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Career Tips / Re: Choosing a RIGHT major in BBA
« on: December 13, 2014, 02:04:30 PM »

Career Tips / Choosing a RIGHT major in BBA
« on: December 10, 2014, 03:19:29 PM »
Many of my friends ask me, “Would you please tell us why so many students are studying BBA now-a-days?” Sometimes, I can satisfy them with my answer. Some othertimes, I also get confused, and then ask myself, “Yes, why so many students are studying BBA now-a-days?!”

I have been teaching at BBA program for the last ten years. During these years, I have worked for three different private universities in Dhaka city. In each of those universities I have seen the same thing: the majority of the students of the university (sometimes more than half of the total number of students of the university) are studying BBA. Several times I have asked to many of those students the same question, “Why are you studying BBA?” Unfortunately, most of the times, they could not give me a logical answer. Many of them, at best, told me that their parents suggested them to study BBA. It proves that our students are not aware of their career planning.

Yes, I know, there is a huge demand for BBA graduates in the job market. But have you ever thought about what sort of job positions match with the syllabus of the BBA program? Have you focused your career goal in a careful way? Have you asked yourself ever that in which position you want to find you after five or ten years from now? Have you ever analyzed your SWOT as a potential human resource? I may ask many more similar questions. But I know, I will not get any rational answer from my students (There may be few exceptions.).

As the students do not know why they are studying BBA, and as they are not careful about their future career, they do not also choose the Major area of BBA program in a reasonable way. In the university I am currently serving, more than seventy percent students of BBA program are doing Major in Finance without any thorough judgment. It is really shocking that the students are choosing their Major area on the basis of their friend’s choice only. They are not even think of if they will enjoy the course contents or they will be able to manage the challenge of the course materials. As a result, after few days, they cannot do well in those Major courses and get frustrated. In the long run, it hampers their possibility to get hired by a good employer.

So, dear students, at the very beginning of your BBA program you must ask some questions to yourself: what should be your Major area in BBA? What should be your Minor area in BBA? Does your chosen Major area match with your area of strength? Do your chosen Major and Minor area match with each other? Should you do a double major at BBA level? Should you choose different Major areas in your BBA and MBA levels? Should you do your BBA and MBA from different universities? How to develop networks? Should you join a part-time job while studying BBA? Will a high CGPA be enough to get a sound career? Who are the major employers for the business graduates of your chosen Major area in Bangladesh? Remember, you must get a clear answer of each of these questions right now. Otherwise, you will be in danger at the end of your graduation, I am sure.


Bottom line: Explore your SWOT. Focus your dream career position. Choose your Major area of BBA program according to your strengths; unless it will be suicidal for you and will destroy your life without any exception.

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