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Title: 10 things an effective leader will tell employees
Post by: abu_jafar on September 08, 2014, 04:48:01 PM
1. "I really don’t care whether you like me."
You’re an adult; if I’m a hard ass and provide you constructive criticism, I expect you to evaluate the input and take corrective action to meet my expectations
I’m a big boy and understand criticism is hard to take, so I really don’t care if you like me, my goal is to provide you leadership that grows your capabilities and ensures you provide value add to the company.

2. "I don't think I know everything."
I don’t know everything, never said I did. But I am a subject matter expert in this field because I had mentors that poured time and energy into me in addition to my own hard work. I have been promoted because I demonstrated capability, so when I provide constructive criticism, it’s goal is to make you a better resource (assuming you learn from the input).

3. "It’s OK to be cheerful and make the job fun"
Work hard, play hard. If you complete the task I provided and have time left at the end of the day I understand that. If you chose to take it easy after that and not to take on more responsibility I’ll make not of that as well.
Have fun working, doesn’t mean wasting excessive time. It means enjoying the work and having a cheerful disposition.

4. "I'll pay you."
I’ll pay you a balance of what the job allows and what value add you provide the company. If money is your end goal, there will always be someone who will pay more, but I’m fair and will equip and train you to be a subject matter expert. I will train you to be my replacement.
If you cannot figure out that money doesn’t grow on trees and that I have a budget to keep, maybe I overestimated you when I hired you.

5. "Job hopping reflects character and ambitions"
In the world we live in if you are job hopping more that once a year, I will question your capabilities. If you job hope every 3-4 years and assumed more responsibility each move I will consider you a viable candidate that will likely show initiative, but also presents a flight risk that may take general IP with you when you leave.
To climb the ladder you will likely have to change jobs, be wise when you do so.

6. "You do what you have to, until you do what you want to, until you do what you were made for."
Don’t be too proud to scrub a toilet or mop a floor. Do what must be done to provide for your needs. All the while have a plan and work your plan to get to a job that you enjoy. And God willing along the way, you will understand what God made you for and you can pursue that.

7. "Autonomy is earned."
I will train you to be my replacement. The more you demonstrate the skills I need, and can meet or exceed my expectations, the more I will train you and the more responsibility I will give you.
Time in a job does not equate to being a subject matter expert, successfully demonstrating technical and tactical proficiency will make you a subject matter expert.
You want to be respected and enjoy autonomy, become a subject matter expert.

8. "It's my job to have situational awareness."
I praise in public, reprimand in private, and train you all as a team. I know everyone’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. If you are concerned about someone else you should talk to them as a team member. If you think they are not responding to your encouragement, come talk to me.

9. "Need to know."
In life we are all on a need to know basis. If my task is not clear, or the reason I need the task completed is not clear, of if you are not clear on how to accomplish the task, please come and talk to me.
But you are not in my position, and you will not have all the information I have. I will keep you informed, and I will be transparent about why things need to get done. You must accept these facts in order to not be miserable.

10. "I worry -- about everything."
When we do our job right, 150 people are employed, and 150 families have some security in their lives. I take this job seriously, and consider all factors that impact this reality.
So if I ride your ass it’s because you are not the center of my universe and I am concerned about how your work impacts 150 other families.
At the end of the day, you should think about how your work impact those around you, because I sure do. I take this job everywhere I go, I pray for wisdom, discernment, and ability.