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Title: increasing out knowledge
Post by: psycho saint on January 08, 2011, 12:43:15 AM
well this is going to be my first individual post, cause i am not a regular forum member...the topic that i v selected may seems not so important but i guess it has some message inside it.
now we r living in such a world where we have to face new challenges everyday,so to keep pace with this new things we cannot just depend on our bookish knowledge .
i am not saying that we can rely on bookish knowledge but we should have some practical knowledges too as well...
Title: Re: increasing out knowledge
Post by: Faiyaz on January 08, 2011, 01:48:37 AM
Saint, welcome to the forum...
What you've written, to me is quite adequate since many of us rely only on books. But we tend to forget one thing, and that is, BOOKS ARE REFERENCE MATERIALS. If any idea gets evolved which had not yet been presented in any kinds of books, are seen to be ABSURD! One should always remember one thing and that is, ideas could be evolved from any person, at any time and that person might not be a scholar type of a person to evolve the stuff or write it on a book. E.g- a few months ago a mere taxi driver got a brilliant idea to reduce traffic jam, what even expect BUET engineers failed to initiate. Now, this taxi driver had no engineering schooling but he could initiate a good idea with his experience.       
Title: Re: increasing out knowledge
Post by: psycho saint on January 08, 2011, 07:21:11 PM
Yeah faiyaz, thanx for enriching the topics.i got idea about this topic from u and then thought to post it..tis really a fact that we ppl dont wanna come out from our old cave, i like to add that many of the ideas that have come for solving problem came from some not so scholar ppl... ;).....so we sud alwayz keep our brain storming coz u may not know wat treasure lies inside u.......