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Create your Own Website / My own websites ......
« on: January 16, 2015, 07:49:27 PM »
My own portfolio website:

My Team Website:

How are my websites looking?

Create your Own Website / You should use 8 CSS Tools right now
« on: January 16, 2015, 07:38:22 PM »
CSS has indeed given the web designing endeavor an adrenaline shot of relevance. The web designers of the world have been leveraging it for accomplishing the most intricate web designing assignments using CSS. And when a website is equipped with immaculately coded CSS, the results show. The website loads with an amazing speed, doesn't throw up errors, is responsive with a suite of devices and platforms and stays ahead of the curve.

But, there is always a need to consistently work upon your CSS and optimize it for better performance.

8 Tools are given below:

A) CSS Lint: CSS Lint is a perfect tool if you wish to clean your CSS of some redundant and bulky elements.
B) Pure CSS: The tool stays absolutely true to its name and helps you to keep your CSS optimized at all times.
C) Dirty Markup: Dirty Markup happens to be one of those exclusive tools that go about their job in their own unique manner.
D) CSS Trashman: As the name suggests, it gets rid of all the ‘trash’ that might be building in your CSS file.
E) CSS Inliner: It is observed that the email clients like to go with the CSS that is coded inline, however, that is not the most recommended way of coding the CSS.
F) Glue: One of the biggest factors that contributes to the slow speed of websites is the fact that they contain a truckload of images.
G) CSS Beautifier: It beautifies your code by getting rid of the blotches and glitches to give it an appeal that is smooth and lets you run a CSS that bolsters your website’s performance in regards to a number of factors.
H) Blueprint: You can find plenty of web designers for whom Blueprint is a daily bread because they are just so used to working on it. The reason why so many developers lean on it so much is the fact that it is pre-loaded with several typical CSS functions for which you would have to otherwise write a stockpile of code.

Thanks Fatema Ma'am. If all are with me then I hope I can share more valuable news with all.

amazing. glad to know. thank you so much for sharing this news with us.

That's great news.

Glad to hear ........

Developing countries are characterized by poor living standards for its  citizens, unemployment's, retrenchments due to poor economic conditions, low level of wage remuneration and continuous use of casual or contracted  workers other than permanent workers just but to name a few. These characteristics are in relation to employment and earning of income which freelancing comes in to rectify and assist individuals to obtain and get another source of income.

Freelancing, on the other hand, is a form of employment in which an individual becomes self employed. This form of working is very flexible as one can work on a part-time basis and at any premise that they feel they are comfortable as long as they have access to internet connection. The only tacky thing about freelancing is getting tasks to work on, to convince and get a client and doing what is required of you by the task at hand. Many individuals, due to the flexible nature and income generated, many have opted to do it on a full-time manner so as to reap more income and work on many issues or tasks.

Bangladesh is considered to be one of the developing countries in the world that, in its category as a developing country, is faced by some, if not all of the characteristics indicated above. Freelancing creates a platform where many youths will be employed and get income other than expecting and relying on getting employed in white collar jobs. Unemployment rate in Bangladesh stands at approximately 5% while approximately 40% of the entire population are said to be underemployed such that they work for less hours at small rates of pay per hour hence receive low wages, as per the statistics conducted by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

Freelancing offers individuals a chance of be self employed and earn income at the comfort of their premises planning one's time appropriately to fit in the task obtained from a client. This could be the break through that would reduce the number of individuals searching for white collar jobs and, therefore, reduce the rate of unemployment in the country. This will enable the government of Bangladesh channel its strategies and policies as well as funds obtained to other development projects other than creation of employment.

When a country is able to increase the number of people obtaining income, the purchasing power is expected to increase as well as the citizen's living standards. This will reduce reserve of funds placed aside for relief projects and resolving poverty issues. The uplift of peoples' standard of living will be reflected on the developments that would be observed in the regions as people would be able to obtain better health care services, shelter and investments will also be impacted positively.

A country gains and experiences increased per capita income when there is an increase in the people's income level. The households which live above the poverty line will decrease and most of the controllable diseases will be avoided hence reducing number of deaths caused by such diseases.

Slums are usually brought about by poverty hence people live in shanty houses which are not well constructed just to have shelter. Since Bangladesh does not have adequate companies that can be able to provide all the people with employment, freelancing will have a part and role to play in equipping the people who have no employment with an income source. It is expected that ones individuals start having income, they would shift from the shanty houses to better living places hence reduce the number of people living in slums and houses present.

Freelancing involves tackling tasks that are not basically based locally so there is a tendency of the individual to gain a lot of information and knowledge that can impact positively in their country. If well matured, the knowledge obtained by a frequent freelancer could impact positively in one sector or another in the domestic front. This makes freelancing an educational platform which equips the citizen with knowledge. These skills would be able to assist the individual even after he or she stops doing freelance in one way or another.

There is freedom in freelancing as one plans their own time which they are okay with as long as the agreed time frame is met and tasks are handed over before deadline expires. This free time can be used by individuals to do other constructive projects in their regions or country in general who would be productive. This assists a developing country in having labor for projects such as voluntary jobs that many people avoid due to the fact that it does not earn anyone any cash.

A country is made up of political, economic and social platforms. Each of these plays a big role in a country. Freelancing enables an individual to have work-life balance hence enabling some of the social problems to be rectified and resolved. These problems include long and late working hours; lack of enough money yet a lot of work has been done. All these would be resolved if many of the unemployed or under paid individuals would get the chance of elevating their living standards.

As explained earlier, most of the clients who offer work via internet are usually form a different region or country all together. This acts a beneficial for the individuals who are in freelancing due to connections. New contacts could increase the level of people taken to work in other regions in the world. This creates a channel in which some individuals may obtain work opportunities in other countries hence reduce level of unemployment in the country. It is also beneficial when many individuals obtain work in other regions of the world due to transfer of funds into the country and uplift of the living standards of their family members in the country.

All these factors rank freelancing as one of the channels that can be able to impact positively on a developing country especially n those who are able to utilize it effectively and efficiently.

Source: My Own Blog

Use of Forum / Re: How to use Forum A to Z with image-DIU by bbasujon
« on: October 13, 2013, 01:42:59 PM »
Thanks Sujon Vai for your replay.  :)

I like to read Forum because I can get huge info from it (not only this forum but also forums from around the world). I think it is good practice too.   :D

Online Money Earning / How can I start Freelancing?
« on: August 25, 2013, 12:53:50 AM »
This article is published at my own website

This is a widespread query currently. Freelancing doesn’t need much effort to get started with but it takes a lot of patience and smartness to continue. If you are able to take challenges and have the spirit to learn and work, this is the world you are looking for.

Step 1: Fix your goal. Why do you want to do this? In what field you want to work? Read thoroughly about freelancing, and be mentally prepared because it is not less than real world from any angle. This profession is as good as a real life job but a lot easier. Freelancers nowadays are proud to call themselves a FREELANCER because they work hard and precisely, and sometimes they earn more money than they earned in real life.

Step 2: When you are well determined of what you want to do, sign up on a freelancing hub. Odesk or Freelancer(.)com  is free and user friendly.

Step 3: Once you are signed up, start editing your profile. Keep in mind that your profile characterizes yourself. Be careful on what you write; make sure that make no any grammatical error in your biography. Double check before you submit your profile, make every single detail perfect and attractive. Your profile picture should be well-mannered and confident. You will be given number of options to choose your fields of interests. So tick those sensibly, don’t select jobs you cannot do.

Step 4: Upload your portfolios. A portfolio is a model of your earlier work; your portfolios must show your ability. This is vital because employers will check out these before they will think about hiring you.

Step 5: Take the exams and online courses. By qualifying these tests, you’re proving yourself to be eligible for better jobs and your chances of getting jobs increase. Some tasks even require special exams to be taken.

Step 6: Finding your dream job. There will be thousands of jobs on the notice board; it does not mean that you will get any job you for. Read the job descriptions first, ask yourself; can you do it? If the answer is yes then go for it. Or else, you are just spoiling one application quota.

Step 7: How will you apply for a job. Getting the first job is very difficult. It may take a few days or even weeks get the first job, employers generally look for experienced workers. Applying for a job online is nothing less than running after a job in real life, at least for a newbie. So, your job application should be attractive and heart winning. Your cover letter is your first impression to the employers, make it better than the best. Your approach in the cover letter should be confident and forward. You may ask for milestone payments if the employer does not have a good feedback, milestone payments are given before you handover the project as advanced payments.

Step 8: When you get your first job show what you can do. Give your best shot and spell the employers to give you more jobs. Make sure to deliver your project on time. Once you are done with the job, the employer will give you a feedback depending on your project’s quality, if he/she does not give you a feedback.

Step 9: Getting paid. Once you’re paid, you will need a bank account, PayPal or skrill (moneybookers) account to withdraw your money. Always keep in mind that hourly contacts are safer than custom contacts, you can always file a complaint about your employer if they do not pay you properly.

You should always keep in touch with your employers. Keep your approaches smart and confident. Consult everything with your employer. Being confident is the secret to win. Follow these simple rules to get started and discover a whole new part of yourself.

Online Money Earning / What is Online Marketing?
« on: August 25, 2013, 12:48:36 AM »
  :D This article is published at my own website  ;D

Online Marketing can also be referred to as e-marketing. Basically this is the concept of marketing via internet. This has been a modern concept that many businesses that are competitive are channeling their attention on.

Online Marketing is not only covers marketing and sales but also a wide range of activities which include; supply of materials management, employee's work procedures, financial operations and advertising of the company's products. Potential customers are able to get all this information via internet from a particular targeted organization. This therefore helps to make work easier for employees, suppliers, distributors and more importantly customers.

For online marketing to be efficient, an organization is expected to erect a website where a customer can easily access all the company's products and services under one place. Organizations have gone to a level of hiring a permanent web designer who not only designs the website but also monitor how it runs.

Online Marketing has gained fame over the few years as people become more and more computer literate. It has also been realized that most of products sold via internet tend to be less expensive than those obtained from retail shops. This has therefore increased the use of internet by customers. This pool of internet customers who basically have no time to go window shopping for products has made organizations to switch to online marketing in an aim of capturing this customer pool.

Other reasons why businesses have opted for online marketing is that the world has been made by internet to be like a village. One is able to access information regarding a certain product from a far region easily. In an effort to increase market base, business have set aside provisions in their budgets to be channeled to online marketing.

As more and more inventions and modern things come up, people are opting for convenient and less time consuming things and online marketing offers them such a platform whereby they are able to select products they want and even get them delivered to the door step without them going over to the respective retail shop.

For this online marketing strategy to have effect on revenue and customer attraction, there are several things that need to be made efficient like having all details of the organization present in the website like contact information as it will enhance customers' loyalty and confidence that if something goes wrong like delivery of a product purchased, their problem can be addressed.

Other than having a website, online marketing can be made efficient by the use of keywords suggestion tools. This will enhance the company tap a lot of potential customers. Recognizing popular keywords relating to products and services would make your firm easily identifiable and accessed by many customers. Monitoring should also be done oftentimes so as to be able to know the progress and know what to do so as to increase the revenues more.

here are certain strategies that have to be adhered to before one opts to venture into online marketing. This is not just a gamble but something one has to strategics well. Knowing your market is mandatory. If one is venturing with old people’s products, this will be a waste of time to channel your cash as they are considered not internet literate, set goals in terms of what you want to achieve, is it customer awareness? Is it revenue increase? Set a budget though this strategy is not as costly as other forms of advertising and most of all, brand yourself so as to stand out with a competitive edge over other organizations while you make your website easy to find and understand.

Online Money Earning / Merits and Demerits of Freelancing Profession
« on: August 25, 2013, 12:38:16 AM »
  :) This article is published at my own website  :)

Now a days we all are interested to freelancing. But at first we need to know about merits and demerits of freelancing profession. This is why this article. So read this article carefully, hope you will not hopeless.

Freelancing in the recent time has increase in multiple fold as more and more people realize that they can make money at the side and other opt even to leave their formal jobs and concentrate on freelancing full time. Freelancing covers all people from different professions. This concept of freelancing involves transferring from one client to another just to increase revenue and get enough tasks. People have their perceptions in regard to freelancing profession as one could have relevant points suggesting that it has limitations while others would point out its merits.

Merits of Freelancing

    >> Working hours are flexible; one can choose the time they will be engaged with the tasks and even if one wants to take time off for weekends and holidays, it is possible unlike in a regular set up.

    >> One has control over jobs and clients therefore one cannot be stuck to an unprofessional client. Under freelancing one can opt to pass an opportunity of working with a certain client if they just don't blend well.

    >> One works from any location which one deems comfortable for them. A freelancer will therefore choose the environment where they are comfortable with and work from there. It is not restricted to one specific office or room.

    >> One becomes their own boss therefore no supervision and tight schedules involved. One doesn't have to answer to any supreme person as you are your own supervisor and moderator. All tough decisions are left to be your responsibility.

    >> One formulates their own schedule which they are comfortable and available rather than a formal employment. One plans their time as to when they will commence their work.

    >> No worry in regard to being fired or retrenched. This is present in regular employment but in freelancing one can hop from one client to another and get engaged.

    >> One prices themselves thereby set their wages by agreeing with the client the payment one wants. They also keep all the profits unlike in regular employment where one works for a flat rate irrespective of the profits earned by the business.

    >> One can make more money than the regular form of employment if one becomes serious and dedicated plus no taxes are deducted from your payments.

    >> There is no dress code involved in this form of work.


Demerits of Freelancing

    >> There are no reliable workloads. A freelancer’s income is inconsistent as one can go for a "Dry Spell" without any project given by a client.

    >> Being one boss has its disadvantages whereby many people may not be able to set aside enough time for their work. Discipline in terms of working time is usually left aside. You can even end up working for long hours and neglect personal time.

    >> There have been some cases where a freelancer after working on a certain project, the client doesn't pay. This therefore creates a risk of not getting paid. However there are various ways of protecting oneself from such a risk.

    >> Freelancing doesn't come with certain employer benefits like house and health allowances. This therefore favors the regular employment in a way.

    >> Freelancing requires one to have strong self motivation as no one forces you to complete a task on time. One has to push themselves to complete them.

    >> One does not grow career-wise. The fact that one doesn't have to pursue advanced levels of education so as to become a professional freelancer makes one not advance career wise.

You don't have job security since another freelancer may opt to work at a lower wage than you and therefore be preferred over you. There are also no labour laws to protect your job.

Online Money Earning / Best Tips to be a Successful Freelancer
« on: August 25, 2013, 12:05:58 AM »
I published following article on "Sooper Articles Dot Com" at December 05, 2012. I am gonna share it here once again for new fresh freelancers of Daffodil International University.

Freelancing is continually gaining fame and fans since people are now getting to know that they can make lots of money via the internet by engaging in freelance work. There is nothing people wish to bypass than the normal routine of being employed whereby one has to wake up early and try not to reach late or get fired. This option has been granted by freelance work.

Freelance may seem just a walk in the park but there are a lot of things one should take into account if one wants to be a successful freelancer. Discipline and planning happen to be the foundation of the tips I will outline in this article. They may seem like common sense but lack of following them will lag you behind from success furthermore common sense is not common to all.

Here are tips that have been sieved to come out with the core for successful freelancing:

Professionalism: Freelancing creates a bossy atmosphere where you become your own boss and don't have to be supervised. Being a successful freelancer involves having the normal office etiquette even at home. One is encouraged to create a conducive working space and working if not same as the office hours, more. The client should not hear disrupting things like television noise, children crying and maybe dog barking since that would tarnish their trust and respect for you as their contractor.

Be Time Cautious: Time management has always been a key issue and anyone who is able to manage it wisely always has a competitive edge. Being a successful freelancer entails one to be able to allocate time effectively and efficiently to the tasks given by a client or clients and also being able to complete their tasks as per the agreed deadline. This will not only make you gain credit from your client(s) but respect too plus being given big and highly paying work.

Find Your Best Niche: This is understanding a field which you are good in and would provide or produce magnificent output in it. This will enable you not only have good end products but also enjoy the task given as you do them. Also this can be looked at on a market demand point of view so that you may reap lots of cash from something you are good in. This though doesn't mean it is not good to try out new fields but identifying your strong side would be a plus.

Build a Portfolio: This is a web site whereby you establish and explain more about yourself and services that you offer. One should also put qualifications and maybe sample of work done. Clients will search online to find a contractor who meets what they want and if you web portfolio is well designed and detailed it will create an edge. This is usually done by smart and success-craving freelancers who are targeting big tasks. Remember big tasks equal big cash. Make sure that your website is always updated and at par with time frame.

Network: This days what makes one get opportunities even in spheres people never knew existed is networking. It enables one know a lot of things and get challenged and introduced to trading associations. One should create ties with people who on a brighter day might help you out or may need your services.

These are some but critical tips that may make you come out from a low point of freelancing to a 'Big Fish' in the same. One just has to apply discipline in all that they intend to do and plan ahead of time so as to be articulate and systematic.


Online Money Earning / Re: How to start outsourcing
« on: August 24, 2013, 11:56:40 PM »
Thank you sir.

We should aware from those cheating websites.  8)

Reliable Sites:   ...................

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