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Title: Steve Jobs b. 1955
Post by: maruppharm on November 13, 2012, 01:16:22 PM
The Apple Inc. story is a well-documented one; Steve Wozniak combined his computing genius with Steve Jobs’ marketing prowess and, voilà, Apple was born. Ultimately, their impact was to make personal computing much more user-friendly, while their entrepreneurial talent was in creating product loyalty and in owning every aspect of the computer. When Wozniak and Jobs built their first Macintosh, they had no idea of the impact it’d have on user-friendly personal computing. Then came their revolutionary operating system, which gave users a desktop, windows and a mouse. If it weren’t for these elements, we might still be using a C: prompt.

Conquering both the hardware and software worlds was quite a feat, but Apple took it another step. Since Jobs’ return as CEO and the subsequent reinvention of the brand, Apple has led the digital music revolution, selling more than 110 million iPods and 4 billion songs from its iTunes online store. (Apple announced in February that iTunes is the No. 2 music retailer in the United States, behind mega-retailer Wal-Mart.) Apple even entered the mobile phone market successfully with its revolutionary iPhone. No other competitor has conquered so many markets with the panache that Apple Inc. has, and that wouldn’t have been possible without Steve Jobs. Jobs also founded Pixar Animation Studios (originally The Graphics Group, which he bought from George Lucas) and served as CEO until it was acquired by Walt Disney Company in 2006, making Jobs the largest individual Disney shareholder.

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Title: Re: Steve Jobs b. 1955
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