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Title: BANGLAR Bir Protik
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This award was declared on 15 December 1973. A total of 426 people have received the award so far, all for their actions during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971.
The following list has been prepared as of the Bangladesh Gazette of 15 December 1973.
[edit]Bangladesh Army
Sl. no.   ID no.   Rank (At the time of award)   NAME
01      Captain (Provisional)   Mohammad Abdul Matin
02      Captain   Abu Taher Salauddin
03      Major   Mohammad Abdul Matin
04      Major   Mohammad Matiur Rahman (2nd East Bengal)
05      Major   M Ain Uddin
06      Major (Temporary Lieutenant Colonel)   Akbar Hossain
07      Major (Temporary Lieutenant Colonel)   Mohammad Nazrul Haque
08      Major (Temporary Lieutenant Colonel)   Mohammad Bazlul Gani Patwari
09      Captain   Mohammad Abdur Rashid
10      Captain   Mohammad Shahidul Islam
11      Captain   Syed Moinuddin Ahmed
12      Captain   Aktar Ahmed
13   BA - 234   Captain   Mohammad Anwar Hossain
14      Captain   Delwar Hossain
15      Captain   Sitara Begum
16      Lieutenant   Didarul Alam
17      Lieutenant   A. M. Rashid Chowdhury
18      Lieutenant   Syed Muhammad Ibrarhim
19      Lieutenant   M. Harunur Rashid
20      Lieutenant   Ibne Fazal Badiuzzaman (Shaheed)
21      Lieutenant   Mohammad Nazrul Islam Bhuiyan
22      Lieutenant   Mohammad Humayun Kabir Chowdhury
23      Lieutenant   Mohammad Shafiuqullah
24      Second Lieutenant   Kazi Sazzad Zahir
25      Second Lieutenant   Mahbubul Alam
26      Second Lieutenant   Sayed Ahmed
27      Second Lieutenant   Alik Kumar Gupta
28      Second Lieutenant   Momtaz Hasan
29      Second Lieutenant   K. M. Abu Bakar
30      Second Lieutenant   Mizanur Rahman Mia
31      Second Lieutenant   Taher Ahmed
32      Second Lieutenant   Monzur Ahmed
33      Second Lieutenant   Samsul Alam
34      Second Lieutenant   Jomil Uddin Ahsan
35      Second Lieutenant   Waker Hossain
36      Second Lieutenant   Masudur Rahman
37      Second Lieutenant   Zahirul Haque Khan
38      Second Lieutenant   Waliul Islam
39      Second Lieutenant   Shawkat Ali
40      Second Lieutenant   Modasir Hossain Khan
41      Second Lieutenant   Rawshan Iazdani Bhuyan
42      Second Lieutenant   Jahangir Usman
43      Subedar-Major   Mohmmad Nurul Haque
44      Subedar-Major   Haris Mia
45      Subedar-Major   Abdul Majid
46      Subedar-Major   Mohmmad Idris Miah
47      Subedar-Major   Nurul Azim Choudhury
48      Subedar-Major   Mohmmad Ali (8th East Bengal)
49      Subedar   Mohmmad Abdul Bashar (Shaheed)
50      Subedar   Abdul Jabbar
51      Subedar   Ali Newaz
52      Subedar   Mohmmad Hafiz
53      Subedar   Jalal Ahmed
54      Subedar   Mohmmad Samsul Haque
55      Subedar   Abdul Hakim
56      Subedar   Karam Ali Hawladar
57      Subedar   Badiur Rahman
58      Subedar   Abdul Jabbar
59      Subedar   Abul Hashem (Sector-2)
60      Subedar   Chand Miah (2nd East Bengal)
61      Subedar   M. A. Matin Choudhury (Sector-4)
62      Subedar   Rochhib Ali (Sector-4)
63      Subedar   Aftab ali (Sector-11)(3rd East Bengal)
64      Naib Subedar   Abdul Latif
65      Naib Subedar   Abul Hashem
66      Naib Subedar   Mohammad Abdul Momin (Shaheed)
67      Naib Subedar   Aftaf Hossain Khan
68      Naib Subedar   Mohammad Nazimuddin
69      Naib Subedar   Mohammad Hossain
70      Naib Subedar   Mongol Miah
71      Naib Subedar   Abdul Jabbar Khan
72      Naib Subedar   Kabir Ahmed
73      Naib Subedar   Mohammad Abdul Quddus
74      Naib Subedar   Geias Uddin
75      Naib Subedar   Mohammad Rezaul Haque
76      Naib Subedar   Monsur Ali
77      Naib Subedar   Abdul Jabbar
78      Naib Subedar   Hossain Ali Talukdar
79      Naib Subedar   Muslim Uddin (AC 8 East Bengal)
80      Naib Subedar   Munir Ahmed Khan (11 East Bengal)
81      Naib Subedar   Kazi Md. Akmal Ali (3rd Sector)
82      Naib Subedar   Ali Akbar (3rd East Bengla)
83      Naib Subedar   Abul Kalam (3rd East Bengla)
84      Naib Subedar   Abdul Hai (1st East Bengla)
85      Naib Subedar   Tofael Ahmed (2nd East Bengla)
86      Havildar   Saifuddin
87      Havildar   Ruhul Amin
88      Havildar   Abdul Gafur
89      Havildar   Abdus Sobhan
90      Havildar   Wazed Ali Miah
91      Havildar   Safiqul Islam
92      Havildar   Abdul Latif
93      Havildar   Mojammel Haque
94      Havildar   Abu Taher
95      Havildar   Siraj
96      Havildar   Abdul Awal
97      Havildar   Monirul Islam
98      Havildar   Musleh Uddin
99      Havildar   Abdul Malek
100      Havildar   Saheb Miah
101      Havildar   Nur Mohammad (Shaheed)
102      Havildar   Mohammad Mokbul Hossain (1 East Bengal)
103      Havildar   Munuir Ahmed (2nd East Bengal)
104      Havildar   Mizanur Rahman (2nd East Bengal)
105      Havildar   Sona Miah
106      Naik /Clerk   Md. Billaluddin
107      Naik   Saidul Alam
108      Naik   Abdul Wahab
109      Naik   Shahidullah
110      Naik   Abdul Baten
111      Naik   Sirajul Haque (Shaheed)
112      Naik   Abdul Nur (Shaheed)
113      Naik   Mohammad Nasiruddin
114      Naik   Sikandar Ahmed
115      Naik   Golam Mostofa
116      Naik   Abul Kalam
117      Naik   Abul Bashar
118      Naik   Tazul Islam
119      Naik   Abdur Razzak
120   3936508   Lance Naik   Alimul Islam
121   3936450   Lance Naik   Alimul Islam
122      Lance Naik   Matiur Rahman
123      Lance Naik   Shahabuddin (Shaheed)
124      Lance Naik   Shah Jalal Ahmed
125      Lance Naik   Ali Ahmed
126      Lance Naik   Abdul Mannan
127      Lance Naik   Mohammad Idris
128      Sepoy   Abdul Mannan
129      Sepoy   Bashir Ahmed
130      Sepoy   Abul Hashem
131      Sepoy   Abdul Baten
132      Sepoy   Abdul Khaleque
133      Sepoy   Abdul Majid
134      Sepoy   Md. Amin Ullah
135      Sepoy   Golam Mostofa
136      Sepoy   Mohammad Siddique
137      Sepoy   A B M Faisul Alam
138      Sepoy   Mohammad Ismail (Shaheed)
139      Sepoy   Khalilur Rahman
140      Sepoy   Mohammad Mostafa
141      Sepoy   Abdul Wahid
142      Sepoy   Faruk Ahmed Patwary
143      Sepoy   Enamul Haque
144      Sepoy   Mohammad Ezazul Haque Khan
145      Sepoy   Asad Mia (8 East Bengal)
146      Sepoy   Delwar Hossain (9 East Bengal)
147      Sepoy   Abdul Kader (9 East Bengal)
148      Sepoy   Abdul Baset (9 East Bengal)
149      Sepoy   Kazi Morshedul Islam (9 East Bengal) (Shaheed)
150      Sepoy   Abdul Quddus (9 East Bengal) (Shaheed)
151      Sepoy   Abu Muslim (Sector-2)
152      Sepoy   Rafiqul Islam (Sector-2)
153      Sepoy   Bazlu Mia (Sector-4) (Shaheed)
154      Sepoy   Kamal Uddin (Sector-4)
155      Sepoy   Amir Hossain(Shaheed) Vill+Post Kalika Prosad, Dist-Mymensingh
156      Corporal   Syed Rezwan Ali
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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bir_Protik (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bir_Protik)

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May Allah give them reward for their sacrifice to save the country. 
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Bir Sreshtho:

Serial No.   ID Number & Rank                                                Name
1        BSS-10439                                                           Captain   Mohiuddin Jahangir (Shaheed)
2        3943014 Sepoy                                                Hamidur Rahman (Shaheed)
3        3937798 Sepoy                                                Mostafa Kamal ( Shaheed)
4   62066 Engineroom Artificer, Class-1                                Mohammad Ruhul Amin ( Shaheed)
5   Pak/4367 Flight Lieutenant                                        Matiur Rahman ( Shaheed)
6   Lance Naik                                                                Munshi Abdur Rouf (EB-R, Shaheed)
7   9459 Lance Naik                                                        Nur Mohammad Sheikh (Shaheed)

heroes never die.

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Thanks all for add that things and We should  prayer for tham from ALLAH.
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They are the real HERO. We respect them all in my core of heart.
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May Allah give them reward for their sacrifice to save the country.