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Title: Workshop on “Joyous Teaching Techniques” for teachers
Post by: mir on April 30, 2011, 11:30:17 PM
Very recently I have completed the workshop on ‘Joyous Teaching Techniques’ by Mr. Robert Selby. Although it was a two days long program, I joined three days indeed. At the first day, out of curiosity, I joined Robert's training, had a bitter debate and I had a mixed feeling for few reasons. I didn’t get his tone as I was a Bangladeshi prototype. Later on, considering the innovativeness of his thoughts, I tried to adapt myself with his delivery and found it really interesting. Specially, the concluding remarks made by him today afternoon, was something to marvel at! He took us to the land of positive thinking and let us allowed to think on our own; and I loved that style. At preliminary stage, I thought him semi-structured as well as a bit stubborn. Even I was unhappy when he took long time talking on other issues rather landing instantly on the topic related to joyous learning. True that, during the training in the last couple of days, he didn't try to cover lot of issues related to joyous teaching methodology, but the issues he raised was discussed in detail and comprehensive way by him. It really meant for an innovative way of explaining things to me which touched our heart. I knew the reaction of some other participants when he was found eager to raise cultural, political and religious issues, but later on I could convince myself when I got the flavor of his presentation style. And I must say I admired that. This was another learning of mine that things are not always the same as we expect those to be. I expected him as a trainer of my own set standard. I was not ready to change the way of my thinking. Initially I was unhappy when he tried to explain things in an American way that we are not used to.

Actually, during this workshop, I had enormous scope to renovate my thinking and learning when he put many aspects of teaching in an innovative way. He didn't give the solution of all problems but attracted out thoughts to find a way out. This was the approach I loved most. I must say, I am more proud of what I am doing now than I was before the training.

Now I am happy to share that when we wrote on our favorite teachers, like others, he praised me at least four times. He said, “let me tell you that you have a very good hand of writing, you write from your heart". I was really honored and melted when I was praised such a way by a Native American who is an English Literature graduate even. I felt more excited when he agreed to send my write-up to my favorite teacher. He went to the courier service office with me, wrote a note explaining how much my teacher is meant to me, and congratulated him for being a successful teacher. My professor presently has been fighting cancer at Square Hospital. Afterwords, my professor called me up from the hospital and told me that he was blessed to be the teacher of such students! What an output from an ordinary workshop!!

Today we had a discussion on the following topics at the second half which was interesting for me:

Seating arrangement:
1. # of students
2. Shape of rooms
3.Access to students
4. Use of space
5. Nature of the subject


1. Lecture
2. Projects
3. Presentations
4. Students planned curriculum
5. Group assignment
6. Research
7. Displays
8. Internships

Learning Style:

1. Visual
2. Aural
3. Oral
4. Contemplative

1.Writing+ speaking
2. Participation
3. Activities

I am sure that after this training, I shall think in an innovative way, I shall be much down to earth for my students, feel more pride of my profession, will change my attitude and of course, as Robert say, will raise tomorrow's Bangladeshis. All I have learned from the workshop are to accept changes, to adapt with situations, be more flexible, creative and innovative. I thank the personnel related to teachers training at DIU. This is of paramount importance I believe.
Title: Re: Workshop on “Joyous Teaching Techniques” for teachers
Post by: shibli on May 01, 2011, 04:53:32 PM
Dear sir
Every person is born in this world with some skills and abilities. Everyone is unique in this world in some way or the other. Likewise, from everything there is at least something that we can learn. It's nice that you have learned many things from the workshop. I believe learning is a life-long process and there is no real ending to it till the last moment. In teaching we teachers start with an initial philosophy about teaching but we change our practice according to the needs of our students. We frequently talk about our teaching and especially our students and problematic classroom situations. We often say “My students are not motivated,” “The materials I am using are not satisfactory,” “I am not satisfied with time management,” and so on. In this way we, teachers are always evaluating our teaching. But if we follow a systematic procedure, professional development can be more effective. Many models of teacher development exist in recent years the reflective model has gained popularity among practitioners. In the  reflective model teachers apply their ideas into the classroom, observes and reflects on the results and bring about changes. Observation and reflection help the teacher refine the theory s/he started with and adjust classroom teaching accordingly. This cyclic process of practice, reflection, plan and change continues throughout the teacher’s career and enables him/her become an expert teacher. So, planning and reflection are the most important issues, i suppose, a teacher should carry out...

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Respectfully and humbly