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Job market for DIU student / Teaching Assistantship (TA)
« on: February 20, 2012, 05:50:16 PM »
Teaching Assistant ship can be another opportunity to open up here for the students.

BBA Discussion Forum / DIU Permanent Campus
« on: February 20, 2012, 02:39:50 PM »
DIU campus is a wonderful one. I am amazed at the class room of DIU.

BBA Discussion Forum / Knowing about "Occupy Wall Street"
« on: November 27, 2011, 01:37:02 PM »
The movement naming "Occupy Wall Street"has occupied the significant space on print and electronic media. AMF- a Canada based organization sketched the foundation of this protest against the politics influenced by corporatocracy. Although the world came to know about this protest on september 21,  2011 first, this was dated back to september 17, 2011.

 "We are 99 %"- this was the slogan of inspiration.

Through an e-mail,in the mid of 2011, anti consumerism magazine The Adbasters propsed to occupy wall street in a peaceful way as a protest of the unexpected influence of corporatocracy on democracy, the role of corporatocracy in creating ever increasing inequality of wealth and absence of effective legislative steps after recent world financial crisis.

As of the conclusion of the analysis of the cause and effcet of this protest, some one wants to state that actually this protest is the empirical evidence  of the statement made by Karl Marx.."anti-capitalistic revolution will be held in comparatively developed caitalistic countries".

Probably this is a great and dangerious  jerk for capitalism!

BBA Discussion Forum / How to Tie the Knot!!!!!
« on: November 22, 2011, 02:03:42 PM »
Instructions on How to Tie the Double Windsor Knot:

    The double Windsor knot requires you to wrap the wide part twice around the narrow part. This means that more length of the tie is required. Start by placing the tie around your neck with enough length showing on the wide side of the necktie. Place the wide part across, and above the narrow part of the tie at a 90 degree angle.
    Just like with the half Windsor tie knot, pull the wide part through the loop on the right side of your collar.
    Then pull the wide side of the tie back behind the narrow part.
    To make a double Windsor knot out of the half Windsor, do the same on the left side. Pull the half finished Windsor knot tight so both wrappings stay in place. Tip: Overlap both wrappings so that a triangular and symmetric shape appears.
    Hold the loop open that you created on the last wrapping with your left hand, and pull the wide end of the necktie through the loop.
    Slowly pull the Windsor tight
    Tighten the tie and flip down your shirts collars. Tying a double Windsor knot takes a little bit of practice. The most common mistake people make when tying a double Windsor knot, is in step 4. Make sure you overlap both wrappings. This ensures that the gap between both wrappings is closed which will prevent the tie from sliding into this gap. If this happens, the tie will not be centered on the Windsor.

Common mistakes people make when tying a double Windsor tie knot:

    The most common mistake people make when tying a double Windsor knot, is in step 4. Make sure you overlap both wrappings. This ensures that the gap between both wrappings is closed which will prevent the tie from sliding into this gap. If this happens, the tie will not be centered on the Windsor. If this is the case, open the tie knot and start from step 1.
    The tie is tied too short. Since the double Windsor knot requires two wrappings, you need to leave more length for the wide side of the tie. If this continues to be a problem then you might be too tall (above 6’3”) or have a wider neck. In your case, it is advisable to purchase extra long ties that are about 2-3 inches longer than a regular necktie. Common extra long ties measure about 59”-61”.

This page gives detailed instruction on how to tie a double Windsor necktie knot. Video and picture instructions on tying a perfect double Windsor tie knot are also available at – a website dedicated to teach men how to tie a tie properly.

BBA Discussion Forum / To be Successful...........
« on: November 22, 2011, 12:56:17 PM »

Everyone wants to be successful. But what mistake we make at the first step is to be successful  only on  the known routes (to be a doctor, to be an engineer, to be a banker etc) or more specifically to be successful only through scholastic achievement. I consider this as a wrong move. Because this may make someone frustrated, dejected. So, it's better to think otherwise. If anybody thinks that he/ she has no comparative advantage in educational achievement, it's better to knock on other sectors like to prepare him/herself for job market or to think over the business career with the rational expectation in study. The evidence is not like that all the successful personnel in the world are or were the best or successful students in their student lives.

To be successful, first identify your weakness and strength and excellence. You should dare to sacrifice some sectors where you have no interest and should embrace the sector where you have interest and excellence. This move will give you the  relief from sorrow and smile on success. ( .......continued)

Faculty Forum / Returning Question Papers During Examination
« on: November 20, 2011, 05:47:34 PM »
Dear colleagues

Some of my colleagues do not allow the students to get question paper ( mid term and final exam.). I do not understand the logic behind this. I usually allow the students to have that for some reasons:

They will get the chance to learn the questions further.

They will get the chance to share and compare the questions with that of other institutions.

If anybody wants to go for further reading, it will help them to move.

I think having the question paper is the right to  examinees in anyway.

After the evaluation of scripts, it will help them to understand their mistakes.

Faculty Forum / Lecture in English
« on: March 30, 2011, 10:23:48 AM »
Dear All

The step, obviously effective step taken by dean sir that lecturing in English is really in action now. No confusion to accept that many of us including the students thought that it might be a massacre that if we would continue to deliver the lecture in English. But  after the meeting on 29 th March, 2011 like me all of my colleagues have become convinced that lecturing in English will do nothing but ensure the development of ourselves, I want to believe. I want to share one thing with the concerned with due respect to all.

As we all know, D. college is credited with good results, University of Dhaka is possessing the best intellectuals, products, BUET is producing the best engineers no doubt. To understand the quality, previous result of the students of those institutions we don't need to do research. In no way I want to accept that teaching staff here is anyway lagging so far behind compared to them at least in terms of dedication. So, teachers here are capable of keeping peace with anything good for DIU.

  Missing line is the absence of stringent admission procedure to get admission here, I consider. Due to this, very often some of the students are going with the expected quality of the university but many are not. The outcome is that either teachers are to compromise or to ignore most of the students' unexpected demand at university level and inevitably are getting very unsatisfactory (....... I think my colleagues can receive this).

So, until we can be selective in admitting the students ( I am not talking about the question paper; I have no doubt about the standard of QPs at least for a private university), it's better to convey the massages to our students, better to talk with the students at a proper platform. That should not be from the concerned course teachers. I believe this will reduce the gap between the guided actions of teachers and the psychological arrangements of our students and a very congenial environment will be created as all we expect.

In the last meeting honorable advisor sir , dean sir suggested some guidelines to improve the quality of education here. In addition to those, if we become selective in admission, I think job market will get the signal that best graduates are of DIU.

We don't want to sell our products (service of our graduates) rather we want to make the buyers (employers) crazy for hiring our graduates. Let's hands together.

Faculty Forum / Dreamy Permanent Campus
« on: February 27, 2011, 04:45:27 PM »
I think all of my colleagues have become excited to imagine our realistic permanent campus. I hope that DIU campus will be one of the best campuses in the world. so far as know DIU authority is very much concerned on that point.

From the last  visit, I feel that now we should go for planting some trees there so that when the campus will start, students can sit beneath the shadow of the tree. Besides, that will give a very nice look of the campus.

BBA Discussion Forum / Foundation Day celebration @ Permanent campus
« on: February 08, 2011, 12:50:18 PM »
Foundation day is being celebrated every year  with great joy and pleasure . But this year, celebration program will be marked different and be colored more as it is the first time we are arranging it at our permanent campus. No doubt, indeed, credit goes to the authority who has made  the teachers and students proud to be of a university which owns the permanent campus.

Let's make the foundation day successful.

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