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Driving down energy use and costs should be a number one priority for British companies according to SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions – the UK’s leading provider of energy management services.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) typically accounts for 12% of business energy use yet ICT energy management is often overlooked as a way to realise cost savings.

SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions recently delivered a 9% cost saving for Glasgow City Council across its school estate. The pilot project ran across 29 high schools with a total of 9,000 devices and delivered savings of £4,500 per week. Its success has led to the council putting in place a schools ICT policy with energy efficiency at its core.

Kevin Greenhorn, Managing Director of SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions, said: “Technology can revolutionise how organisations manage their energy consumption and ICT is one of the first places to start. We can give visibility across all ICT assets and a central solution which reduces energy costs and carbon emissions – without the need to rely on people to change their behaviour.”

He added: “Not only does it reduce costs but it provides analytical data which informs future planning and sustainable procurement decisions. It’s the right solution for organisations looking to take steps to reduce energy consumption beyond traditional building systems, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting.”

SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions offers an Energy ICT solution which allows asset identification and management of every single machine across multiple sites. Software is installed centrally on a standard server and the solution allows for remote control of desktop computers, monitors, laptops, routers, wireless access points, printers, copiers, telephones and other devices.

These devices can be powered down when not in use, for example evenings and weekends, and their energy consumption monitored when in use. In Glasgow City Council’s case this has enabled them to produce a weekly summary which details the savings delivered in carbon, energy and pounds which is then reported at executive level.

Andrew McKenzie, Energy ICT Director for SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions, said: “This software is a genuinely exciting solution that allows organisations to access the last untapped area of energy efficiency, the ICT network.”

He added: “It ticks all the right boxes in terms of saving money, energy and carbon, and enables truly innovative and bespoke energy optimisation across ICT networks that align with building control system strategies. Organisations are therefore able to take significant steps towards total energy management.”

Andrew Mouat, Glasgow City Council’s Principal Officer for Carbon Management, said working with SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions has helped give them the ICT security and control they need, while also delivering efficiencies for the finance and facilities teams. He said: “This technology is delivering real value for Glasgow City Council and taxpayers. The cost savings and associated CO2 reduction speak for themselves. Prudent management of our infrastructure creates efficiencies but importantly also gives us the detailed analytics to inform our planning and be more focused in our ICT and building management. 

“It is contributing to Glasgow becoming a smart, sustainable Future City.”
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