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Title: 8 Tips for protecting Android devices
Post by: arefin on April 09, 2014, 04:29:21 PM

Android devices to ensure the safety of the people affected. Different types of malware, viruses or other harmful components of the Android security threat. Android Tablet PC for yourself or for the protection of smartaphona 8 tips in this post is that you uphold. Screen lock is used The first task will be to protect Android, so keep that in the lock screen. Different types of pattern, PIN or password can be done using this screen locks. You can activate it from the Android security settings. To encrypt Opportunities to encrypt all Android device address. In order to turn it into Android yekono to decrypt the information is to provide PIN or password. This is due to any Android device, but by the hands of someone else tathyagulo be protected. Security settings for this feature can be turned on. Device Manager to The biggest advantage of Android is that it is device manager lose Functional Functional Location via GPS tracking and map displays. Functional needs can keep playing for 5 minutes rintona Flowers and Gift volumes can delete all the data. Under Security Settings, and activate the device administrator setting, it will be. Do not keep sensitive data on the SD card Android Phone or Tablet PC SD card to store sensitive information never do. Unlocks easily with the SD card, it can be recovered from the data. So important to save all the data built - storeje. The apps are trusted sources In view of the diverse functions of Android apps. But it is not sensible to make it worth installing apps from yekono ayapastora. Do not install any apps without authority ayapastora. The third - party apps with the task of spreading malware or spyware was done. Keep locked apps Keep it locked to ensure the protection of Android ayapasagulokeo used. Most ayapasei to turn it into a separate pin or password is access. Please turn it. Keep updated software Most of the software is the latest sanskaranaguloi forward to the safety issues. Google's own saphataoyyaragulora apadetagulo always goes from side to side. Starting from the operating system, so all apps to keep updated. Stay updated with all necessary security pyacaguloo downloaded. Device settings' ayabauta device can be found in the menu system update option.