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Title: Social Networking and Present World
Post by: Golam Kibria on April 20, 2012, 12:05:45 PM

Social Networking and Present World

Social networking is a very popular and attractive word at present time. With the help of modernization there are lots of changes. This change can affect the personal and also social life. In past time people make meeting by seeing one another in a place. For that, many time and also money are reduced. But with the modernization of world, now people are getting together in a short time with a short cost. Now peoples are their modern technology for social networking. In present time the people are more engaged in social sites for social meeting. The most popular sites for social networking are Facebook, twitter and many more.  The most of the people of world are using Facebook as meeting place. Facebook are working to provide a better facility for the modern people of world. They get together in facebook. They upload their photos, videos and may things. But most of the peoples are like to provide status in their facebook wall. Recently, Texas University got a survey. In this survey, most of the students answered that, they wants to update their status and comments on others wall more. They are enjoying that very much. In these social sites, the number of male and female users is same. But they use the sites for different purpose. The Females are interested to upload the photos of different program and they are more communicative and social with their male and female friends.
But the male users are using social sites for build up their business. There share their business photos, links for promotion. But with these positive aspects the social networking sites have some negative uses. Sometimes, some misguided users use the social site for illegal work. They uses the information of other users for illegal work. But without the negative works the social sites are very much effective and essential for social networking and any kind of relation.

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