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Title: Do You Hold Your Employees Accountable?
Post by: Grace Joydhar on March 28, 2020, 06:31:09 PM
Do you have team members that don’t meet deliverables? If so, how can you keep them on track with their performance?

What is accountability?
The basic definition is to account for one’s action. Take responsibility for one’s performance and the overall success of the result.

Where is the Manager’s Accountability?
In managing employees, you are responsible for you team’s results.    How can you instill accountability in them and decrease your need to macro manage the details of their work?  Here are some ideas:

If your current team members have a difficult time performing with quality and in a timely basis, what can you do to build this?

There are external incentives that could potentially motivate an employee to be accountable for their deliverables, yet the above is the foundation in building accountability within your team and holding each person responsible for their performance.  Accountability is critical to the success of the product or service and, ultimately to the company.

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