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The learning elements are lecture note, video and slide share accessed over the use of electronic device and internet service in everywhere. Electronic learning system has been increasing popular learning system in higher educational institutions because of high growth of Information and Communication Technologies of Bangladesh Government. We are having the benefits of the development of information technology and networks, communications and multimedia which are directed to adopt the E-learning in Education. E-learning is undersigned to organize the usual classroom setting, but it is a new system for reciprocal action and intercommunication between the learner or student and instructor or teacher. The survey results reveal that students of Daffodil International University are fully quite happy with the system and practicing the Electronic learning system with updated features.
Study says that the acceptability of students from various e-learning platforms at the Daffodil International University The study also confirmed TAM as a useful theoretical model to test and explain the behavioral motives of the electronic learning platform of Daffodil International students University The results show that all the forms have a positive impact on the UEP. The Daffodil International University has been using various e-learning tools. To ensure maximum accuracy of the data, reliability and validity are examined through the examination. The result reveals that Daffodil International University students’ consider the e-learning platform useful and easy to use and they have an acceptable attitude. E-learning is an essential concept in the education system in Bangladesh, because the Internet is becoming more affordable and convenient today. However, to guarantee a high quality education, the university administration is also using various e-learning tools.