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Hello every one..
after a long time I am with the forum.. It is because my Internet connection was cut down. I really missed the FORUM during this time. Today I am going to write something about another attitude of students

"Amake dea hobe na.. ami eto brilliant na.. ami eto talent na...".. these words became one of my most hearing words. When i speak about GUYS LETS DO SOMETHING.. LETS MAKE SOMETHING INNOVATIVE.. LETS THINK ABOUT Creative Things.. I hear those words in response of them. As a result in every science exibition I attend I feel alone because no Textile student takes participation there. When other department invents new genious things.. We do nothing..when other department wins the science project certificate.. we only see them receiving their achievement. But the largest department of DIU is the textile engineering.. near about 2500 students study here .... among them tehre are also most creative and talented students ... but they cant flourish because there is no initiative taken. If it is taken there is hardly anything that can stop them..
For example 'TEXBARTA' megazine.. It was a very small initiative.only a few creative students gathered together and made a determination "Lets do it".. and it is done.. It is not stoped yet .. they aslo organized the 'Daffodil Textile Genious-2011  compitetion'  to encourage other student to come forward.. even the registration system was fully digitallized...and now more creative student are gettng chance to prove themselve.

So lets come forward my TEXTILE FRIENDS.. DO something ... lets innovate.. lets develop ourselve ..Lets compete the world with our knowledge.. It is not we are what we think ourselve ..what matters is  thinking different.. lets make IMPOSSIBLE to 'I AM POSSIBLE'..
You will be successfull I guarentee.. Let me give me one proof..

In 'Textile Talent Hunt -2010' the students from every textile institute participated all over Bangladesh. From DIU we were only 23 students registered, and only 15 of them were present in the Exam hall.. but We took 5 merit places of them all in top 50 talented students all over Bangladesh in the written test. those who attended there had almost no preparation coz our Mid term was just passed. but they did their best with their knowledge.. Even I was a participant and I thought I will not attend ..but at last I changed my decission .. and you know what happend !!! I got the merit place -16 of them all where I was studying in 2nd year 3rd semester and all of my participants around either 4th year or near to 4th year.. later I got 10th merit position on the RESEARCH paper rating and at last in Viva I owned the 6th merit position .. I was the youngest participant at last.. I got my certificate...I will show you another day.. It is not only my  achievement .. It is the achievement of my University too.. so we should try to be confident and take our steps.. I hope there will be more students come frward to take initiatives to prove their talent.
Thank you


"questioning is not a bad thing".. I agree.. This is not that attitude to ask.. It is the attitude to ask in such a way to prove it as useless. If you read the whole post I hope you understand the point i focused "Industry te gea shikhbo..."//so varsity te e subject gulo pore lav ki//     In writting there is difficulties to show exect emotions. their questioning is like a attacking mode.. to prove the subjects unnecessary and make the teachers to give little syllebus...

To my dear beloved friends...
At class I experience many things.. Attention..satisfaction..question..idea..bored..sleepy ..etc etc. But do you know which thing disappoints me? ..not the study is your attitude.

1st. when a non-textile subject the very beginning class of that course..your first question to the teacher  -"sir..ei subject textile er ki kaje lagbe? eita pore amader ki luv?" From the 1st class of 1st semester I am continuously hearing this speech. what a rubbish question..have you ever thought about that? So far I know the course curriculum is approved by the UGC and it is moderated by them also.So if there was no use of the subject ,why they approved that?why not they claim that as unnecessary?... r going to be an engineer and you don't know physics..not chemistry..not even math..what kind of engineer r u? how will you plan a project without any statistics (as u think business statistics is not needed).. how can you make a thing which has no market at all.. how would you manage resources without any knowledge of management every time I asked you told me"industry te gea shikhbo..."... what an answer !!! so why you ppl come to varsity..why not go to the industry..there is your father-in-law waiting to teach you !!!why disappoint teachers ..I saw teachers losing their courage to teach us hearing these .... Mind it..University is your study place to enrich your potentials and to flourish your positivity.. not your job giving uncle.. it is ur duty to make yourself unbeatable..that's the spirit.. (to be Continued....part-1,2,3.....)

Very good news...
From now every one can read the 1st issue of Texbarta magazine full free online. Please visit Texbarta web page for free online reading. The direct link is.. You will find all of our activity updates on facebook Official Texbarta group!/pages/Texbarta/154528194564401. please comment on the magazine and help us to enhance the quality of the magazine. After a very hard work and determined activities, we finally succeeded to launch Texbarta. We want support and encouragement from all of you to make it more better.

Thank you,
// copyright reserved by TEXBARTA //

Textile science, events, trade and issues / TEXBARTA TEAM ANNOUNCEMENT
« on: January 09, 2011, 10:03:31 PM »
Texbarta Authority has decided to appoint team members for acting with TEXBARTA directly. If anyone interested to join Texbarta Team is requested to contact Texbarta authority as soon as possible. We appreciate active, responsible, courageous and open minded persons (specially students from different disciples).Please contact via e-mail and or posting comment on the Facebook Official TEXBARTA group (link:!/pages/Texbarta/154528194564401) wall. We will message or contact officially

It is for your kind consideration that ,Texbarta is a nonprofitable Textile Based publication. So you have to provide your service as volunteer and accept decisions & conditions of Texbarta Authority.If you agree with this policy please provide us these information step by step .no. 5 is optional(for now) .
1. Your Full name
2. full contact(including address and mobile no.)
3. Occupation and Educational background(recent) including batch or semester/year + major subject(if taken)
4. can you manage enough time for your assignment for Texbarta during January & February 2011 (provide "YES/No /May Be" answer)
5. provide CV(attached with mail, if possible)

please send these information by replying at  or posting your E-mail address here in comment as early as possible. We will contact you later. You will be called to meet us if you are appointed.

Thank you.

Nothing will ensure permanent development of the condition of the hand loom workers if there is no attempt taken to produce sufficient raw material inside Bangladesh .. raw material is one of the major problems

You need to know / Re: Good Telephone Techniques
« on: December 22, 2010, 05:03:56 PM »
There are something else to know about phone using.

1. be careful when you give your SIM card or Phone to enter anyone other to use phone or SIM card... there are some option in phones to copy contacts from phone or SIM. This could be very dangerous if your  personal contacts goes to another

2. in modern cellphones, most of them are java operated... so keep a FIRST AID GUIDE in your phone ... it will help you vary much when you need ..

3. Don't buy any 2nd hand mobile phone without investigating the IMEI number and the owner who sells the phone.. If there is any crime done by this phone you will be in so much trouble

thank you all

You need to know / Re: Internet violence
« on: December 22, 2010, 04:36:13 PM »
Thanks to Shamim ansary Sir for deleting this link.

I apologize to every one.
In fact I should not give this kind of links. But I never experienced such kind of violence before.. I experienced the thing just before I posted the topic and believe me I was so much shocked at that time( 12.30am at night)... So the mistake of posting the link was not appeared important to me at that time.

I wanted to make everyone noticed about this link. But when I realized that it was really a bad thing happened by posting this link, I made my mind to delete the link .... and I saw it was already deleted (offfff what a relief !!!) .. What was i doing?!!!! Instead of preventing it, I was spreading it!!!!

Today I realized a lesson... If one wants to make someone understand some bad experience... He should not make someone experience it..

Thanks everyone and sorry to everyone again. I hope no child will ever experience this kind of thing.

You need to know / Internet violence
« on: December 22, 2010, 12:44:54 AM »
I want to show an Internet violence ...

please sound low the speaker...Do not wear any headphone...and do not concentrate...please do not concentrate.. just watch it from far.

It will ask you to see difference between two closely same beautiful picture... when you concentrate it will after sometime suddenly blast and change into horrible picture and strange sound...

 it is really bad to experience.

when a child will see it what kind of effect will happen!!!

Please be aware of these kind of links.

Science Discussion Forum / Re: Whats about Daffodil Online Radio???
« on: December 07, 2010, 01:03:47 AM »
This is a very good initiative sir. Personally i will be the no. one listener of that radio

How to get it? I am a student of textile engineering of L3T1. This news interests me so much.

I would lie to request my honorable teachers to give me advice on it.. how will be the education quality, preference on subject of study, the benefit in career, education system etc. I would like to also inform that I have achieved the 16th merit position in 'Textile Talent Hunt-2010' written test among all students of textile universities of Bangadesh including the gov. universities. I request you to pray for me plz .

Use of Forum / Reques to change the title 'Textile and Fashion show'
« on: November 28, 2010, 08:29:47 PM »
There is an option title 'Textile and Fashion show' in the 'Science faculty' option. Under this option we use to get posts on textile related issues,events, news, researches  etc.
But I don't think this is an appropriate title ('Textile and Fashion show') for this kind of issues.

Because 'Textile' is an attribution  which represents textile science, industrial textile trade, big national and international issues, study ,research, invention etc. It is a  vast area of Science and business.

On the other hand 'fashion show ' is an on-stage and media  performance organized by different corporate-level companies to enrich their marketing of their apparel goods in both home and abroad . This is one kind of event for advertisement. This only advertise the APPAREL goods. Though it is a part of textile trade but it does not reflect the actual view of Textile. There are other fields of textile such as Textile Engineering, Wet processing, Yarn manufacturing, Textile testing and inspection, textile Quality maintain, Textile management which are not reflected properly by it and this('Fashion show') turns our eyes towards the fashion houses only. This lowers the honor of TEXTILE in general sense .

So I would like to request honorably to the authority of the forum to change the title 'Textile and Fashion show' and re-title it to another suitable title which actually reflects it's actual view. Personally I would like to suggest the title -'Textile science, events, trade and issues' instead of 'Textile and Fashion show'. I think it will be more appropriate title in representing TEXTILE.

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