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Title: Opportunities of Remittance Income in Bangladesh
Post by: rahim2008 on June 02, 2013, 01:43:14 PM
Bangladesh has earned a record amount of foreign remittance amounting more than $ 14 billion and exported the second highest number of workers to Middle- East Countries (Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Report, 2012). It has been indicated that the demand for blue-collar workers are increasing day-by-day in Asian countries, especially Middle -East and South-East Asian countries. The World Cup Football 2022 will be held in Qatar. That is why, the authority of this country wants to import huge number of labor from Bangladesh. Thus, the government of Bangladesh should start diplomatic and high profile discussion with the government of Qatar immediately to catch the labor market of this country so that the government can export huge number of labor to Qatar and earn ample foreign remittance. Beside this, the government should take necessary steps to open the labor market of Kuwait for fresh migrant workers of Bangladesh promptly and should also arrange bilateral and multilateral discussion with the other countries of the Middle-East which will help the government to expand the labor market in the Middle-East countries.

Recently, Malaysia has been agreed to take labor from Bangladesh. Now, the government is trying to collect required number of qualified labor through mass campaign from every district of Bangladesh. In this case the government should be very much careful so that the Malaysian labor market will not be stopped again for Bangladesh migrants. In addition to Malaysia, the government of Bangladesh should arrange bilateral and multilateral discussion with the government of other Asian and Middle-East countries so that our migrants will get more employment facilities in these countries.

The shortage of certain skilled professionals in industrialized countries such as information technology experts and computer specialists, nurses, medical doctors, etc. is an important factor behind the increase in demand for skilled manpower. In recent years, the OECD countries have encouraged immigration of high skill people through immigration incentive policies such as H-1 professional Visas in the U.S. and special visas for information technology experts in Germany and other countries. In this regard, the government of Bangladesh emphasis on developing the skill level of potential migrants through various training program so that the Bangladeshi migrants will get migration opportunities in the OECD and other countries in the world.

Still today, the African Continent is under the un-invented condition.  Now, the government of developed countries has been drawn special attention to develop the various countries in this continent. Thus, the government of Bangladesh should start bilateral and multilateral discussion immediately so that Bangladesh can export huge labor to the various countries of African Continent. In addition to this, the government should start diplomatic and high profile discussion with the government of Latin American counties because there are tremendous opportunities to export Bangladeshi labor to these countries.