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Title: Does The World Cup Distract From Sales Productivity?
Post by: doha on June 29, 2014, 11:40:44 AM

Does The World Cup Distract From Sales Productivity?

Ahh, the World Cup. It only comes around every four years. While we don’t stream local sports on the big screen here at InsideView, these few-and-far-between events are certainly front and center — 1) because we have a lot of avid futbol fans here, 2) because we’d rather let people watch the matches here in the office than have them fake sick to do it at home, and 3) it’s an opportunity to boost morale and camaraderie among the team.

We argue that while gigantic special events like the World Cup are distracting at most companies, there are ways to get around it. Like providing a little extra incentive for your team to come in — tuning in for a couple hours during the important matches, bringing in some extra snacks, and basically agreeing that what’s important to your employees is important to your company.  Yeah, there will still be a bit of lost productivity lingering around, but who’s to say that doesn’t happen without an event?

To bring it all together, we’ve updated our 2010 World Cup infographic. Check out InsideView’s 2014 edition of “Economic & Sales Productivity During the World Cup” [Infographic]. Discover worldwide World Cup viewing statistics, review lost productivity estimates based on recent surveys, and then decide to take the high road and protect your team’s productivity without halting the fun.

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