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Corporate Legal Job / Top 10 Employability Skills
« on: July 17, 2018, 02:14:22 PM »
Communication skills — Listening, speaking and writing. Employers want people who can accurately interpret what others are saying and organize and express their thoughts clearly.
Teamwork — In today’s work environment, many jobs involve working in one or more groups. Employers want someone who can bring out the best in others.
Analytical and problem-solving skills — Employers want people who can use creativity, reasoning and past experiences to identify and solve problems effectively.
Personal management skills — The ability to plan and manage multiple assignments and tasks, set priorities and adapt to changing conditions and work assignments.
Interpersonal effectiveness — Employers usually note whether an employee can relate to co-workers and build relationships with others in the organization.
Computer/technical literacy — Although employers expect to provide training on job-specific software, they also expect employees to be proficient with basic computer skills.
Leadership/management skills — The ability to take charge and manage your co-workers, if required, is a welcome trait. Most employers look for signs of leadership qualities.
Learning skills — Jobs are constantly changing and evolving, and employers want people who can grow and learn as changes come.
Academic competence in reading and math — Although most jobs don’t require calculus, almost all jobs require the ability to read and comprehend  instructions and perform basic math.
Strong work values — Dependability, honesty, selfconfidence and a positive attitude are prized qualities in any profession. Employers look for personal integrity.

Wrote on Bangladesh's graduation as LMIC and its commitment towards ESC rights in the Daily Star. Here goes the link-

Law / Constitutionality of army deployment in parliamentary elections
« on: April 30, 2018, 12:38:32 AM »

Professor Rafiqul Islam, Director of Higher Degree Research, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia writes on Constitutionality of army deployment in parliamentary elections. Have a look!

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