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Faculty Sections / IT knowledge: How data becomes knowledge?
« on: May 07, 2018, 05:35:35 PM »
It is so called phrase that we are in the age of information. Information are derived from data. Data are raw facts. Everything we can observe can be defined as data. Suppose you are walking, some questions can be asked where you are walking. Why are you walking? What is your walking speed kilometer per hour? Everything we find the answers are data. So data is everywhere.

When a collection of data are accumulated for a purpose and arrange them or process them then it becomes information. We are in the age of the information today. Back to the previous example you can say, I walk every morning at 2 kilometer per hour. This is the information derived from given data.

[It is noted from Wikipedia: Walking speeds can vary greatly depending on many factors such as height, weight, age, terrain, surface, load, culture, effort, and fitness. The average human walking speed is about 5.0 kilometers per hour (km/h), or about 1.4 meters per second (m/s), or about 3.1 miles per hour (mph).]

So, we concludes information is processed data. Now if you make decision based on the information it becomes knowledge. Knowledge invokes wisdom. We can make decision from knowledge. We apply some conditions on information to get knowledge.

How much we rich can be determined how much data we have.

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