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Title: Online Algebra Solution Engine
Post by: msu_math on November 12, 2012, 07:05:05 PM
To accumulate a reasonable foundation of mathematics, achieving a sound knowledge of linear algebra is crucial for all students from both natural sciences and engineering fields. In this project, we developed a web application named Online Algebra Solution Engine (OASE) (http://oase.daffodilvarsity.edu.bd)  to help algebra students and researchers. At present, OASE can be used to solve problem related to basic matrix operations viz. finding rank of matrix (by row reduction), evaluating determinant (by cofactor expansion & by row reduction), finding inverse matrix (by cofactor method & by row reduction) and solving system of linear equations (by using Cramer’s Rule, by matrix inverse method & by row reduction). The OASE is designed in such a way that it simply accepts the aforementioned problems with rational inputs and generates solutions including almost all intermediate steps as is given usually in the examples in textbooks. Actually, OASE can be considered as a linear algebra notebook consisting of solutions of infinite number of problems.
Title: Re: Online Algebra Solution Engine
Post by: msu_math on November 14, 2012, 05:24:14 PM
Comparing to existing software/web applications of same category, OASE is different mainly for three reasons, viz.

Includes Intermediate Steps:  Although there are number of software by which we can have the final solution of same type of problems, to help learners of Linear Algebra, OASE solves problems including almost all intermediate steps leading the solution.

Exact Solution:  OASE processes fraction/rational Inputs algebraically instead of numerically. Since no rounding off of numbers occur during calculation, OASE always gives exact solution to the problems.

A Different Web Application: There are a few web applications have been being used for the same purpose which follow only the row reduction methods. On the other hand, OASE solves problems directly using directly the definition as well as using row reduction method.