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One in all PC tips / Mind Mapping
« on: June 03, 2012, 02:27:01 PM »
Mind Mapping

several times we promise with some people but we never do it with self that is more essential to keep up till to success. If we fail to achieve something which we deserve more,makes us frustrate and gloomy, we fall apart form our dream of destination. these type of problem arises for the lack of proper planing. our mind is like .........?????? we do not know, very difficult to keep it in one thing. if we are able to control our  mind, we can easily complete our task.
Mind map is very essential tool which helps to concentrate on one thing as well as it saves times and ensure better understanding. It grasps the sight of audience and put them in the extensive sense of ideas with encouragement and flexibility. Mind map restrains from the multiple thinking and focuses on specific idea. It draws a work plan in the brain to proceed on. Doing mind map restrains from the thinking of plurality. Take a blank paper, start with your resolution, write down the key notes and focuses on the points which is related your topic. You can add some illustrations or picture or visual art to elaborate the idea. Ed Borasky justified the blessings of mind map, because he faced a problem and the idea of mind map pulled him up from the problem. It is very necessary for taking notes in meetings, conferences, documenting software, etc. mind map is very positive approach to the procedure of resolution.

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