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Title: Double Consciousness in Achebe
Post by: Afroza Akhter Tina on January 30, 2015, 03:50:09 PM

The notion of ‘double consciousness’ which is a characteristic of the post-colonial writers, explains the great attraction, which is concerned to show the fluid and unstable nature of personal and gender identity, contradictory currents of signification. The crowning glory of Achebe’s novels is undoubtedly his use of the language and aphorism of oral culture. What sets him apart from other African writers is the fact that he is by far, more successful than others in flawlessly translating the working of African psyche from one medium to another, from an indigenous oral tradition to an alien form of European origin without obliterating the freshness and vigor of the former. Achebe’s narrative technique is different in Things Fall Apart where he employs ‘double consciousness’ which is perhaps inevitable when writing about a society that did not itself know writing, or using English to describe an Ibo speaking world. Jan Mohamed’s implication is that modern western educated readers know more than the traditional Umofians and so can judge them accordingly which is not limited to the characters rather characterizes the narrative as a whole.
Title: Re: Double Consciousness in Achebe
Post by: Shampa Iftakhar on February 01, 2015, 05:40:46 PM
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