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Title: Six Characteristics of a Solid Employee
Post by: ariful892 on October 27, 2013, 11:30:49 AM
1. Communication

Employees don’t live on islands, and growth won’t be sustained until every employee gets on the same island. Effective team members must effectively communicate with one another to effectively work well together. There is no “I” in Growth. Or team.

2. Initiative

A candidate’s ability to generate insightful ideas usually indicates they are committed to initiating success.  Employees that embody a can-do, figure-it-out-or-figure-a-way-around type are invaluable. Willingness to learn implies willingness to accept criticism, collaborate and improve. Those self-directed staffs who anticipate opportunities and envision possibilities will best represent your brand in the long run. Taking initiative implies some accountability to the greater order – the identification of a need creates the compelling desire to meet that need.

3. Adaptability

Adaptable employees are flexible. Adaptable employees work well with multiple projects, both independently or as a team member. Versatility particularly suits the pace of the small business space. Successful employees willingly take on (and master) diverse job functions. The manner in which an employee reacts to unexpected events measures employee potential to help you adapt to the needs of your business constituents. Your ability to compete is dependent upon your ability to adapt. Adaptation starts with employees willing to lead change.

4. Organization

Let’s face it, you’re busy. There is more to accomplish and less time in which to accomplish more. Your organized employees – planners, effective time allocators, prioritizers – tend to accomplish more work. Solid employees consolidate productive tasks get more done in the same amount of time as a less organized employee. Remember, organization includes factors like personal appearance, work-life balance, ability to manage multiple efforts.

5. Problem Solving

How does your employee approach challenges? When problems become opportunities (all it takes is a new point of view) and momentum is uninterrupted despite threats, businesses evolve. Critical thinking and problem solving ability suggests an employee is motivated by opportunity (the reasons why you can, not the reasons why you can’t); this mindset will embrace challenges.

6. Trust

You want employees you can trust.You want to be able to count on employees to follow through on their commitments. But being reliable is not the same as being trustworthy. A candidate who makes excuses or can’t easily answer your “accountability” questions is probably not the trustworthy candidate you need.
Title: Re: Six Characteristics of a Solid Employee
Post by: Sharifur Rahman on October 28, 2013, 11:22:04 AM
Informative post.