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Title: Organisation of Bangladesh Police
Post by: Golam Kibria on May 25, 2012, 06:34:50 PM
Organization of Bangladesh police

Bangladesh Police is headed by the Inspector General of Police (IGP). Under the control of Police Headquarters, Bangladesh Police is divided into different branches.

    *Range Police
    *Metropolitan Police
    *Special Branch (SB)
    *Criminal Investigation Department (CID)
    *Railway Police (GRP)
    *Highway Police
    *Industrial Police
    *Special Security and Protection Battalion (SSPB)
    *Armed Police Battalion (APBn)
    *Rapid Action Battalion(RAB)
Title: Re: Organisation of Bangladesh Police
Post by: Golam Kibria on May 25, 2012, 06:38:45 PM
Range & District Police

    Outside the Dhaka capital region and other metropolitan cities, police is organised into Police Ranges, headed by a Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), who control several Police Districts. Now there are seven Police Ranges in seven administrative divisions and two Police Ranges for railways and highways.
    The Police District is the fulcrum of police activity and each Police District is headed by a Superintendent of Police (SP).
    The Police District is made up of one or more Circles, and is under the command of an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) often referred to as the Circle ASP.
    Under the Police Circles are the police stations, generally under the control of an Inspector of Police who is called Officer-in-Charge (OC). Under him several Sub-Inspector of Police works. As per the various Bangladeshi laws, Sub-Inspector (and above) are the only officers who can file a charge sheet in the court.

Each Police Range maintains its own Range Reserve Force (RRF) and district police also maintains its own Special Armed Force (SAF) which is responsible for emergencies and crowd control issues. They are generally activated only on orders from the Superintendent of Police, and higher-level authorities. The armed constabulary do not usually come into contact with the general public unless they are assigned to VIP duty or to maintain order during fairs, festivals, athletic events, elections, and natural disasters. They may also be sent to quell outbreaks of student or labor unrest, organized crime, and communal riots; to maintain key guard posts; and to participate in anti-terrorist operations.
Title: Re: Organisation of Bangladesh Police
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Names of the Police Ranges in seven administrative divisions are:

SL     Name of the Police Range
1    Dhaka Range
2    Chittagong Range
3    Khulna Range
4    Rajshahi Range
5    Sylhet Range
6    Barisal Range
7    Rangpur Range

Another two Police Ranges are:

Sl. No    Name of the Police Range
8            Railway Range
9            Highway Range
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Metropolitan Police

    In addition to the police ranges, major cities have police forces which follow the Police Commissionerate System. The Chief of Metropolitan Police is the Police Commissioner. Raised in 1976, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police is charged with maintaining security and order in the national capital and neighbouring areas. Later five other metropolitan police were formed in other large cities.

Names of the Metropolitan Police are:

Sl. No    Name of the Metropolitan Police
1            Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP)
2            Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP)
3            Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP)
4            Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP)
5            Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP)
6            Barisal Metropolitan Police (BMP)
Title: Re: Organisation of Bangladesh Police
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Detective Branch (DB)

    Detective Branch (DB) is the specialized branch of a police unit. It is highly capable, sophisticated and technology based branch. Every metropolitan police and district police has its own Detective Branch.


    SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) is an elite tactical unit of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police which was established on February 28, 2009. The SWAT unit operates under the Detective Branch of Dhaka Metropolitan Police. SWAT unit has sophisticated weapons and equipments and they are trained at home and abroad. They are called in emergency need and in crisis management like terrorist attack, hostage rescue etc.

Traffic Police

    Traffic Police in the small towns come under the district police, but Traffic Police in the cities come under the metropolitan police. The Traffic Police are responsible for maintaining the smooth flow of traffic and stopping offenders in the city or town.

Special Branch (SB)

    The Special Branch was established to assist in maintaining National security and also performs the functions of intelligence-gathering and counter intelligence.

Immigration Police

    The purpose of the Immigration Service, Bangladesh Police is to provide immigration related service and security through the well managed entry and out of people to and from Bangladesh. The immigration service is provided by Special Branch of Bangladesh Police.
Title: Re: Organisation of Bangladesh Police
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Criminal Investigation Department (CID)

    The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is a special unit of Bangladesh Police responsible for carrying out investigations into crimes grievous in nature, including terrorism, murders and organized crime. It also gives forensic support to law enforcing agencies. It is headquartered in Malibag, Dhaka, and maintains two training schools named the Detective Training School and the Forensic Training Institute.

Railway Police (GRP)

    The Railway Police is responsible for law enforcement on the Bangladesh Railways. They maintain discipline on platforms as well as travel inside trains to keep passengers secure. Railway accidents are also handled by them. Under the Deputy Inspector General (Railway Police) Railway Police Range has two Railway Districts, one is Syedpur and another is Chittagong each headed by a Superintendent of Railway Police (SRP).

Highway Police

    To make the highways safer and to ensure smooth traffic management system, Government realized the necessity of Highway Police. In the year 2005 Highway Police started its journey.[8] Under the Deputy Inspector General (Highway Police) Highway Police Range has two Highway Police wing, the Eastern Wing headquartered in Comilla and the Western Wing headquartered in Bogra each headed by a Superintendent of Police. The presence of Highway Police is very unsatisfactory, and they failed to make the highways safe and ensuring smooth traffic movement due to manpower shortage and adequate logistic support.
Title: Re: Organisation of Bangladesh Police
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Industrial Police

    To keep the law and order, to ensure the implementation of Labour Law, 2006, collection of intelligence and taking pro-active policing initiatives to prevent unrest in the industrial area Industrial Police formally started its journey on 31 October 2010. Total strength of this unit is 2990.

Industrial Police works at four zones-

Sl. No          Unit                           Location
1          Industrial Police - 1         Ashulia, Dhaka
2          Industrial Police - 2         Gazipur
3          Industrial Police - 3         Chittagong
4          Industrial Police - 4         Narayangonj
Title: Re: Organisation of Bangladesh Police
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Special Security and Protection Battalion (SSPB)

    In 2012, one of the specialized force of Bangladesh Police Special Security and Protection Battalion was raised to provide security to the head of the state, head of the government, other visiting VVIPs and VIPs. This force is headed by an Additional IGP. Primarily this force contains two specialized battalions and will be expanded in the future. The first Addl.IG is SHEIKH HEMAYET HOSSAIN, PPM.

Armed Police Battalion (APBn)

    There are eleven Armed Police Battalions in this force located at different parts of Bangladesh. Of them one is female battalion. The Headquarters of this force is located in Uttara, Dhaka inside APBn Complex. The head of this unit is an Additional Inspector General (Addl.IG).

1st Addl.IG of this unit is SHEIKH HEMAYET HOSSAIN, PPM.

Title: Re: Organisation of Bangladesh Police
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Airport Armed Police (AAP)

    A specialized unit of APBn, Airport Armed Police (AAP) is deployed in the international airports of Bangladesh for maintaining security of the airports. Currently 8th APBn is performing their duty in Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka.

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)

    In 2004, elite force of Bangladesh Police Rapid Action Battalion was raised, consisting of the personnel of Bangladesh Police, Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Air Force, Border Guard Bangladesh and Bangladesh Ansar. It works under the command of Inspector General of Police.

Tourist Police

    In 2009 Tourist Police was formed to protect local and foreign tourists, starting the service in Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, a popular area with world’s longest sandy beach. It is planned to expand the Tourist Police to other tourist spots very soon.[10] It works under the District Police Administration.

Police Internal Oversight (PIO)

To monitor and to collect intelligence about the activities of the police officers across the country this specialized wing name Police Internal Oversight (PIO) was set up in 2007. This Internal Oversight is headed by an Assistant Inspector General (AIG) at the Police Headquarters and directly reports to the Inspector General of Police (IGP). All the units of Bangladesh Police fall under the surveillance of PIO. PIO agents are spread all over the country under direct supervision of the PIO unit located in Police Headquarters.
Title: Re: Organisation of Bangladesh Police
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Rank Badges of Superior Officers

IGP(http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/6/66/IGP_BP.jpg/50px-IGP_BP.jpg)Addi IGP(http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/1/1d/Addl_IGP_BP.jpg/50px-Addl_IGP_BP.jpg)