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Nutrition and Food Engineering / Benefits of Dates palm.
« on: January 14, 2019, 01:54:26 AM »
Don't forget to eat dates fruit this morning.
Dates help in boosting body energy levels quickly. It’s laxative nature that helps cure common constipation problems. The higher levels of soluble fiber relax the bowel movements. Eating 2-3 dates on an empty stomach can provide a lot of benefits of eating dates. Eating dates on regular basis can take care of your daily required intake of dietary fiber.

Nutrition and Food Engineering / Food Industries & Factories name in BD
« on: September 20, 2018, 01:38:36 AM »
Greetings here are list of locations of Food Industries /Factories in BD.
I think this will help for NFE students.
so that I share these.

Greetings! I think this is helpful so that I share this.
There are lots of nutrients that the body needs for vital everyday functions which it cannot make by itself, but instead needs to receive via the diet.Proper nutrition is important for many reasons, but most people still make excuses.
I don’t have time.
I can’t afford it.
I don’t know how.
So we should know what food we have to take in, how much and what type of nutrition is contained in a particular food. Whenever we take any food or nourishing liquids, our body digests and absorbs the simple but essential minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and water from these food or nourishing liquids and converts it into the bloodstream and energy that help our body to grow and keep it healthy.
Tips to Eat Healthier
Eat Your Staple Foods

With every meal, you should be including a staple food that will provide you with energy and protein for the day. Staple foods include starchy foods such as rice, wheat, potatoes, yams, or plantains.
Drink More Water

Drink more water. This may seem like an easy task, but you should be drinking around eight cups of fluid every day. You should also be drinking more water if you are active, in the sun, or sick (anytime your body is using up more fluids).
Eat More Legumes
Legumes will provide you with protein and are also a source of vitamins, fibre, and minerals. They include beans, peas, lentils, groundnuts, and soybeans and are cheaper than animal meats!

Nutrition and Food Engineering / How to Become a Nutritionist..?
« on: September 10, 2018, 12:46:06 AM »
Greetings! I found something that I thought I may share.

Thinking of a Nutrition Career?
A Nutritionist will usually have completed a certificate (or higher) qualification in any number of fields, including nutrition, food science and dietetics. The main role of a nutritionist is to help people achieve optimal health by providing information and advice about health and food choices.

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