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Title: Lets celebrate Pohela Boishakh-1421
Post by: Nusrat Nargis on April 13, 2014, 10:47:14 AM
The largest festival of bengali culture, Pohela Boishakh is just at our doorstep. The whole country is preparing for the big day. Boishakh is a day of our selfness and togetherness. The country will appear in a new look with lots of vibrant colors. You also need to look gorgeous on this day under the scorching heat. Here are some useful tips for you to stay fresh and beautiful all day long on Pohela Boishakh.

Before starting your makeup rub an ice cube on face to keep your face cool. Prepare the ice cube by mixing equal amount of rose water and regular water. Rose water ice cube will give you extra freshness. Rub the ice cube not only on the face but also around the neck and those areas which are more prone to get sweaty.
     Start your makeup with an oil free moisturizer as a base. If possible use a makeup primer. ( Primers are makeup base, it is applied before foundation.)Primers will make your face as a good  canvas for makeup and also keeps makeup to stay longer.
     If you have oily skin avoid foundation for the day, because under the sun your makeup will start melting easily. Start your base makeup with a concealer. Cover the dark circles and flaws of your face by concealer.
     Now apply some compact powder all over your face and neck. For oily skin choose matte compact powder.
    For eye makeup choose waterproof products. Avoid applying any bold colors on eyes. Choose pink or brownish eye shadows. Apply waterproof eyeliner, kajal and Mascara. Try and apply an intense eyelining for a more dramatic look.
    Avoid cream blush and choose powder blush. Apply pink or brown blush on the apple of your cheeks by a fluffy brush.
    Choose a bold shade like blood red, Maroon as a lipcolor. A prominent and bright lipcolor will give a gorgeous look. After applying lipstick, sprinkle a little loose powder on lips to make it stay longer.
    Keep your hair well tied. Do not let your hair untie on neck, this will make you feel uncomfortable. Do a traditional bun or plait. Push some red or white flowers like rose or rojoni gondha on hair and fix them on hair by bobby pins.
    Last but not least , use a mild fragranced body spray or perfume . And keep one in your purse.Please remember that a well prepared purse/ handbag is very helpful on this day.Keep your necessities like tissues, compact powder, a little mirror in your purse. Keep some mint flavored chewing gum to avoid bad breath. Also keep a bottle of water to keep you hydrated under the sun. And don't forget the "kaacher churis"! Red and white or a pair of all the other vibrant colours of boishakh.

When you are ready, step outside with confidence and smile, combat the summer heat and enjoy the festival.

Title: Re: Lets celebrate Pohela Boishakh-1421
Post by: sayma on April 13, 2014, 04:01:21 PM
nice..thank u
Title: Re: Lets celebrate Pohela Boishakh-1421
Post by: Nusrat Nargis on April 15, 2014, 10:41:12 AM
thank u apu.
Title: Re: Lets celebrate Pohela Boishakh-1421
Post by: kwnafi on July 16, 2014, 09:29:53 PM
Excellent post