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Title: Jadipai falls (A solitary beauty of Bangladesh)
Post by: Ifti on October 06, 2012, 04:04:22 PM
I think this is the most beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh situated at bandarban. so you have to go to bandarbar city at first.then by local bus u have to go ruma.it will take 3-3.5 hr and will cost 70tk.from there u have to take boat which will take about 1hr to reach ruma bazar.before that u must entry ur name at army camp and hire a guide.standard cost of guide is 400tk/day.u have to consult with him that u will go to jadipai.then you have to hire a chander gari(jeep) to go to boga lake,it will cost 2000tk.then u have to stay at boga lake at that night.u can make barbq at boga lake,but for that u have to bye chiken from ruma bazar.on next day u have to start ur treking as early as possible 7-7.30am.at first u have to go keokaradong.at this route u will pass a tribal viallge called derjiling para where u can take rest for 15-20min.after reaching keokaradong u take rest for 20 min but not more than that because still u have a long way to go.from there treking to jadipai started.it will take about 2.5 hr to reach to jadipai.at this route u have to cross passing para and jadi para.at this trail last 30 min is extremely dangerous.but when u see jadipai u will forget everything.it took exact 13 hr at this treking from boga to jadipai then again go back to boga(as we r not regular treker).if u become very tired then u can stay at night at any of the tribal village.

Where to stay:
You can return to Bogalake and stay there.

What to eat (food):
Food is available at Bogalake. At Darjeeling para you can get small snacks like biscuit/banana and coffee/tea.

Tips/advise for traveler:
the main tip is if you want to go to jadipai u will need a lot of mental strength than physical strength.you must take torch light because during returning to boga it will become dark u must need this.
Title: Re: Jadipai falls (A solitary beauty of Bangladesh)
Post by: saratasneem on January 07, 2013, 11:59:22 AM
No doubt about the beauty of the Jadipai falls. Thanks for the tips.