learning process will go on and on.

My heartiest thanks to management of Daffodil International University for taking steps to create this forum. We have to be active in this forum. It is not like we have to give a lot of time on this. But with few times spent on the forum, we can learn more and more. It is an excellent place for learning, taking help from others on academic or research purpose. But we need to be active, then we will get the benefits.

Md. Imrul Kaish
Lecturer, EEE.

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