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Title: Problems of MLM Business in Bangladesh
Post by: rahim2008 on June 04, 2013, 11:45:58 AM
There are four problems of MLM business in Bangladesh. These are as follows:
i)   Lack of Law,
ii)   Lack of Education & Training,
iii)   Lack of Quality Products & Reasonable Price, and
iv)   Lack of Congenial Political Environment.

i) Lack of Law: In Bangladesh still now there is no law of Multi-Level Marketing Business. Recently, the government has observed the activities of MLM companies and hopefully the government of Bangladesh will prepare a law as soon as possible.

ii)  Lack of Education & Training: MLM worker is relatively easy to collect in Bangladesh. But they do not have proper education in multi-level marketing business activities. In our country, there is not much scope for education in MLM business. Both the private and public universities lack the education regarding the MLM business.

Training makes a man perfect.  There is no alternative to training. Without training, a man is totally blind. Most of the people involved with the MLM business are without training. So, the author thinks that the lack of education & training is a serious problem for the development of MLM business in Bangladesh.

iii)  Lack of Quality Products & Reasonable Price: In Bangladesh at present most of the MLM companies collect products from other companies. This is one of the big problems of MLM companies in Bangladesh because today the world is a globalizing world. In the global world, customers give more emphasis on the quality, style, fashion, price, color and so on while they are purchasing products from any company. But the MLM companies cannot meet the demands of customers because they do not produce any product. That is why, they cannot charge reasonable price for their products. Sometimes their price may be higher or lower standard in relation to the qualities of the products.

iv) Lack of Congenial Political Environment: One of the major problems of MLM business in Bangladesh is the political situation. The changes of government affect the political situation in Bangladesh, which also affects the MLM business activities.

Title: Re: Problems of MLM Business in Bangladesh
Post by: nfeoffice on July 15, 2013, 10:29:15 AM
In Bangladesh, some MLM companies shirked with the asset of people. Thus, people don't have any trust on MLM companies.