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Title: Strength of women should be the first priority!
Post by: farzanamili on January 12, 2013, 01:11:02 PM
From the early ages, society establishes the nature of women in its own way. Various poets, dramatists described women as flowers,moon...etc. as if softness is the necessary characteristic of a woman.The strength of women were never recognized positively. For this social thought structure, oppression on women is increasing day by day and because of lack of strength, these problems become difficult to solve. Most of the people tell that education will create awareness which will prevent oppression. I participated in a channel program in Channel 24 where we were talking about the situation of women in the society and how to develop it. There I emphasised on the word 'Strength' as I believe that only education cannot mitigate this problem in Bangladesh as we could not ensure education for 100% women. If we focus on 'Education', how will we ensure the safety of uneducated women? Don't they have right to be free from oppression? Therefore, 'Strength' should be the essential characteristic of a woman, whether educated or uneducated, she has to protest and fight for her dignity in the family and the society. It was told ' Cowards die many times'....so why women will be subject-matter for imagination of men leaving herself in deadly condition??? Even in Islam, it was told that 'Do not talk softly with the guys who are not permitted',means who is not husband,son,father, father-in-law. Again Islam did not allow men anywhere to oppress women....ruling for right path and oppressing is not the same thing, most of the time,male oppressors show the excuse of islam which is the clear anti-islamic notion and they cannot be true muslims.
Title: Re: Strength of women should be the first priority!
Post by: Ferdousi Begum on January 12, 2013, 03:16:32 PM
We should move forward against any such oppression. Boldness will be the main weapon in our hand. But sometimes women are oppressed by another woman which is harsh but true. In that case, I think, if we can not change our mentality we can't overcome this situation.
Title: Re: Strength of women should be the first priority!
Post by: farzanamili on January 13, 2013, 10:42:18 AM
u r right. But the woman herself needs to change her mentality first, she has to love herself,she has to create her own confidence,then others obviously will understand her and will respect her. If a woman cannot respect herself,how others will respect her?