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Title: The Customer Value Assessment
Post by: asif.gce on July 04, 2021, 10:55:21 AM
A customer value proposition can be defined and assessed through the development of the Customer Value Assessment (CVA).  The Customer Value Assessment is a set of criteria across four categories that capture a customer’s wants, needs or expectations. Using these criteria, organizations gain insight into the customer’s perception of their organization.  The four CVA categories include Solutions, Responsiveness, Economics, and Relationship.


Solutions - Does the organization offer solutions that customers prefer?
Solutions represent the core products and services provided by the organization to fulfill its purpose.  Ideally, solutions would successfully solve the customer’s problem, or fully satisfy the customer’s want or need. Three elements further define this category.

Responsiveness - Does the organization provide what customers want, when they want it?
Responsiveness represents the customer-desired time for all transactions.  This can be expressed in several ways, such as time to respond, availability, scheduled when convenient, regularly scheduled and frequency. Three elements further define this category.

Economics – Does the organization provide attractive financial value?
Economics represents the customer’s financial considerations when evaluating the purchase of products and services.   Three elements further define this category.

Relationship – Is the organization important to the customer?
Relationship defines the customer’s perception of the organization that provides solutions.  Three elements further define this category.
The Customer Value Assessment defines customer relationships.[/li][/list]

The CVA can be used to accomplish several key objectives:

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