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Title: Think like a leader : be a leader
Post by: Nahian Fyrose Fahim on August 29, 2015, 12:59:15 PM
Be confident.
This step has nothing to do with actually knowing what you're doing -- as long as you're confident, few people will ask questions. People assume things, and when you act as if you belong, they assume you do. Therefore, when you are confident, they will naturally assume you know what you are doing. This earns you trust, responsibility, and respect.

Be firm, but kind.

Since you're leading, you're the one that needs to set the rules and boundaries. It's up to you to establish some system, rhyme and reason to the situation. To do so, you must be firm in your convictions and keep to your stance. However, being dictatorial will instigate a revolution. Be logical and understanding when you assert your rule.

Become an expert.
Saying, "I don't know" as a leader is fine. Saying, "I don't know" repeatedly to every question you're asked is not. When you don't know something, find out the answer. Become an expert on what you need to be a pro in. Eventually, you'll have all the answers. You don't need them all right now, but you'll need each one eventually.

Be decisive.
You're standing in a circle of a group of friends, debating on what to do that night. Everyone is dilly-dallying, complaining, nixing everyone else's ideas until one person finally steps up and says, "Guys, we're doing this." That person rose to the top, saw the situation needed direction, and took charge. Leader, leader, leader.

Care about your followers.
Just because they are not leaders doesn't mean they are idiots. They'll be able to tell if you're compassionate and genuinely concerned for them. And if you're not, they'll chuck you off your pedestal. Remember who butters your bread! Without them, you have no one to lead and are a leader no longer.

Believe that anyone can be a leader.

Truth be told, everyone is looking to be led. Think of life as a dark path -- the more leaders you have, the more people are in front of you holding industrial strength flashlights. Which would you rather have? Not only do people want leaders, but also they are looking for them. For that reason, anyone can do it. You just got to fill the void.

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Title: Re: Think like a leader : be a leader
Post by: omarsharif on October 29, 2015, 11:46:52 AM
Nelson Mendela told that anyone can be a leader if she or he has the quality to believe others that they can win and makes them ready to fight in their respective battle and also takes all responsibility of them.
Title: Re: Think like a leader : be a leader
Post by: Nahian Fyrose Fahim on November 21, 2015, 03:56:15 PM
Yes absolutely . :)