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Many of us have problems in speaking fluent English, even reading. Even though we know the words we stumble while reading. There are few simple tips that you can practice at home, alone to overcome this problem.

1. Reading English Newspaper Loudly: Reading is a very good habit undoubtedly. Reading English regularly will surely enhance the vocabulary as well the fluent utterance of different english words. But the trick is, if you read it loudly your facials muscles will move freely and your utterance will be clearer. Take a newspaper, start reading loudly (at first people around you may look at you and think you have gone mad, well ignore them if possible include them in your practice. It will help you to improve your communication skill), each and every word separately, slowly. If you stuck at some word, pronounce it several times then move on. Do this practice regularly. Will surely help you.

2. Watching English News/Movies/Documentaries:  Try to watch as much as english news channels, documentaries, movies, talk shows etc. This will improve your listening skill and once your listening skill is improved your pronunciation skill style will automatically improve. In some cases, you can use headphone to listen with more concentration. The more we listen, the more we deliver.

3. Think English: Think English? Whats that? Well, our mind always works, may be it rests when we sleep. So what do our minds do? They constantly think of something all the time. May be they are planning right now for the next few hours, so we are thinking in our native language, like "ok, ami ektu por office theke ber hobo, kichu snacks kinte hobe, then to basha by bus". Well just try to do this part in English. So it should be like "Ok, i am gonna get out of the office very soon, gotta buy some snack then head back to home by bus". That's it. When our mind keeps thinking like this our English eventually gets better.

4. Talking to yourself in front of a Mirror This is a widely practiced trick among so many people. Stand in front of a mirror and tell a story to yourself, tell what you are going to do the whole day or what you have done through out the day. May be you can act a little or try different accents. That will be interesting. This will improve your communication skill as well as speaking skill.

These techniques are practiced by many. I have always practiced these to improve my english. I believe it worked out pretty good. Try it, you won't regret.

All the best.

Md. Mosharraf Hussain
Senior Assistant Controller of Examination
Cell: 01847140069

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