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Title: Online Course on Graphic Design: Learn and Starting Earning from Freelancing
Post by: Shah - Al - Mamun on February 20, 2020, 03:17:53 PM
Graphic design is very demanding work. There are many jobs available for graphic designers out there. On top of that, graphic designers can earn a lot from freelancing. The great news is, one does not have to learn everything about graphic design to start earning big money. Knowing a few of the essential tools and works is enough to start earning from freelancing. Therefore, it is good to have an idea on how to get started as a graphic designer in popular freelancing platforms.

Works like, image to vector conversion, image tracing, background removal, coloring photographs, logo design, poster or flyer design, etc. are some of the most demanding graphic design works in freelancing platforms and these works usually take comparatively fewer efforts to deliver the works/orders.

Good news is that https://goedu.ac (https://goedu.ac) has launched a course on Graphic Design which aims to teach the learners on the basic tools of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and the works above in complete Bengali lectures so that they can easily learn and get started as a graphic designer in freelancing platforms and start earning. The course even provides guidelines on how to set up the freelancing platform profiles.

The course is available in the following link:
https://goedu.ac/courses/it-software/creative-graphic-design-freelancing-course-bengali (https://goedu.ac/courses/it-software/creative-graphic-design-freelancing-course-bengali)